raccoons vs toy. [video]

raccoons vs toy. [video]

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Albino Alligator. Source

Albino Alligator. Source

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Gerber Shard Keychain Tool is Airline Safe and Packs 7 Functions, Get One for $4.33 – Today Only

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

The Gerber Shard Keychain Tool is airline safe, while still offering 7 functions, all for $4.33, today only, originally $7.16. Don't let its size fool you, the Gerber Shard keychain tool is the perfect companion when you want just the basics. With a shape of its own, the Shard has seven useful functions: small flat driver, medium flat driver, cross driver, pry bar, wire stripper, lanyard hole, and bottle opener. Product page. Continue reading for another video review and more information.



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【動画】 放送禁止に追い込まれたハインツの缶詰CM 何がダメなのか??

食品大手ハインツのテレビコマーシャルが、安全上の問題があるとして、英公国監督当局が放映を禁止した。 続きを読む

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French Farmers Are Magnifique In Racy 2017 Calendar


After setting the world ablaze with a stunning calendar featuring the hunky firefighters of Pompiers Sans Frontières (Firefighters Without Borders), photographer Fred Goudon is back with an all new subject: French farmers. The 2017 calendar boasts an array of steamy shots featuring farmers from Normandy, Provence, Champagne and Picardie.

More info: Fred Goudon, Amazon (h/t: newnownext)

On his website, Goudon wrote that he and his team “were warmly welcomed by farm owners all over France to make this project as realistic as possible.”

He added that the farmers were happy to “play the game of posing in a sexy way” in order to promote the “work and dedication with which the farmers are involved relentlessly in their hard job.”

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橋下徹氏の発言が物議! チケット転売は問題ないと主張 「資本主義の大原則」

番組では、現代社会で問われている「道徳観」について議論する中で、「チケットの転売」が取り上げられた。そこで「もし娘にバンドの解散コンサートの高額転売チケットを買って欲しいと言われたら?」というケースについて、橋下氏は「買う」派に立った・・ 続きを読む

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Besprechung von naturwirtschaftlicher Essay Ghostwriter Betrieb für Hörern

Besprechung von naturwirtschaftlicher Essay Ghostwriter Betrieb für Hörern

Bedürfen Sie eigenartigen naturwissenschaftliche Dissertation Gestallter für der Vorbereitung Ihrer Bestellung Schritt für Schritt. Details »


Happy Doggo had a Farm Visit (Source: http://ift.tt/2gvewMR)

Happy Doggo had a Farm Visit (Source: http://ift.tt/2gvewMR)

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【動画】 切りつけ事件で警官が発砲、4発全弾を足に命中させ射撃スキルに絶賛の声 = 京都

29日午後7時すぎ、京都市北区衣笠開キ町で、住民から「男に殺すぞと言われた」と110番があった。駆けつけた北署員が近くの路上で、頭などを切られた男児(5)と刃物を持った男を発見。拳銃を発砲し、男の両脚に命中させ、銃刀法違反の疑いで、現行犯逮捕した。 続きを読む

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