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My American English dialect is super localized. True enough, I haven’t lived anywhere else in US


University’s of Amsterdam and Moscow parking [pic]

Poor students. How many are now worth learning

  Amsterdam                                                                  Moscow 

University of Amsterdam parking

A new bicycle in Amsterdam costs from 400 to 700 euro. Here is just one area of bike parking at the central train station in Amsterdam. An earlier blog post showed the three level structure from the other side, but here it is along with all the additional parking around the structure. Amsterdam is building a new 10,000 bike parking facility at its train station, which the City of Utrecht laughs at because they are building one for 20,000.

 University of Moscow parking... Bentley

Here we can see the Lamborghini Gallardo... Aston Martin in the background.


Russia changes people [pics]


Two images of what appear to be large black UFOs in Syrian war zone [video]

A major leak has come to light, as two images of what appear to be large black UFOs, patrol the skies inside the Syrian war zone.

FSA rebel commanders on the ground in Damascus have confirmed that these large black craft are "hunting down and systematically targeting" innocent locals, using unknown weaponized technology "not of this earth" or anything the fighters have ever seen.

Sources describe the craft as silent, but that they do give off an odd sounding hum intermittently. Sources of this event are being silenced at all costs by governments of the world, that much we know so far. We will publish updates as we get them. You decide, and check back for developments on this major story.


The bottomless 3D Elevator Shocks Unsuspecting London Shoppers

Imagine the terror of seeing a big, gaping hole in the middle of an elevator shaft. Shoppers at Southside Shopping Centre in London, England will see their lives flash before their eyes as they are about to enter an everyday elevator. When the doors open, shoppers are faced with a 3D elevator illusion created by artist Andrew Walker.

The illusion reveals a deep and treacherous elevator shaft. Created to promote a forthcoming ride at a local amusement park, the ride promises to take thrill seekers on an unforgettable underground journey through caves. The triple whammy of people's most common fears -- heights, darkness and claustrophobia -- are combined and thrown at people in an unsuspecting place.


World’s Shortest Commercial Flight is Just 47 Seconds Long [video]

The world’s shortest commercial flight takes place between the two Orkney Islands, Westray and Papa Westray, just north of Scotland, separated by a distance of only 1.7 miles. Operated by Loganair, the flight duration is officially two minutes, but under ideal wind condition can be completed in only 47 seconds. Tickets are priced at about $30 per passenger with no in-flight service. According to reports published in The Daily Mail, about 30 percent of the service's passengers are associated with the Orkney Islands Council's education service, while many others are health staff and patients of the Scottish National Health Service. The island of Papa Westray is home to just over 70 people, and 60 archaeological sites.

Loganair, which has flown the route since the 1960s, introduced a popular flight for tourists in 2011. The special flights fly a couple days each week in the summer for folks who just want the flight and then to get back to the Orkney Mainland rather than stay out on the islands.