NASA’s Mars rover spies solar eclipse

NASA released three photographs taken by the Curiosity rover of Mars' moon, Phobos, passing in front of the sun in a Martian solar eclipse.

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity turned its cameras skyward to snap pictures of the planet's moon, Phobos, passing in front of the sun, images released on Thursday show.

Curiosity landed on Mars in August 2012 for a two-year mission to determine if the planet most like Earth in the solar system has, or ever had, the chemical ingredients for life. It struck pay dirt in its first analysis of powder drilled out from inside a once water-soaked piece of bedrock.

The rover is now en route to its primary hunting ground, a three-mile high mountain of layered sediment called Mount Sharp. It paused on August 17 to snap pictures of Mars' larger moon, Phobos, making a dash in front of the sun. NASA released three pictures, taken three seconds apart, of the eclipse, taken with the rover's telephoto lens.

"This one is by far the most detailed image of any Martian lunar transit ever taken. It was even closer to the sun's center than predicted, so we learned something," Curiosity scientist Mark Lemmon of Texas A&M University said in a statement.

Curiosity is scheduled to moonlight as an astronomer again in September and October when it tries to catch a glimpse of the approaching Comet ISON.


School uniforms in different countries

Children of all countries are going to school and getting ready to replace the usual clothing for uniforms. Let's see what kind of school uniform in other countries.









Sri Lanka

Hong Kong




South Africa












United States


Hitler Youth schools





Costa Rica





Burkina Faso


North Korea




New Silver Coin were made of Chelyabinsk Meteorite

The amazing Chelyabinsk meteorite is predestined to be immortalised on the latest and very interesting coin edition 2013 of Cook Islands with an authentic piece of stone inlaid. It depicts a meteorite impact through the eyes of the inhabitants of Chelyabinsk, in vivid colours with amazing design.

The reverse design of the coin depicts how the affected people must have witnessed this unique event on that morning: The viewer looks through a shattered window and sees the meteorite blazing across the sky. As a special feature, each coin contains a small element made from a fragment of the meteorite itself. This is surrounded by a colored streak of flame running from the left to right. Running above and below, from the middle towards the edge, are blue, irregularly broken stripes that represent shattered glass. The words Chelyabinsk Meteorite 2013 appear along the upper edge, and below, the geographic coordinates of the impact point: 54° 49' N, 61° 07' E.
Depicted on the front of the coin is a portrait of the Cook Islands’ official head of state, Queen Elizabeth II. Her name, Elizabeth II appears along the rim, as does the name of the issuing country, Cook Islands, and the nominal value, 5 Dollars.
The coin was minted by B.H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt GmbH. Each proof quality coin is struck in .925 silver with a weight of 20 grams and diameter of 38.61 mm. The mintage is indicated at 2,500 pieces. Collectors can purchase the issue through specialty dealers.


The keyboard buttons Jewelries

Computers play a crucial role in every part of our life.
And we are using keyboard for our daily work or even social life :)
How about computer keys-inspired fashion items?


The first names of famous rock bands

Before you find the music and world fame, many of the same name is not changed. We suggest you look at the first and original names of the world of cult rock bands.

Pink Floyd - Tea Set

Led Zeppelin - The New Yardbirds

The Beatles - Johnny & The Moondogs

Muse - Rocket Baby Dolls

Black Sabbath - The Polka Tulk Blues Band

Queen - Smile

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem


Photo of the Day: Woman journalist in Iran


Internet Browsers Transformed Into Fashion Models

California-based photographer Viktorija Pashuta has transformed a variety of web browser icons into trendy fashion statements. The Latvian fashion photographer has always wondered What if girls were internet browsers?, and so, the project brings that vision to life through a creative interpretation of the notable logos.
To develop the project, Pashuta envisioned each browser with certain characteristics based on the styles of the popular symbols. She developed ensembles based off of these personifications and chose models Kaylen Dao, Brittany Ryan, Clancy McClain, Tracy Acholonu, and Polina Frantsena to don the inventive garb.

To describe each concept, Pashuta quotes a friend who states that "Internet Explorer is all flashy, Firefox is sexy, Opera is elegant, Chrome is utilitarian, and Safari is trendy/hip." In addition to the clothing, the accessories, props, and models' poses successfully convey the applied dispositions. With incredible flair, the final collection visually reflects the vibrant colors and individual style of each well-known logo design.


A coffee table that is also a 32 inch touchscreen

Coffee tables are more often than not nothing more than just a great place to place your beverages, snacks, magazines and occasionally, your legs. Here’s a coffee table you probably wouldn’t want to spill a hot coffee on. Made from wood, this one’s low-slung and is just like every other coffee table, except the fact that it sports a fully functional Windows 8 computer with a 32-inch touch screen! Perfect for the computer-nerd who loves staying in touch with his computing world, even while enjoying a hot cuppa’, this table is ideal for watching videos, interacting with maps or simply playing a game.

The table sports an antiglare LCD screen that essentially is an enlarged tablet. With a 1366 x 768 resolution, this screen is capable of offering sharp images in any type of lighting and can also be viewed from nearly every angle. A tempered-glass surface keeps the LCD screens safe, even in the case of splashes and spills, though we’d still suggest you be a little more careful than usual. The computer packs an Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz processor, 6 GB of memory, 500 GB hard drive, and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled. This coffee-table-tablet-computer come with a price tag of $7,000 and measures 48″ L x 30″ W x 18″ D.


Spine Vodka: Awesome Concept

Spine Vodka is a private project I started after my graduation of an international communication design school in Hamburg, Germany. A real drink for real men. This project shouldn't be another type of a "standard" classical Vodka. This project should more be an eye-catcher, something the people would talk about.
"Spine" is a high quality product just like the design, reduced and simple with a consciously "twist" in his message and a memorable name fitting to the project. I integrated the spine with the ribcage to communicate a product with a "backbone", a beverage that lives up to its promise, to be a honest and strong Dink. This design is above and beyond a regualar 2D brand communication, it is more about the uniqe 3D design idea that supports the concept. The transparent glass material stands for a product that don't has to hide something and neither do it. It should shimply fascinate his beholder.


Awesome Upside-Down Car Turns Driving Literally on Its Head [video]

Off-duty police officer Jeff Bloch from Maryland, USA drives his upside down racing car, a Chevrolet Camaro on a Ford Festiva chassis, in the LeMons race series at the New Jersey Motorsport Park

“People constantly ask me what drug or alcohol-fueled altered states of consciousness induce these terrible LeMons builds. I wish could offer such a rational explanation,” Speedycop writes on his website. “I don’t know where they come from, but they are never in short supply. I’m an 8 year-old kid trapped in a 40 year-old body, with just enough talent to pull off my wacky ideas, and, fortunately, enough truly amazing friends to help make them a reality.” One thing is for certain, we haven’t seen the last of Jeff Bloch and his wacky genius, as he himself warns: I have a yard full of potential LeMons cars, and a head full of bad ideas.