Our puppy “hides” from us when he breaks a rule….

Our puppy “hides” from us when he breaks a rule. (Source: http://ift.tt/1TTJmO9)

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My little buddy darryl asleep on my finger (Source:…

My little buddy darryl asleep on my finger (Source: http://ift.tt/1PcQQNd)

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北海道 男児置き去り事件 「空白の5分」証言への疑問

田野岡大和くんは28日、両親と姉の一家4人で鹿部町の公園で川遊びをしたが、公園内で人や車に石を投げた。そのため、車で帰宅途中の午後5時ごろ、しつけとして置き去りにされた。約5分後に父親が現場に戻った時には、すでに姿は消えていたという。 続きを読む

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Massive 15-Foot Gator Captured on Video Strolling Through Golf Course

Massive Gator Golf Course

Golfer Charlie Helms managed to capture an enormous 15-foot, 800-pound gator strolling near the third hole of Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Florida. "I was stunned and silent. I didn't know if we were being punked or something. [It could've been] two guys in an alligator suit," said Helms. In just two days, the video above has received over 4.6-million views. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny work pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of ballistic gel being zapped by 100,000-volts of electricity.


Harley-Davidson XG750R Flat Track Motorcycle is Designed for the Track

Harley-Davidson Flat Track

Harley-Davidson may not be synonymous with dirt bikes, but the XG750R Flat Track aims to change that. Powered by a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson 750cc Revolution X engine, it was modified for the track by Vance & Hines Motorsports, manufacturer of the bike's racing frame. Continue reading for pictures of the black model and more information.


疑惑だらけの舛添都知事、亡き姉の予言に衝撃 「いつか要一は手痛いしっぺ返しを食らう・・」

「あんなにウソばっかりついて他人を傷つけて、いつか要一は手痛いしっぺ返しを食らう。5年前にそう言い残して膵臓がんで亡くなった、母の予言通りになりましたね。ずっと詐欺のようなことをしてきたのですから、同情の余地はありません」・・・ 続きを読む

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Gamers Create Fully-Functional Analog Pong Table, Paddles Included

Pong Table

Pong, the first sports arcade game, has been given an analog, yet modern, makeover. Gamer Daniel Perdomo and friends spent 2-years creating the Pong Table, which boasts functional rectangular paddles and a square ball to maintain authenticity. Players move the paddles mechanically, while magnets underneath guide the ball glides across the playing surface. Perdomo added LED scoring lights and retro decals to give it the in-game look. Continue reading for more pictures and information.








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The dog has learned to multiply… (Source:…

The dog has learned to multiply… (Source: http://ift.tt/25vW7qI)

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