Budgie Ball Balance (Source: http://ift.tt/2rTONHq)

Budgie Ball Balance (Source: http://ift.tt/2rTONHq)

SOURCE: http://awwww-cute.tumblr.com/post/161288692059

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Artist Illustrates Monsters Coming Out Of People’s Phones Because We Stare At Them Too Much

Aaaaagh! Monsters! They’re in our phones! And they’re trying to get out! Aaaaagh! But don’t panic just yet because they’re not real monsters—they’re ‘Phone Buddies!’ Incredibly colorful and imaginative illustrations of fantastical beings by artist Andrew Rae who drew them on photographs taken by his friend. More: Andrew Rae, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter h/t: boredpanda View this post on...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/artist-illustrates-monsters-coming-out-of-peoples-phones-because-we-stare-at-them-too-much/

Mini Stonehenges: Hong Kong Protesters Take On Police, One Brick At A Time

Isaac Lawrence/AFP Photo Hong Kong protesters have alighted on a new way to counter the police, as the five-month old anti-government resistance grinds on and their tactics evolve further. h/t: theguardian Kin Cheung/AP Photo/File The latest strategy being deployed across the city involves protesters stacking bricks that resemble mini-temples across thoroughfares to function as roadblocks.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/mini-stonehenges-hong-kong-protesters-take-on-police-one-brick-at-a-time/

我が家の5歳児に「8時だョ!全員集合」を見せた結果w 昭和の土曜日の一家団らんが再現されてしまうww



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10147646.html

【画像】 このタイミングで国民民主党・前原誠司氏の非常に怪しい領収書が発掘されネット騒然ww



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10147651.html

Prankster Replaces Pet Names With New Labels In Local Pet Store

In his simple but funny prank, comedian Jeff Wysaski changed the signs labelling some of the critters at the pet store to reflect who they REALLY are. More: Instagram, Shop...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/prankster-replaces-pet-names-with-new-labels-in-local-pet-store/


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 かわいさの相乗効果とはまさにこのこと。フォトアルバムにストックしてある愛犬のかわいい姿の写真を愛犬に見せると、目の前でその姿を再現してくれるというのだからたまらない。 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52284695.html

Artist Jamie Paul Scanlon Creates Stunning Street Art Inpired By Pop Characters And Horrror Movies

Inspired by Banksy, Jamie Paul Scanlon (JPS) has developed his own style creating fun, whitty street art by involving pop culture characters like heroes and villains along with some frighteningly realistic horror movie characters. Jamie Paul Scanlon breaks the boundary between life and art, bringing his works to public buildings and walls all over England and Norway. After losing more than ten...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/artist-jamie-paul-scanlon-creates-stunning-street-art-inpired-by-pop-characters-and-horrror-movies/

Hilariously Threatening Warning Signs

Signs are supposed to have the most basic of practical purposes. They can give directions, for example, or give the name of a street or place. Perhaps they are there to warn us of a potential hazard up ahead. Sometimes though, a warning sign can be hilarious and scary at the same time.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/hilariously-threatening-warning-signs/

【動画】 小栗旬、沢尻エリカの件を知っていた疑惑ww 本人の前で薬物に言及した動画が話題に



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10147610.html

This Is How Soviets Imagined 21st Century Will Look Like: The Soviet Eera Sci-Fi Mag That Wanted To Predict The Future

Soviets tried to predict how will future look like, in one of their magazines called “Tekhnika Molodezhi” (“Youth’s Technics”) that was a very popular mag of their time. They were covering all the newest technological trends that would emerge in both close and distant future, and some things they actually guessed. They predicted a lot of crazy things too like Mountain cities (basically a huge...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/this-is-how-soviets-imagined-21st-century-will-look-like-the-soviet-eera-sci-fi-mag-that-wanted-to-predict-the-future/