10-Year-Old Boy Claims to Be Reincarnation of 1930s Hollywood Actor

10-year-old Reincarnation

Meet Ryan, a seemingly normal 10-year-old who lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was born to Baptist parents in 2005, but at the age of four, Ryan started having nightmares, and would often talk about his heart exploding as well as Hollywood, a city located several thousands of miles away from Oklahoma. His mom, Cyndi, said he would always talk in a "matter-of-fact" manner during these episodes. After a year, Ryan finally confided to her about his past life, and said: "Mom, I have something I need to tell you. I used to be somebody else." Speaking at length about Hollywood, his five marriages, vacations in Europe, his old houses, and his career as an actor / agent. Ryan stumbled upon a still in one of the books, from the 1932 movie "Night After Night" starring Mae West, and pointed to an extra in the film while shouting "That's me!". The family later found out that the man in the picture was bit-actor-turned-agent Marty Martin. Continue reading for a video and more information.


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日本でニワトリはこんな風に殺されている・・ 知られざる現実に衝撃



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【動画】 「モニタリング」またヤラセ疑惑勃発で騒然 子供に着けた小道具が丸映りで「雑にも程があるだろ・・」



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【動画】 なんだこれ・・ いわき市上空で激撮された謎の「光る物体」に衝撃 その正体は・・



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Amazing Vintage Photos Of Houses Carved Inside Massive Tree Stumps in America From The Early 20th Century

The giant size of the stump gives a good idea of the size of the old growth trees. As the first waves of loggers swept over great portions of the Pacific Northwest’s old-growth forests in the second half of the nineteenth century, those men opened up the dark dense woodlands to settlement. And they surely left their mark on the land. h/t: vintag.es Extracting massive logs that were skidded away by...


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【動画】 「抱っこひも外し」殺人未遂の犯人は年配女性だった・・ その供述に驚き



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 ということで、キャプチャー画像でその水たまりがいかようなものなのか予測がつくと思うが、犬が半ば強引に入り込む様子は予測を超えるかもしれない。 続きを読む

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Fascinating Photographs Of The World’s Biggest Albino Family

The Pullan children Shankar, 24, Ramkishan, 19, and Vijay, 25 (back row), along with daughters Deepa, 21 (left) and Pooja, 18 (right) all inherited albinismn from their father Rosetauri and mother Mani (centre). Hardship: Mani Pullan, pictured in purple, says her family which includes daughters Deepa (left) and Pooja (right) have had to battle prejudice in India as albinos. Happy family:


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Stunning Images Of The Marine Seals Were Captured By A Diver Who Did Well To Hang Onto His Camera When One Of The Seals Attempted To Take A Bite Out It

These terrifying teeth should be enough to scare off even the bravest wildlife photographer – but those divers who persevere are rewarded with a unique encounter with an adorable group of playful seals. The stunning set of images of the frolicking marine mammals were captured in British waters by a photographer Adam Hanlon (previously) who did well to hang onto his camera when one of the seals...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/12/stunning-images-of-the-marine-seals-were-captured-by-a-diver-who-did-well-to-hang-onto-his-camera-when-one-of-the-seals-attempted-to-take-a-bite-out-it/

【画像】 青梅線で人身事故 「足がどこいったかわからない」「真下を消防隊員が・・」 緊急車両集結で騒然



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Slinningsbålet: The Battle For The Biggest Bonfire In The World

To see the world’s biggest bonfire you’ll have to visit Alesund, Norway, where wood pallets are stacked over 40 meters (131 ft) high on an artificial island. The occasion? Sankthans, or ‘Midsummer’, an annual festival in commemoration of John the Baptist’s birth. The day is celebrated on the 24th of June (around summer solstice) in Scandinavian countries and other parts of Europe. In Alesund...


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