Hoalen is a brand devoted to creating clothing for outdoor activities and life on shores, their Explore collection is a technical range of products dedicated to all those living by the sea in the milder regions of our planet and who love exploring the coast. The collection includes a line of products for both men and women for sailing, as products for surfing and Stand up Paddling, as well as some wetsuits and sleek surfboards. Head over to their beautiful website for a in depth look at the collection.

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Most coolers simply cannot hold up against the rough and tumble lifestyle of outdoor adventures, unless you have an Orca Cooler, built for an active lifestyle in the great outdoors. The heavy duty cooler is virtually indestructible, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures and still keep ice and everything inside of it cold. With a durable, roto-molded construction, and a lid gasket to ensure a perfect seal, the Orca Cooler will keep your ice and perishables cool for up to 10 days! Other features include flex grip handles for long hauls, an easy-flow drainage spout, and a cargo net attachment for added storage. Available in several colors and capacities.

Available from Filson or from Amazon
Available in Europe here

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The Barisieur is an alarm clock that will wake you up with the smell of fresh coffee! Designed by British designer, Josh Renouf, this alarm clock can make you a cup of coffee or tea as you snooze in your bed. Simply load it with grinds, water, and a bit of milk in a vessel, then set the time, wake up with the sounds of the coffee bubbling away and get vertical with a freshly made cup of joe. watch the video below

Learn more from Barisieur, or pre-order one now from Kickstarter

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Another great product found whilst snooping around Etsy. "inSidegift? is a store on Easy, they hand make clean, stylish and functional folios to protect your valuable devices. Their  good-looking and multi-functional leather folio cases are available for most iPads and  feature a built-in leather strap that can be used to keep your notebook on the left folio,  a leather strap with metal buttons to prevent your earbuds from getting tangled, and two small pockets designed to hold your iPhone and pens. Your initials or other information can be added (extra $3 for customization) with stamping method.

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Tortoise knit sweaters, so hot right now. (Source:…

Tortoise knit sweaters, so hot right now. (Source: http://ift.tt/1qYqWBB)

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ベッキー、収録予定だった2本のレギュラー番組が立ち消えに! 24時間マラソンの有力候補も?

ベッキーが出演を見合わせているレギュラー番組の関係者も、「一番の被害者(川谷の元夫人)が収束を発表したことで、番組復帰に向けてスポンサーの理解を得られそうだ」と、ベッキーの本格復帰が前進していることを明かす。しかし・・・ 続きを読む

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Strange Unidentified Flying Object Captured Hovering Over Military Base in Ohio

UFO Air Force Base

First off, this could quite possibly be linked to the Black Knight Satellite. Tyler Glockner, best known as "SecureTeam10" on YouTube, recently uploaded a video of what appears to be a strange UFO hovering above Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The was captured by a couple last Wednesday as they were heading home, admiring the sunset near the military installation. Mr. Glockner claims that it's the third sighting of this same object by three separate sources. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one showing what happens when you strap an action cam onto a cheetah.


【動画】 池上彰氏が生放送で号泣 「大勢の被ばく者の人たちが、この時を待ち望んでいた・・」

池上彰氏は、大統領の慰霊碑への献花、スピーチの様子などを広島現地でリポートした。続けて大統領が被ばく者の坪井直さんのもとに歩み寄る場面を見つめながら、「広島に来て、被ばく者の話を聞かないわけにはいかないと」などと解説していた。しかし・・・ 続きを読む

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