DCN Video Pick: Collapsology by Daria Geller // Collapsology is…

DCN Video Pick: Collapsology by Daria Geller // Collapsology is the second fashion film shot for Russian label Brier. The film explores the theme of Collapsology - a term used to refer to the belief that civilisation is destined to collapse. Interpreting this theme from a personal perspective and making it relatable by using relationships as an example, this video reflects on men and women’s flair for self-sabotage Director Daria Geller DOP Daria Geller 1AC Artem Burko Actors: Vasilisa Izmaylova, Kirill Voice: Adam J. Morgan Color: Dmitriy Litvinov Style: Brier Wear Thank you: Vladimir Raksha, Yuval Orr, Yura Fedoseev, Bar Golova

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Joji – Your Man (Official Video) via…

Joji - Your Man (Official Video) via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrtkU7i0qD8 // Joji - Your Man (Official Video) NEW ALBUM NECTAR OUT NOW: https://88rising.lnk.to/NectarID OFFICIAL MERCH: https://jojimusic.com/ Joji http://instagram.com/sushitrash http://twitter.com/sushitrash http://facebook.com/jojikansai 88rising http://instagram.com/88rising http://twitter.com/88rising http://facebook.com/88rising Credits: Directed by Jared Hogan Produced by Robert H. Dyar Jr. Starring Ty Wells Cinematography by Drew Bienemann Costume Design by Tanner Williams Gaffer - Cody Smith 1st AC - Paolo Arriola Swing - Keith Pratt Steadicam - Colin MacDonnell PA - Joe Mullen Choreography by Amy Gardner Costume Technician - Taylor Brizendine Latex - Alissa Norman Edited by Jared Hogan VFX by foreign xchange VFX Producers - Gosia Herman, Jan Kriwol 3D Artists - Eugene Lekh, Eugene Pylinsky Casting - Dancehypha Color Grade - Jacob McKee Sound Design - Christian Stropko Production Companies: 88rising, Creative Team, Chapel

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運転免許証を更新する際の講習をオンライン化へ 優良運転講習を対象、待ち時間短縮や混雑緩和



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カラスの高度な認知能力 / Pixabay



 最深の研究では、自分の心の中を振り返るという、人間をはじめとする一部の高度な哺乳類にしかないとされてきた認知能力があることが判明したそうだ。 続きを読む

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竹内結子さんの縁戚を名乗る人物がブログを更新 「結子の死の真相は・・」にネット震撼



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【動画】 徳島えりかアナの「揺れ揺れダンス」に視聴者歓喜 「オトナの魅力」「大好物」「がんばるちっぱい」



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【画像】 竹内結子さん家族のことをベラベラと暴露する寿司屋が物議 「恐怖を感じる・・」



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【動画】 本田翼が私服を披露、“こんもりニット”に視聴者歓喜 「でかくね?」「えっちすぎ・・」



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森泉の箸の持ち方に視聴者騒然 「セレブなのに」「お嬢様なのに」「これ映さないで欲しいですね・・」



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竹内結子さん、過去に自身が「連れ子」だと明かしていた 長男に同じ思いをさせてしまったと葛藤か



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Sufjan Stevens – Sugar [Official Music Video] via…

Sufjan Stevens - Sugar [Official Music Video] via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56bU7xAU1tM // From The Ascension, available digitally September 25, 2020 & on LP/CD/Cassette on October 2, 2020 / https://sufjanstevens.ffm.to/sugar / Full-length track: https://youtu.be/EOstc1ZfDN4 Lyrics: Is someone gonna cut me some slack? Now that it’s a quarter to ten Come on baby gimme some sugar You tell me that you wanna fall back But I don’t wanna do this again Come on baby gimme some sugar Stand up straight now stand real tall And wipe that writing off the wall This is the right time Come on baby gimme some sugar Now put one foot in front of the other Take a breath now breathe, my lover Let’s take up this lifeline Come on baby gimme some sugar Is that the weight of the world on your back? Surrender with that colorful flag Come on baby gimme some sugar Yeah they’ve been selling us this fiction as fact But I don’t wanna lose you again Come on baby gimme some sugar Chorus… Don’t make me wait Don’t make me wait too long Don’t make sing the sad song Come on baby gimme some sugar All the shit they try to feed us Don’t drink the poison or they’ll defeat us This is the right time Come on baby gimme some sugar Don’t break my heart, don’t break my flow now And all this rage has got to go now Let’s take up this lifeline Come on baby gimme some sugar Chorus… Sufjan Stevens: drums and percussion, Tempest, Prophet 08, Prophet 6, Prophet X, electric guitar, vocals Casey Foubert: bass guitar CREDITS: CAST Samantha Figgans Raymond Pinto Walter Russell III Celeste Mason DIRECTOR Ezra Hurwitz CHOREOGRAPHER Kyle Abraham CINEMATOGRAPHER Minka Farthing-Kohl PRODUCTION DESIGNER Griffin Stoddard PRODUCERS Marissa Velez & Olivia Kavanaugh EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Lisa Moran Additional Childrens’ Movement Direction James Alsop 1ST AD Ben Samuels 1ST ASSISTANT CAMERA Davide Sorasio STEADI CAM OPERATOR Megan Masur GAFFER Wayne McElroy KEY GRIP Hansel Manzueta ART DIRECTOR Megan Nishiyama SET DECORATOR Michelle Johnson HAIR & MAKEUP Yui Ishibashi CO-PRODUCED & SET DESIGN by Andrew Samaha & Victoria Durden EDITOR Graham Patterson @ Modern Post COLOR Tim Masick @ Company 3 VFX PRODUCER Johnnie Semerad @ Quietman C19 COMPLIANCE OFFICER Anthony Santos C19 COMPLIANCE OFFICER Trey Schibli PA Deron Ingraham PRODUCTION COMPANY Mythologie Pictures LOCATIONS NYC Film Locations

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