French-Argentine Artist-Designer Pablo Reinoso’s Sculptures Manipulate Reality

Imagine snaking tree roots invading and taking over everyday items, pushing their way through obstacles to emerge triumphant. Nature appears to overcome inanimate objects and bring them to life, resuscitating them.

By distorting the familiar and manipulating our reality, the art of Pablo Reinoso succeeds in plunging us into a whimsical, fantastical alternate universe where things aren’t quite as they seem. By incorporating functional objects such as picture frames, chairs, benches, spades, ladders and garments in his artwork, though in mutated form, he has forced art and design to confront one another.

Artist or designer? Reinoso’s artistic oeuvre developed in parallel with his commercial practice. Starting to create innovative, playful furniture designs in the 1990s, he has since become renowned for his dramatic, stirring reinterpretations of ubiquitous and common objects. In 2000, he created a bench for the city of Fukuroi, Japan, on the outskirts of the soccer stadium that was the venue for the 2002 World Cup. His design work has the unusual ability of serving daily human necessity as well as awakening emotion. Sometimes one doesn’t know where the design stops and the art begins, as he integrates “function” into his artwork.

More info: Pablo Reinoso, Facebook (h/t: forbes)




 アメリカでは毎年9月末の1週間、発禁本週間(Banned Books Week)がある。これは1982年に米国図書館協会によって制定されたもので、今年は9月24日から30日までだ。




TONITURE Lets Kids Build Their Own Fun Furniture Designs

Seoul design firm G280 Studio, have created TONITURE, a children’s furniture line designed to spark a child’s imagination.

Inspired by the children’s toy Meccano, the TONITURE (toy + furniture) kit comes with a variety of pieces that can be assembled to create furniture. The kit has large pieces that don’t require any tools, making it easy for children to build the designs themselves. If they get stuck while building, they can reference the guide which has a variety of ideas for them, like a giraffe.

Each of the pieces in TONITURE are made from high density fiberboard and steel, which can easily be assembled with knob bolts sized for little hands.

More info: G280 Studio, Wikipedia (h/t: contemporist)


31年間謎だったドラクエ「ぱふぱふ」の意味が判明ww 堀井雄二氏が激白

ドラクエは「II」から始め、歴代のシリーズをプレイしてきた“ガチファン”の新井浩文は、いざプレイをすると開発チームも舌を巻くほどの戦術で対戦者を圧倒し、ディレクターの内川毅氏から「やり込んでますね」と絶賛された・・ 続きを読む


“A Magnificent Sculptures By Nature”: Otherworldly ‘Earth Pyramids’ Captured In The Foggy Early Morning Light By Photographer Kilian Schönberger

Photographer Kilian Schönberger climbed the Alps late at night to capture one of the mountain range’s strangest segments, alien-like columns found in South Tyrol, an autonomous province in Northern Italy. His series Otherworld showcases the so-called “earth pyramids” in a hazy dawn light, strange creations that appear like stalagmites freed from their underground caves.

The structures are created by erosion, rising from clay soil left behind by glaciers from the last Ice Age. Each features a large boulder resting on top which protects the soil below. Eventually the tall columns lose the strength to hold the large rock overhead, shifting balance and sending it tumbling down the mountain.

More info: Kilian Schönberger, Behance, Instagram (h/t: colossal)


I managed to capture a scary ghost sighting. (Source:…

I managed to capture a scary ghost sighting. (Source:


仙台国際ホテルの料理長が障害者の女性社員に殴る蹴るの暴行や暴言 「お前の触った物を触ると障害がうつる」

仙台市青葉区の仙台国際ホテルに勤務する40代の男性料理長から繰り返し暴力を振るわれたり、暴言を吐かれたりしたとして、宮城野区の社員鎌田あゆみさん(21)=休職中=が近く宮城県警に被害届を提出することが29日、分かった。 続きを読む


Otter stoked on having two rocks (Source:

Otter stoked on having two rocks (Source:








信じられるか? これが過去に日本国の首相を経験したやつらなんだぜ・・

誰のせいでこじれたのか。 続きを読む