A Look Back At Cannes Film Festival

Hollywood royalty Sophia Loren at Cannes Film Festival, France, 1954:

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The Cannes Festival, named until 2002 as the International Film Festival (Festival international du film) and known in English as the Cannes Film Festival, is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world. Founded in 1946, the invitation-only festival is held annually (usually in May) at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. In 2017, the Festival de Cannes will celebrate its 70th anniversary edition from May 17 to 28.

Young Brigitte Bardot making her debut in a bathing suit during the 6th International Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on April 1, 1953:

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Kirk Douglas on the beach at Cannes with a young actress Brigitte Bardot during the 6th International Cannes Film Festival, 1953:

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Women dressed in swimming costumes show off their bodies during a beauty contest. The 13th Cannes International Film Festival, France, 1960:

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John Lennon flies out to the Cannes Film Festival with his first wife Cynthia Lennon allegedly icognito wearing dark glasses and a green velour hat, 1965:

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“Belle de Jour” star Francoise Fabian at the 9th Cannes International Film Festival, France, 1956:

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Michael Caine during the promotion for his movie “Alfie”. Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France, 1966:

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A brilliantly captioned “starlets on the beach” photo, starring a trio of anonymous yet highly glamorous ladies. The 2nd Cannes International Film Festival, Cannes, France, 1947:

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Starlets at Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France, 1955:

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French actress Brigitte Bardot sitting on the beach during the Cannes Film Festival, 1953:

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George Baker runs through the surf at Cannes with Bella Darvi and another young friend, 1956:

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Actress Brigitte Bardot watching Pablo Picasso at work in his studio in Vallauris during the 1956 International Cannes Film Festival:

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During Cannes film festival, the Irish starlet Didi Sullivan posed on the edge of the Mediterrannean for photographers, who had to wear bathing suits for the shoot, 1959:

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Actress Elke Sommer sunbathing on the beach of Cannes during the Cannes film festival, 1961:

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Bikini clad beauties on the beach at the Cannes Film Festival on May 01, 1962:

Paul Schutzer/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Actors Burt Lancaster and Claudia Cardinale with a real leopard in the Croisette for the presentation of Luchino Visconti’s movie “The Leopard” at the XVIth Cannes Film Festival, in Cannes, France, on May 21, 1963:

Keystone-France/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

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【画像】 釈由美子(41)の現在の姿に視聴者衝撃 「アップで見たら・・」「異常にしわしわ」「年には勝てない・・」



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【動画】 千葉真一の息子・眞栄田郷敦の強烈ローキックに原田泰造が悶絶シーンが話題にww



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【画像】 令和のJk、なんJ民と一人称が同じww



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【動画】 駐車場が突然陥没し車が転落、75度の熱湯を浴び2人死亡 その瞬間が激撮される

ロシア連邦西部ペンザ州で今月19日、駐車場にシンクホールが出現しロシア車の「ラーダ・ラルグス(Lada Largus)」が飲み込まれた・・


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「窪、谷、沢」がつく地名は本当に危ない? 震災後に注目された「災害地名」が参考にならない理由



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【画像】 田中みな実のレアなガチすっぴん画像が投稿されファン騒然ww 「かわいすぎ」「これだけでご飯食べられます・・」



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DCN Video Pick: Surma — Wanna Be Basquiat by João Pombeiro //…

DCN Video Pick: Surma — Wanna Be Basquiat by João Pombeiro // Music by Surma https://surma.bandcamp.com Directed by João Pombeiro http://instagr.am/j_o_a_o_p_o_m_b_e_i_r_o © 2019 Omnichord Records https://omnichordrecords.com

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Something’s Going On: Mary Lou Fulton’s Newly Rediscovered Photographs Of Punks, Mods, And Rockabillies From The 1980s

The radio blasted fast, easy headline news. Punks go on rampage at Huntington Park…$25,000 worth of damage…Police called to quell disturbance… h/t: flashbak The announcer’s voice wafted out cars gridlocked nose-to-tail on the L.A. freeway. Sweaty, vein-tense drivers, thinking, What the hell’s wrong with kids today? Rioting, burning stuff, tearing shit down. Never woulda happened in my day.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/somethings-going-on-mary-lou-fultons-newly-rediscovered-photographs-of-punks-mods-and-rockabillies-from-the-1980s/

【動画】 丸山穂高議員、佳子さまに「殿下! 殿下!」突然割り込み「ウェ~イ」・・ 目撃者の証言に衝撃走る



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キングコング梶原雄太が22日、カンテレ「快傑 えみちゃんねる」(金曜、後7・00)に出演し、YouTuberとしての年収が約8000万円であることを明かした・・


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