24 People Captured with Statues at the Perfect Moment

Funny Statues

When it comes to photo opportunities, being at the right place and time is more important than the kind of camera you have. These people (Spider-Man in particular) seem to be having a little too much fun with statues and were captured at the perfect angle to make it appear as if the statue is attacking them. One a related note, did you know that The Lion man from the Swabian Alps in Germany is the oldest known statue in the world? It dates back to 30,000-40,000 years ago. Continue reading for more.


妹が作った痛いRPG 「エッチな冬休み」

誰かの妹さんがRPGツクールで愉快なRPGを作ってくれたようです。という動画が人気。詳細は見てもらうことにして、ぼんやりドキドキちょっとエッチなラブストーリー、な要素は一切なく、川越が大変な事になります。4年前に人気になった作品のリメイク。 続きを読む

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Cable Cars Are Great for Getting Up Mountains, But You Can Actually Live in This One

Cable Car Home

Suspended 2,700 meters above sea level and is near the top of the Sommet de la Saulire, a mountain in the Massif de la Vanoise Courcheval ski resort in the French Alps, this cable car has been converted into a stunning one bedroom, two bed-apartment that can host up to four guests at a time. Should you be lucky enough to stay here, guests bare chauffeured up the mountain on snowmobiles before being checked into the room. Continue reading for more pictures and information.



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Main Drain Gadget Lets You Easily Add a Urinal to Your Home Toilet

Main Drain

For those who live in homes or apartments that require the toilet seat to always be put down, Main Drain is just the gadget for you. It's essentially a low-cost, in-home urinal option for males who would like the convenience of a public restroom in the comfort of their own home. The gadget itself consists of a geometrically designed gaping maw with a tube that escorts the contents directly down into the toilet bowl, which can work even without lifting the seat. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page.


Assisted Living (2015) by Addison Post

Assisted Living (2015) by Addison Post

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Video Shows What Other Planets and Stars Would Look Lke in Our Sky if They Replaced the Sun

Other Planets Sky

The Russian Federal Space Agency has just released a mind-boggling animation that shows how the planet's horizons will appear if other celestial bodies replaced the sun. The first star you'll see is Alpha Centauri, the nearest visible sun to our own, and one of the brightest in the southern night sky. Located 4.3 light-years away, nearly 300,000 times the distance from the Earth to the sun, a double-star system would appear in our skies if it replaced the sun. It orbits a common center of gravity every 80 years with its companion, Alpha Centauri B. Continue reading for the video and more information.


安藤美姫、スキージャンプのお粗末リポートで大炎上 「滑舌が悪すぎる」

札幌で開催された「FISジャンプワールドカップ」でスペシャルキャスターに就任した安藤美姫さんが現地リポーターを務める。しかし、口を開くとお粗末なコメントのオンパレードに、ネットでは「これはダメだ」「滑舌が悪すぎる」「安藤が出ているなら見るのをやめる」と大炎上・・ 続きを読む

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London From Above by visitlondon.com

London From Above by visitlondon.com

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