Vimeo Staff Pick: SYNOPSIS: On the week of Charlie’s 13th…

Vimeo Staff Pick: SYNOPSIS: On the week of Charlie’s 13th Birthday he makes a terrible discovery that brings him closer to his Father. OFFICIAL SELECTION; BFI Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Chaktomuk Short Film Festival, Cambodia, New Vision Film Festival, Kiev, Krakow short film Festival, Poland. Sao Paulo Film Festival,Brazil. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival. This film is still available for festivals and screenings - if you’re interested please get in contact. CREW Written, Directed: Geoffrey Taylor Produced: Fiona Lamptey Associate Producer: Sam George Cinematography: Nick Cooke Production Designer: Matt Sharp Editor: Fiona DeSouza Composer: Matt Kelly Supervising Sound Editor: Stevie Haywood Sound Designer: Raoul Brand CAST Charlie Jamie F Glover Dad David Doyle Louise Ella Lane Mum Nicola Harrison


橋下市長vs民主党議員 「生徒が“これ給食ちゃうで、餌やで”と話していた」 → 「僕の子供がそんな事言ったら大激怒する」

福田賢治議員(民主系)「中学校給食を視察したが、生徒が“これ給食ちゃうで、餌やで”と話していた。」 続きを読む







25 Insanely Cool Places to Warm Yourself Up This Freezing Winter, Igloo Village Included

Igloo Village Switzerland

Many consider this winter to be one of the coldest in recent times, and while some are trying to stay inside as much as possible, others are looking to get out of the house and into warmer environments. For those looking to warm up in a snowy village, look no further than Igloo Village in Zermatt. Lying in the whirlpool and enjoying the open view of the Matterhorn is possible at this resort, consisting of 34 snow beds and even a Romantic Igloo Suite with a private whirlpool (above). Continue reading for more.


Vimeo Staff Pick: A newly married girl finds a bear shape…

Vimeo Staff Pick: A newly married girl finds a bear shape paperweight while packing to move out of her parents’ house. It is a key to unlock her childhood memories with her grandpa and a black bear. 惠惠在搬家整理行李的時候,找到了爺爺心愛的黑熊紙鎮,同時也是惠惠小時候最好的朋友:阿墨。雖然爺爺總是把紙鎮收在玻璃櫃裡,惠惠總是把阿墨當成玩伴帶在身邊,不論是洗澡、看書的時間、躲貓貓。阿墨好像參與惠惠所有的童年生活。 Directors: Ta-Wei Chao, Tsai-Chun Han Animation: Ta-Wei Chao Art Design: Tsai-Chun Han Advisor: Wei-Chung Chang Music: Chien-Yu Huang Sound Design: Yin He Voice: I-Ming Yen Color: Benett Kim, Shu-Yi Chiou, Hsiao-Hsuan Lin, Milan Hu, Chih-Chieh Hsu, Kuan Tien Chen, I-Ming Yen, Chiao-Mei Cheng, Yu-Chi Liu 導演:趙大威 美術:韓采君 指導老師:張維忠 音樂:黃乾育 音效:何茵 旁白:閻衣明 上色:金暎浩、邱書怡、林筱烜、胡博閎、許智傑、陳寬恬、閻衣明、鄭巧玫、劉郁祺


Hippopotamus Chair Isn’t a 3D Render, But Rather a Real Furniture Piece the Size of a Real Hippo

Hippopotamus Chair

Photo credit: Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera is a talented artist known for his custom "Animal Chairs" collection, and he's unveiled his latest piece: the Hippopotamus Chair. Not just any hippopotamus, this chair is the size of its real-life counterpart and upholstered in his signature all-black, high-luxury style, complete with realistic detailing. Continue reading to see more pictures of this piece and some of his past work.



ゴルフボールを高く飛ばす方法を教えてくれる興味深い実験動画。ゴルフボールを普通に落としても1メートルくらいしか跳ねないが、バスケットボール、ゴムボール、ゴルフボールの順番に重ねて落としてやるとこの通り。もちろん他のボールでも同様の効果が。これは面白い! 続きを読む


College Student Creates Real-Life Batman Suit from Kevlar, Puts it to the Test

Real Batman Suit

Photo credit: Armatus Designs

Jackson Gordon, a 21-year-old college student from Wayne, Pennsylvania, spent over 5-months creating a real-life Batman suit, which he says isn't bullet-proof (yet), but can withstand punches, machetes and even swings from a baseball bat. Gordon says: "Before actually making the real suit, I did many (at least 10) prototypes of different parts for the suit to test out materials and sewing patterns. Once I was happy with those, I started making the real suit using the patterns I had decided on from the prototypes. I cut out the internal lining fabric, then added the foam padding, then a layer (or two depending on which part of the suit) of kevlar, then the top grey fabric." Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.


サブリミナルCMは洗脳効果があるのか?ないのか? 最近行われた実験結果によると・・・






Why Spend $300 on Bose or Beats, When You Can Get Harman Kardon CL Headphones for Under $75, Today Only

Harmon Kardon CL

Harman Kardon's CL Precision On-Ear Headphones offer big sound and classic looks at the small price of $74.95 shipped, today only, originally priced at $199.99. A unique baffle creates air flow that extends low frequencies. The CL headphones also incorporate a bass tube that functions like a tuned bass port. It boosts bass performance and helps the headphones produce exceptional bass response at any volume level. As a result, CL headphones provide better bass response than other headphones in their class. Product page. Continue reading for a more pictures and information.