Big-Jacket Memes Are Coming To An Instagram Near You

The latest nugget of fun to enter your Instagram feed is the big-jacket meme.

Yesterday, for instance, dapper street style star Luka Sabbat was morphed into a jacket-wearing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man by @itsmaysmemes. The mysterious account resized Sabbat’s coats to be comically ginormous: A fleece piece was turned into a woolly mammoth–like topper, a standard slicked blue puffer became the size of a parked car in the background, and a tailored coat with Quasimodo-style shoulders reduced Sabbat’s handsome face to a tiny pinhead.

More info: Instagram (h/t: vogue)

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「奴らの思うツボだから」 手越祐也、小山慶一郎への発言に批判噴出 「全く反省してない・・」

小山さんは6月7日発売の一部週刊誌に未成年女性との飲酒が報じられ、所属事務所から活動自粛処分を受けた。その後、わずか20日で芸能活動を再開。レギュラーラジオの「KちゃんNEWS」には、7月3日放送回で約1か月ぶりに復帰した・・ 続きを読む


Multi-Dimensional Illustrations Weave Together Mysterious Narratives By Victo Ngai

Los Angeles-based illustrator and storyboard artist Victo Ngai produces layered illustrations that reveal elaborate worlds filled with unexpected details. A beautiful expanse of unencumbered nature stands guarded inside a wide-mouthed bullfrog, while a seaside city burns with brilliant flames in the fabric of a heroine’s dress. Each scene inspires the viewer to pause, making sure they haven’t missed a key character that might unlock the work’s tangled narrative.

More: Behance h/t: colossal


韓国人歌手のジェジュン、広島でボランティア活動 「皆んなの力も是非貸して下さい!」

韓国人歌手のジェジュン(32)が19日、自身のツイッターを更新し、西日本豪雨で被災した広島を訪れてボランティア活動を行ったことを報告した。 続きを読む


Dog balloon floated to the ceiling and is stuck (Source:…

Dog balloon floated to the ceiling and is stuck (Source:


Stunning Images Of The Psychiatric Clinic In Greenland

Scandinavian architecture firm White Arkitekter has unveiled plans to build a pale yellow psychiatric clinic in Nuuk, Greenland, which will frame views of the surrounding arctic landscape.

It will be situated just a short distance from the capital’s centre, sat beside the main entrance of the existing Dronning Ingrid hospital. The 3,300-square-metre building will also overlook a Greenlandic fjord, providing views of the country’s icy waters and snowy cliff peaks.

The building strikes the perfect balance between a calm, healing and trustworthy atmosphere and the natural landscape and the existing hospital facilities. Echoing the materials and colours of Nuuk – where hospitals are traditionally yellow – the architecture cuts an instantly recognisable figure from both near and afar.

Daylight is abundant in all patient rooms thanks to the large windows and generous height of this part of the building. Looking out the windows, patients have views of the dramatic landscape and the fjord. The rooms are spacious and offer good internal overview of the premises to provide safe surroundings for both staff and patients. Wood is the primary material used here; apart from being a long-lasting solution, wood is proven to have a calming and stress-reducing effect.

More: White Arkitekter h/t: dezeen


【動画】 「山本太郎が国会で暴力をおこないました・・」 投稿動画に衝撃走る

森ゆうこ議員も乱入。 続きを読む








【動画】 世界陸上で入賞した16歳少女、とても10代には見えない姿だと世界が衝撃

「U20世界陸上競技選手権大会」がフィンランドで行われた。エチオピア人のGirmawit Gebrzihair選手(16)は女子5000m決勝に出場、見事に3位入賞したが、あまりに実年齢からかけ離れた容姿が話題に。年齢詐称疑惑まで持ち上がっているようだ・・ 続きを読む


“Ermahgerd… I’m stuck” (Source:…

“Ermahgerd… I’m stuck” (Source:


Mad, Urban, Grunge And Sensual NSFW Photography By avid Kirscher

Meet David Kirscher, talented urban french photographer based in Paris and Madrid.

“My passion for photography started when I was 15. I bought for Christmas a camera for my girlfriend. It was a digital point&shoot camera with a 32Mo memory card that could take pictures and record videos (back in the early 2000s it was awesome). I was borrowing it all the time, so, when we broke up I decided to buy me one. I first recorded skateboard videos, school pranks, took pictures of my friends and made CDs compilations that I shared with them. Even if by the time it was just an everyday hobby, I actually feel like I never stopped doing it,” he said.

More: David Kirscher, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook