70 Year Old More Well-Dressed Than Many Youngers


Günther Krabbenhöft lives in Berlin, Germany and he competes with much younger well-dressed men. Krabbenhöft dresses up in every occasion, from going to excercise to going to work. And he does it elegantly.

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Picnic Backpack Cooler


This organized backpack includes a cooler and is ideal for picnics.

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Zombie Safe Zone Maps By Design Different


Clever, colorful and life saving! These city maps are no ordinary maps, they are Zombie Safe Zone Maps! Designed by Toronto Based art shop Design Different, these maps highlight the most popular cities that are prone to outbreak.

Each map highlights a from and to point explaining directions, distance and time, and additional information about the safe zone like water type and food resources. These maps could save your life or someone you love!


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/zombie-safe-zone-maps-by-design-different-2/

Dad Makes His Son With Down Syndrome “Fly” In Heartwarming Super-Hero Photo Series


Alan Lawrence, who lives in Utah with his wife and 5 kids, has created a great photo series in which his 18-month old son, Wil, appears to be flying to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. With a little help from photoshop Alan wanted to inspire his son and everyone else to reach for the stars.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/dad-makes-his-son-with-down-syndrome-fly-in-heartwarming-super-hero-photo-series-2/

Summaries of Pop Culture Movies in Pictogram Posters by Viktor Hertz


Viktor Hertz is a talented graphic designer from Sweden and he is the author of the following pictogram movie posters. Through two frames and pictograms’ characters, the poster summarizes classics such as Forrest Gump, several Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club and The Big Lebowski.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/summaries-of-pop-culture-movies-in-pictogram-posters-by-viktor-hertz-3/

Products of The Day #420


With the Minimal Float Wall Desk by Orange22, you won’t have to compromise on the amount of floor space at your home or studio for an office desk anymore. This wall desk is easy to install and comes in two different sizes and five colors to choose from. You can either choose to use it as a laptop station, full desktop station or even as a simple display shelf. The clever design eliminates legs and provides a full surface slide out tray and a wire management slot if required. The desk comes fully assembled and includes four main compartments.

Add swappable style and color to your Apple Watch by using this Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch 42mm from Griffin Technology. The idea of creating this case was to match the style of your Apple Watch to your iPhone. Every pack includes three color or finish combinations to choose from. These include polished metallic, matte metallic or clear finish. You just need to choose your favorite and clip it to the face of your Apple Watch.

Produce, recycle and customize outstanding quality 3D printing filament. Are you getting the best experience out of your 3D printing? Have you ever considered that the quality of your 3D prints is greatly influenced by the filaments you are using as a prime matter? Overcoming common problems associated with 3D printing such as high production costs, lack of custom material types and a high waste factor can put on hold the evolution of 3D printing.

Our Focus is on 3 Slim Carbon Fiber Wallet Designs: Textured Carbon Fiber Wallet (Black) ” With RFID Shielding 2.0 – Bifold (Slim). Women’s Carbon Fiber Clutch Wallet (Matte) with RFID Shielding 2.0. Vintage Leather Minimalist Wallet in Light Tan + Black Carbon Fiber Clip (Our Most Minimalist Design!). Beautiful Vintage Meets Modern Minimalist: Each piece is made with an incredibly soft and durable vintage style leather matched with a modern carbon fiber cash clip. More info

A more exciting gaming experience is waiting for you in the form of this Bluetooth Controller Gamepad. This is an ultimate gamepad designed for the video game lovers which is designed to help you play your favorite games anytime and practically anywhere. The gamepad will perfectly fit your finger and can be carried along with you everywhere you go.

Support American manufacturing—leather bags and accessories hand crafted in the U.S. When I designed the first MATINE collection in 2012, my goal was to strip down each piece to the essentials while cultivating a distinct aesthetic—simple, but not boring. Minimal but fresh. More info

Get one of these Studioilse w084 Table Lamps and give your workspace a modern makeover. The lamp comes with special features such as a built-in dimmer, a slightly translucent shade for a magical soft flow and two fully adjustable joints with an adjustable head. If you call it a multifunctional masterpiece for your workshop, it will still be an understatement.

Finding the door handle or keyhole in the dark wouldn’t be a cumbersome process anymore if you have the Tritium Illuminated Keyhole Indicator. This indicator has been provided with two green tritium light sources which can glow for a span of 12 years without using any kind of external energy source.

Your small furry friends can now enjoy their meals on this Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder. It entertains portion control in 1/16 cup (15 cc) scales. Just for information, up to a maximum of 1 cup (240 cc) in 1/16 cup (15 cc) scales programming will be appropriate for small dogs and cats. Every piece of the feeder is removable and washable. On top of that, what’s truly admiring is the colorful design which will be a true entertainer for your pets. The three colors you can choose from are orange, yellow and red.

Take your experience with the GoPro HERO camera to a whole new level with GoKnuckles. It is an incredible accessory which works as a handheld mount for your GoPro HERO. The design is inspired from the design of Brass Knuckles that will provide a hands free grip on your camera. This can’t be considered similar to other standard mounts already available in the market because of the design.

Summers inevitably direct you towards a new pair of shades and these Mercury Wooden Sunglasses could be your this season’s hot collection. These wooden sunglasses are a stylish design which have been handmade in Italy. They come with polarized lenses and include a UV400 protection.

Take care of your body and mind in a stylish way with the help of The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry by Bellabeat. This beautiful piece of wearable tech is designed to help you learn about your body health by analyzing your daily routine. Even if you lack motivation in order to stay fit, LEAF will make sure you keep moving.

You can now build your own efficient camera from your iPhone by using this 3-in-1 Clip-on Lens. The set consists of 3 lens you can switch from time to time. These include a 180°Fisheye, macro, and wide angle. The fisheye will help you to capture 180 degrees of scene while the macro comes real handy to take clear photos of extremely tiny objects.

Not only will the Mini-Clutch Speaker by Stellé Audio offer the best sound quality on the go, it will also be a fancy clutch for the modern fashionistas. This speaker can pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device and includes a built-in speakerphone that will help you to attend those hands-free calls. As for the ladies, there’s a mirror and a pocket for all your daily clutch essentials. Even if your phone is running out of battery, this clutch will make sure it stays charged up with the help of the built-in 15 hours rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Cork keys for the Macbook Air, Pro, and Retina of all sizes. This product is precision cut and finished by hand in our Brooklyn workshop. The 3M adhesive used to attach the keys is easily removable and leaves no residue behind. Backlight feature is integrated as well as support for all international languages. Special thanks goes out to the 310 pledges that made this product a reality on Kickstarter!

Once you order a Coin, you must verify your identity and shipping information in the Coin mobile app. Your Coin is then inscribed with your name and is linked with your account. Your Coin and card data is yours alone. The Coin mobile app is where all your cards are stored and is an extension of Coin. The Coin app can store any card with a magnetic stripe such as debit, credit, gift, and membership cards.

Wondering why you should go for the Linea N°1 headphones? Maybe because of the clean lines or the refined metal finish or simply because of the beautifully balanced acoustic profile. To be exact, these headphones are designed to produce amazing sound from a classic headphone design. The use of superior noise isolation features will enable you to experience rich sound quality even when you’re on the go.

The Myfox Home Alarm is the only smart home security system that can prevent break-ins BEFORE they happen, thanks to door and window vibration analysis that can tell the difference between normal events and break-in attempts. It only takes minutes to install and manage the Myfox Home Alarm through your smartphone (iOS and Android). The system notifies you of events, and who is home so you know your loved ones are safe.

HELIX: Fashion and Function without Compromising Either

Headphones are a wonderful thing. They allow us to enjoy media in a personal, respectful way, providing a gateway to anywhere you so choose. However, there is no good way to transport earbuds, even wireless ones. They all require extra space in your main backpack if they have a carrying case or they go in one of the smaller pockets and get tangled by the little tiny elves whose sole life purpose is to live in your bag and tangle your headphones. It’s just a fact of life, these are the choices you make when it comes to earbuds and headphones…until now! There is a group of brilliant engineers attempting to kickstart a brilliant solution to this universal electronic problem. It’s called the HELIX and it is the first bracelet I’ve ever seriously considered wearing. Read More

TILT Stand Has a “Rocking Chair” Like Design for Your Smartphones

Now that an average person spends over 90 mins per day on their phone, it’s vital for us to come up with a solution that will help us make the most of that time. I am an avid smartphone user and I can tell you how difficult it is to access my phone when it’s on the tabletop. It keeps sliding every time I try to type a text or search for something on the web or even when I am checking my Facebook feed. I thought a docking station would solve this problem and keep my smartphone in a position where it’s easier to use. But I was terribly wrong! It just makes the whole problem even worse. Read More

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学生団体「SEALDs」の正体とは? 実態に不明な部分も、共産党との関係は?

関係者らによると、「SEALDs(シールズ)」は特定秘密保護法に反対する学生有志の会として平成25年に結成された「SASPL(サスプル)」を前身に、今年5月に結成された。その特徴は、どこにでもいるような若者が素顔や実名を出して抗議活動を繰り広げていること・・・ 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/8951374.html


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