Before She Was Famous, Marilyn Monroe Was Paid Just $10 an Hour to Pose for Pin-up Artist Earl Moran in the Late 1940s

Marilyn Monroe posed for Earl Moran – Bus Stop. One of his most famous photo’s/paintings of Marilyn done in 1946, titled ‘Bus Stop’. It featured Marilyn in a cheesecake pose, standing next to a bus stop, with skates in her hand.

When Marilyn Monroe posed for Earl Moran in the first of their sessions that took place between 1946 and 1950, she was just 19 and an aspiring actress, while Moran had established himself as a leading illustrator of beautiful women; his work for magazines and calendars placed him in the company of Alberto Vargas and George Petty.


Earl Moran hired a young model named Norma Jean Dougherty through the Blue Book Agency in Los Angeles, in 1946. This was one of Marilyn’s earliest regular modeling assignments, to help pay the rent while she fought for an entree into the movie business. She posed for him off and on for the next four years. He usually took photos of her, which he used as reference for his pin-up illustrations. He paid Marilyn ten dollars an hour to photograph her in various costumes and states of toplessness from 1946 to 1949.

Moran’s Marilyn work was used, among others, by major calendar company Brown & Bigelow. Forty years later, in January 1987, Playboy magazine published some of Moran’s 1946 nude photos of Marilyn.


This Korean Tattoo Artist Creates Tattoo Cover-Up Masterpieces!

South Korean tattoo artist Sigak has recently been putting an original spin on tattoo cover-ups, and people really like his art style!

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Spectacular Winning Images of The Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020

Here are the winners of the 2020 Tokyo International Awards. The winners receive prizes that are up to $3,000 USD. Tokyo International Foto awards recognize, honor and connect talented photographers from around the world to new audiences and new eyes in the creative circles of Tokyo, Japan. The competition is open to everyone and invites photographers from all over the world to enter their work.

Summer Fairies (Nature, Gold) by Kazuaki Koseki

“Himehotaru” living in the summer night forest, females cannot fly, only males, fireflies, an indigenous species of Japan, fly around the summer forest while repeating a blink of a short time, reminiscent of Christmas illumination.

More: Tokyo International Foto Awards, Facebook h/t: 121clicks

Queen (Advertising/Fashion, Bronze) by Christian Zink

“Astonishingly, the photo is not a composing. It was taken in Croatia in 12m depth. The dress is a parachute.”

Heaven On Earth (Nature, Gold) by Saowanee Suntararak

“I took this picture on a November morning. It is a scenery of Mt.Fuji with red maple leaves in autumn.”

Kiss (Nature/Wildlife, Gold) by Hong Chen

“I had a rare opportunity to see a giraffe give birth in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Ten years ago, my retired husband and I started our journey to see the world. We have since traveled to more than 50 countries and visited African more than 20 times. We used cameras to capture what we saw. The photos became the way to express our feelings.”

Pray For Earth (Nature/Landscapes, Gold) by Roksolyana Hilevych

“This shot I took on the Lofoten Islands in an unknown place that I found going around the Gimsoya Islands (take part of Lofoten). That night was freezing; the temperature touched -20/-22C.”

A Sheep (Nature/Animals, 1st Place) by Claudia Guido

“Fluffiness level: 100000000! This picture is part of a promotional work commissioned by Tuscan Organic Tours.”

Empire Of The Stars (Nature, 2nd Place) by Craig Bill

“A long exposure still time-lapse day-to-night project consisting of over 700 exposures.”

I Am Not Disabled (Editorial, 2nd Place) by Silvia Alessi

“I met in Tokyo several amputated people who were not considering themselves disabled. Dancer Koichi Omae told me, ‘if you do not feel physical pain, mental suffering, or practical difficulties, you are not disabled,’ he told me, ‘so I am not.’ Punk pop singer Masami Orimo decided not only to show her prosthesis on stage but also to play it like a stringed musical instrument. Illustrator Makiko Sugawa knows that clothes and fashion can greatly impact how a woman feels about herself. So if a woman with a disability can be “stylish,” other girls in the same condition can follow her example.

I work as a hairstylist near Milan, Italy. My passions are travel and photography. My last photographic project is called skin. I wanted to tell the story of albino people and acid attacked women in India.”

Misty Morning (Advertising/Travel/Tourism, Silver) by Kurt Gardner

“Captured on 6th Lake in The Adirondacks. The foggy morning here creates a unique environment to explore.”

Praying (People, Gold) by Rudy Oei

“Mt. Bromo, East Java – Indonesia.”

Swamps’ Colors (Nature/Trees, Gold) by Mauro Battistelli

“Incredible colors of the swamps in the late autumn. Kayaking at night is an unreal experience, and these wonderful trees are unique.”

The Philosopher (Nature/Pets, Gold) by Mariko Klug

“My dog Lobo enjoying the view over a frozen lake. Taken and edited with iPhone 6s.”

Roaring Storm (Nature/Seasons, Gold) by Alexandru Popovski

“An image of a storm cell moving towards the Island in the Florida Keys.”

Treasures (Fine Art/Collage, Gold) by Cheraine Collette

“Demonstrating the treasures of humanity combined with the treasures from nature. Humanity often creates treasures in their own worlds, distancing from the world around them. Each treasure confirming us as the pinnacles of creation. But with each treasure we achieve, we often forget we are connected with mother nature and that we, ourselves, are products of her grand architecture and are a part of her beautiful but fragile treasure.”

Keyhole (Fine Art/Landscape, Bronze) by Craig Bill

“Ice Cave in Alaska’s Matanuska Glacier.”

Fishermen Of The Mangroves (Fine Art, 1st Place) by Les Sharp

“They fished with hand nets for many centuries, but the insatiable public demand for fish has depleted the fish stock or spawned modern technology to fill the gap. So now, their ancient tradition has all but disappeared, leaving the last of the fisherman to re-enact their traditional skills.”

Ribbon Dance (Nature/Aerial, 1st Place) by Richard Li

“I loved to taking a helicopter to Lake Magadi when I travel to Kenya. The transformed patterns on the surface of the Lake with Flamingos living there are always amazed me.

The camera is my third eye to explore the wonder of the world. Although every photo I took is an expression of my feelings, what I love the most is wildlife photography. I hope to take more beautiful photos in my lifetime and leave the most lovely memories of mine to the world.”

Quiver Tree At Night (Nature/Trees, Silver) by Gigi Williams

“The amazing quiver trees in Namibia are a sight to behold. I wanted a different view and so painted the tree with a red light to show up against the starlit sky.”

A Highway Of Flowers (Nature/Panoramic, Gold) by Giorgio Graj

“That night, it seemed to be in front of a highway of flowers that passed under a bridge of stars. Not a traveler, not a photographer, not a bird … but I love to travel, to photograph and to fly.”

Silent Hills (Nature/Trees, Gold) by Manfred Zobrist

“Gentle snow-covered hills with single trees, Central Switzerland.”

Wave Time (Nature/Panoramic, Bronze) by Craig Bill

“The Wave” Formation on Northern Arizona, USA.

Jigoku Dayu (Advertising/Fashion, Bronze) by Daisuke Kiyota

Mursi Child (Fine Art/Portrait, Silver) by Svetlin Yosifov

“The Mursi tribe is an African tribe from the isolated Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia near the Sudan border. The photo is part of the album “Ethiopian tribes expedition” 2018.”

Dragon’s Eye (Nature/Aerial, Gold) by James Rushforth

“An aerial view of bubbling hot springs deep in the Icelandic highlands. The area has a particularly high silica content, resulting in some beautifully intricate geothermal formations of polished white geyserite.”

Fresh Meat (Advertising/Fashion, 1st Place) by Sh Sadler

“What do we consider beauty in 2020? With an unrelenting quest for youth, admiration, and a highly controlled self-image, how far are we straying from the maxim that “beauty is only skin deep”?”

Women Protesting In Poland Over Abortion Ban (Editorial, 1st Place) by Bartosz Mateńko

“Women’s strike Portraits of participants protest against the abortion ban in Szczecin, Poland, Oct. 26-30, 2020. Angered women and their supporters block rush-hour traffic in many cities of Poland. Nationwide protests against the recent court ruling that tightened further Poland’s restrictive abortion law. The court effectively banned almost all abortions. The symbol of the fight was the sign of red lightning visible on the participants’ faces and masks.”

Drying Fish (Advertising/Travel/Tourism, Silver) by Phan Khánh

“Long Hai fish market, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam is the place to buy and sell seafood, especially dried scad, with the scientific name of Decapterus. Thousands of fry trays are dried on rooftops and yards by hundreds of workers.”

Great White (Nature/Underwater, Gold) by Brice Weaver

“What an amazing week diving with Carcharodon carcharias (great white sharks) at Guadalupe Island on the Nautilus Under Sea. You can choose to watch life through a screen or go out and live it. Diving with great whites has been a dream of mine ever since I could remember reading about Jacques-Yves Cousteau.”

Urban Tetris (Fine Art/Abstract, 1st Place) by Mariyan Atanasov

“Urban Tetris is a photographic urban exploration project inspired by the famous block game “Tetris” in Sofia, Bulgaria.”

Aqua Marine (Architecture, 2nd Place) by Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw

“Hotel swimming pools are always interesting, often beautifully old-fashioned and sometimes with a view overlooking the city. In this one, you can even see the famous CN Tower.”


These Incredible Cute Rodents Change Color Under UV Light

Scientists have discovered a vivid porphyrin-based biofluorescence in two species of springhares, Pedetes capensis and Pedetes surdaster.

E. Olsen, et al.

One of the more peculiar and rarest traits in the animal kingdom is the ability to glow in the dark. Some animals, including deep-sea fish and fireflies, are able to produce light in the visible spectrum. This is called bioluminescence, and it’s quite rare, but there’s another type of luminescence that some animals possess which we can’t see with our naked eyes. It’s called biofluorescence, and it’s the ability of an animal to glow under specific light conditions, like UV light.

More: Nature h/t: bgr

E. Olsen, et al.

In images captured by the scientists, the fluffy rodents look almost otherworldly. Patches of their fur light up in bright colors with no discernable pattern. However, the fact that the lighted parts of the fur break up the outline of the animal’s body may be a clue as to its usefulness.

E. Olsen, et al.

“Springhares are predominantly solitary and tend to forage in more open areas with sparse vegetation and, therefore, have greater exposure to predators due to the lack of cover or group vigilance,” the paper reads. “Thus, we hypothesize that the patchiness of biofluorescence in springhares could function as a camouflage of sorts, but this would depend on the UV sensitivity of their predators.”

E. Olsen, et al.

So, a UV-sensitive predator might be confused by the pattern it sees and struggle to follow or attack the rodents. That would be a very useful trait, and while it remains unproven, it seems like the most likely possibility while we wait for further research to be conducted.

E. Olsen, et al.

E. Olsen, et al.

E. Olsen, et al.

E. Olsen, et al.

E. Olsen, et al.





 路上で見知らぬ男女が口論となり、エスカレート。すると、女は男性に突然キスをして舌を噛みちぎった。男性はすぐさまその舌を拾おうとしたのだが、急降下したカモメが食べてしまったというのだ。『Edinburgh Evening News』などが伝えている。 続きを読む





 ワクチンの接種が始まったとはいえ、まだロックダウン継続中のイギリスでは、おうちの中でこんな楽しいカオス状態が発生していたようだ。 続きを読む







 ということで世界最大の超常現象調査グループ「Center for Inquiry Investigations Group(CFIIG)」では、「$250Kチャレンジ」というコンテストを実施している。







死の間際、最後まで残る感覚は聴覚 / Pixabay


 『Scientific Reports』(6月25日付)に掲載された研究では、臨終の際にあるもはや意識が失われた患者の脳を観察し、音を聞いていることを示すサインが確認されたそうだ。 続きを読む






 しかし、ロックダウン中のアイルランドでは、不要不出の外出は禁じられている。カップルは犬を助けたことをネット上で公開したところ、この事実を知った複数の住人から警察に通報される羽目になってしまったようだ。 続きを読む





 数日後、この家主が家の状態を確認しに行ったところ、連日の寒波によりそこは氷の洞窟と化していたという。 続きを読む