2015 Fritz Pölking Nature Photography Prize


Italian photographer Bruno D’Amicis has won the 2015 Fritz Pölking prize with his photography story ‘Fennec, little ghost of the dunes’. The award, named in honour of wildlife photographer Fritz Pölking, who died in 2007, is run by the Society of German Nature Photographers. It is one of the categories in the GDT’s European wildlife photographer of the year awards. Here: An adult fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) stands on top of a sand dune in the Tunisian desert. It is the quintessential desert animal that covers almost all of northern Africa and the entire Sahara. Small dunes with sparse vegetation, which make the sand firmer enabling the fennec to dig burrows, are its typical habitat. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


Fennec pups photographed while playing out of the den in full daylight. Young fennecs are usually born at the end of March and start exploring their surroundings in May. In case of disturbance, the mother can immediately move her pups to another burrow. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


On a starry night an adult fennec fox takes a self-portrait by crossing the infrared beam of a camera-trap setup placed along a trail in the desert dunes. These foxes are active almost exclusively at night and roam large areas to locate their prey in the dark silence of the Sahara. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


A camera trap reveals a fennec digging for beetles between the roots of a Retam broom shrub. Fennecs often and quickly dig in the soft sand to search for rodents and invertebrates or to find cover. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


A few weeks old and not yet weaned, this wild fennec pup is held by a local man who caught it together with its siblings by digging them out from their den. By exposing it on a famous camel trek site for tourists, he hopes to either sell it or to get paid for pictures of it. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


A fennec is displayed in the market (souk), of a Tunisian town. Fit for a life in the silence and solitude of the desert, this individual, caught when already an adult, showed clear signs of distress and aggression in the chaos of the town. It died a few days after this picture was taken. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


Sultan, a famous captive fennec that is displayed tied on a rope in front of a tourist shop, is the main attraction in the souk of Douz, a desert town in Tunisia. By the display of such a charismatic animal, tourists are often lured to buy things or pay for pictures. On inquiry, although Sultan has been caught as a pup in the wild, the owners of the shop reassure the foreigners stating that the animal is ‘domestic’. (Photo by Bruno D’Amicis/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


Young Canadian Connor Stefanison won this year’s Fritz Pölking junior prize with a ‘varied, informative and incredibly well-executed portfolio’ on mountain goats. On a calm morning before sunrise, a small family of mountain goats rests in a boulder field on an alpine ridge. In the foreground is the dominant billy (male), and in the background are the dominant nanny (female) and their kid (baby). (Photo by Connor Stefanison/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


The dominant adult goats and their kid walk along the top of a tall cliff just after sunrise. Alpine rocks contain minerals that the goats lick to obtain necessary salts. (Photo by Connor Stefanison/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


The dominant billy and another smaller billy fight a quick territorial battle. The dominant billy won, even though the smaller billy was able to remove a good tuft of hair from him. (Photo by Connor Stefanison/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)


‘Moments before the sun dipped below the mountains, I captured this nanny licking minerals below the mountain peak. Positioning myself in just the right spot, I was able to create a “sunstar” for an additional element of interest in the frame’. (Photo by Connor Stefanison/Fritz Pölking Prize/GDT EWPY 2015)

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【画像】 モーニングショー「この動画使わせて!」 ⇒ 「名前入れてくれたらいいですよ!」 ⇒ 「わかりました!」 ⇒ 衝撃の結末ww



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【動画】 YouTuberシバター、迷惑系YouTuberに住所や嫁や子供を開示されガチ切れ



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image credit:くちばしが動く巨大ワライカワセミDr Farvardin Daliri/Facebook



 今は開催未定だが、8月の文化フェスティバルのためにこの作品を作り上げたという男性は、「アフター・コロナの世界では、笑いが必要」と話している。ワライカワセミはその名の通り、人が大笑いしているような独特の声でさえずるから、まさにテーマにぴったりだ。『abc.net.au』などが伝えた。 続きを読む

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「グッとラック」国山ハセンアナ、ひろゆきにマジ切れ 「なんでそう嫌な事ばかり言うんですか・・」



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Woodkid – Goliath (Official Video) via…

Woodkid - Goliath (Official Video) via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tEfYvY3bAg // GOLIATH - OFFICIAL VIDEO Available everywhere : https://woodkid.lnk.to/_GoliathYD — Directed by Yoann Lemoine Featuring Gregory Givernaud Cinematography by Kasper Tuxen Produced by Iconoclast Executive producer : Horace de Gunzbourg Line producer : Evan Djenki Assistant director : Antoine Poulet 2nd Assistant director : David Jancar Production assistant : Ronan Querrec Styling : Nick Royal Styling assistant : Alicia Rodriguez Production designer : Henry Boraros Casting : Nohmad Service production : Unit Sofa (Czech Republic) Producer : Filip Hejduk Line producer : Tomás Smrček Production manager : Robert Zapletal Production coordinator : Anna Fojtíková Location manager : Michal Rossler Post production : Firm Editor : Nicolas Larrouquere Colorgrade : Mathieu Caplanne Colorgrade assistant : Laure Goyer Post producer : Laura Roddier Flame artist : François Théron Flame artist : Olivier Zibret Flame assistant : Emma Saget 3D Supervisor : Benoit Revilliod 3D designer / Character Design / Character animation : Yoann Lemoine 3D designer : Pierre Pilard 3D designer : Matthieu Bernadat 3D designer : Arnaud Joli 3D designer : Charles Guerton 3D designer : Nicolas Martin 3D designer : Mathieu Negrel 3D designer : Badre Bouziar Matte painting : Benjamin Bardou Drones : Copterfilm Special thanks to Nicolas Lhermitte and Mourad Belkeddar @Iconoclast, Manuel Beard @Firm and all the Czech crew Thanks to all the teams at Adaptive Minerals : www.adaptiveminerals.com Thank you so much to the CNC for their help

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22歳で急死した女子プロレスラー木村花さんの母で元プロレスラーの木村響子さん(43)が、「こんなかなしいことが二度と起こらないために いろいろなことを明確にするために動いています」と現状を報告した。


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 車を走行中、前方にタンブルウィード(回転草)が舞い上がっていることを発見。それらは寄り集まって、巨大な渦を巻き、路上を猛スピードで移動しはじめたという。危険を察知したドライバーはすぐに車を停止させたが、「タンブルウィード・トルネード」は大迫力で車を通過していったようだ。 続きを読む

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【動画】 東京都、新たに30人以上の感染確認 「これはもう終わらないね」「再来週は3桁」



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 とっておきの1枚をお手本にしてハイポーズ!眺めるこっちもキュンとなるユーモア&ほっこり写真の数々をご覧いただこう。 続きを読む

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