“Disintegrating”: Photographer Fabian Oefner Slices Up a Classic Sports Cars for Art

Classic sports cars appear to be frozen at the exact millisecond they explode in the series “Disintegrating” by Swiss artist Fabien Oefner (previously). Switzerland based photographer Fabian Oefner is known as a master of high-speed shooting. His latest project consists of classic cars from 50s and 60s, frozen at the moment of breaking into hundreds of parts.

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“What you see in these images, is a moment that never existed in real life,” says Oefner. “What looks like a car falling apart is in fact a moment in time that has been created artificially by blending hundreds of individual images together.“

The Disintegrating series representing a staggering amount of work- has been created from hundreds not to say thousands of shots. Each car has been dismantled completely, from the body shell to the smallest screws, then photographed piece by piece in a specific position to obtain the illusion of an exploding car.

To set up the shots, Oefner arranged the pieces with fine needles and string to create the right angle. He photographed each of the components then combined the pictures to form a single image using Adobe Photoshop.

“These are possibly the slowest high-speed images ever captured,” he adds. “It took almost two months to create an image that looks as if it was captured in a fraction of a second. The whole disassembly in itself took more than a day for each car due to the complexity of the models. But that’s a bit of a boy thing. There’s an enjoyment in the analysis, discovering something by taking it apart, like peeling an onion.”

For his new project titled “Heisenberg Objekt No. III,” he has created an unusual scupture by slicing up quite an expensive “raw material”: a pristine Leica M6 rangefinder camera, which costs around $2,500 to $3,500 used. To create the sculpture, Oefner encased the camera in a block of resin and then used a bandsaw to carefully cut the block into slices:

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トリンドル玲奈、江頭2:50と共演NGだと激白 その理由に驚き



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足利市の大規模火災、無関係のドローンが飛ばされ消火活動中断 市長「絶対にやめて」


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“We Call It A Movement”: Couple Releases Photography Book To Elevate Beauty Standards For Black Kids

Photography is not only about creating an image—in the right hands, it can become a tool for inspiration and especially in this case—empowerment. A husband and wife photography team uses art to redefine the beauty standards for black children and shatter any negative stereotypes of their representation in the media. Atlanta, Georgia-based couple Kahran and Regis Bethencourt are behind CreativeSoul Photography and they’re helping kids to come out of their shells and jump-start their confidence.

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The two artists obsessed with unique and visual storytelling have been in the industry for over 10 years. Recently, they started the AfroArt series to recognize and celebrate the versatile beauty of the African diaspora. Kahran and Regis’ main focus is regular everyday kids and their representation. “The purpose of this series is to illustrate the story of our royal past, celebrate the glory of the here and now, and even dare to forecast the future. With this series, we aim to empower children of color to embrace their natural curls and the skin that they’re in.”

“We definitively feel that we’ve created a movement in terms of creating an empowerment space for black kids around the world and a platform where we can display black excellence on a daily basis. We are enabling a generation of future leaders, scientists, entertainers, and more who will hopefully have a stronger sense of pride and self-love than many of us had growing up,” shared the CreativeSoul Photography duo.

Recently, they’ve released a book with over 100 breathtaking photographs and essays about the children. The images are not only there to be admired—it’s the stories of the kids from various backgrounds in their photos that add an extra dose of empowerment. They’ve had many revelations during the creative process, but what really stood out was how diverse the subjects were in terms of their stories. “There are youth activists, scientists, musicians, and more. We wanted kids to be able to read the book and see themselves represented in some way.”

The couple celebrates everything African culture as they convey it through their photos. They love photographing kids as it gives them unlimited creativity: “The sky is the limit with them and they’re usually down with all of our crazy ideas.” Kahran and Regis also hope that their book will open up conversations within black families, from domestic violence to kids not being accepted because of their skin tone.

Kahran, who is 40, and her husband Regis, 43, started out in the marketing and design world, but fell in love with photography while dating long-distance. They met on an online graphic designer forum. “We would do photo dates to explore new locations and take photos of each other. When we moved to the Atlanta area, Regis decided to go to school for photography and I learned along with him. We started our business together while Regis was still in school,” recalled Kahran.

They admitted that they’re one of those weird couples who love being together 24/7 and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Kahran and Regis think that their long-distance relationship had a lot to do with it. “We knew that we ultimately wanted to work together, but weren’t sure what it would be. Working together is not always easy, but we always stay professional with our clients, so it’s hard to stay mad at each other during a shoot.”

While they both work hard, Regis is usually the one who has a shut-off button and needs some time away from the photo world, and Kahran, on the other hand, dreams about ideas in her sleep.

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Design Crowd Issued A Challenge To Create The Worst Ad, And The Contestants Have Delivered

There’s no such thing as bad advertisement? Well… This post will put this thought to the test. The ads we’re going to show you today range from brutally honest to honestly brutal, and everything in between—they are anything but what the ad commissioners would ask for.

The people at the Design Crowd, a platform for amateur photo editors to share their works, have put their skills to the test in a contest where they had to create bad ads. The theme produced hundreds of submissions over several iterations, and we have gathered some of the best ones that we could find.

Even though the quality of these submissions is not professional by any means, remember that everyone even remotely good had to start somewhere. So feast your eyes on the bad designs, unpleasant truth, and quirky humor, and try to enjoy yourself.

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18-Year-Old Teddy Boy George Photographed by Friend Jurgen Vollmer in 1961 at Rabenstraße Stop in Hamburg

Jurgen Vollmer captured these images of George Harrison with wind-blown, slicked back hair during and after a ferry ride on Hamburg Lake in Spring 1961. By this time, The Beatles had adopted the brushed forward hairstyle worn by Vollmer, Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voormann. Vollmer recalled: “…occasionally George would comb his hair forward, but always combed it back again. He said the Rockers gave him funny looks.”

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In 1960, Astrid Kirchherr took some superlative photos of The Beatles in Hamburg. She took none at all in 1961, scaling back her work to help out Reinhart Wolf. His other assistant Jurgen Vollmer made up for it. Early in this second visit he asked George to go out with him for a few hours for a solo session, and George agreed, slipping into his leather jacket and greasing back his quiff. The others showed their intrigue with nods and winks. They knew Jurgen had a crush on George; he sometimes wore an I LIKE IKE badge he’d altered to read I LIKE GEORGE. “It was chemical,” said Jurgen. “I liked George the most. He was very quiet and shy, like me, and also a dreamer.”

This was an experimental day, because Jurgen had never done a photo session before. He was using a Rolleicord camera borrowed from Wolf, probably the same one Astrid had used for her first shoot. The results were similarly excellent. He fired off a role of twelve black-and-white photos on the Alster ferry, and eight more frames on the landing stage at Winterhuder Faehrhaus, and George’s character and youth shine fresh from the spring images.

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Incredible Winning Photographs From The 2020 International Photography Awards

Sometimes it is nice to be a bit nostalgic, and what can be more nostalgic than analog photos? See what your photography skills are made of: enter the IPA as it’s now open for submissions. Here are the best examples of analog photography from the 2020 International Photography Awards.

Advertising Photographer Of the Year: “A sustainable future of exquisite luxury mobility” by Mike Dodd

“The image had to represent Bentley’s vision for creating a sustainable future of luxury mobility. The specification of the Bentley EXP 100 GT contained sentances such as: -luxury craftsmanship -seamless fusion of materials & intelligent curation of technology -introducing light as a new luxury material -5000yr old fossilised British Oak infused with recycled Copper -Compass exterior paint made from recycled rice husks -100% organic leather-like textile from wine making -Cumbrian crystal interfaces -embroidered cotton interior surfaces.”

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Analog / Film Photographer Of the Year: “New Seas” by Paulius Makauskas

“Timothy Morton thinks of climate change as a “hyperobject” – an incomprehensibly large object stretched in the space-time. Recognizable only in parts, but never all at once.Microplastics are barely noticeable particles, but at the same time omnipresent in the ocean. I imagined them as synthetic plankton of all conceivable colors, invisibly wandering from one place to another. I have spent a great deal of time by the sea, so it was easier for me to see that the white ridges of waves creates boundless white-gray paper in space and time. I only needed to fill it with light to reveal the invisible.”

Architecture Photographer Of the Year: “From the stage” by Jesús M.Chamizo

“Theater can turn the stage into a temple, and the performance space into something sacred. In South Asia, artists reverently touch the floor of the stage before stepping on it, an ancient tradition where the spiritual and the cultural are intertwined.” This is my special tribute to the Temple of Theater and what it represents, a noble cultural work that helps humanity to grow. Contemplated from the stage, we observe that majestic empty space, which acquires a double meaning. Of astonishment, but also of hope, with this message: “The performance will undoubtedly… continue”.

Book Photographer Of the Year: “ANTARCTICA: The Waking Giant” by Sebastian Copeland

“This book documents over a decade’s worth of trips on and around Antarctica. While the coast stirs up visions of a lost world, it is the interior that hints to another planet. I spent 84 days crossing its lifeless plateau with no help but skis and kites. Temperatures never warmed above -35C, a challenge on everything, particularly the equipment.My research gave me a deeper perspective on the variations taking place at the hands of climate change. The images I bring back tell the story of a changing environment which spells the oncoming re-drawing of the world’s map, and all that it implicates.”

Deeper Perspective Photographer Of the Year: “Exodus” by Nicolo Filippo Rosso

“A political and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela, from 2016 onwards, led to an increasing outflow of migrants from the country. Venezuelans said they were compelled to leave for reasons of insecurity and violence, lack of access to food, medicine, essential services, and loss of income due to the political situation. Colombia feels the impact of this exodus most keenly. According to the UNHCR, by October 2019 approximately 4.5 million Venezuelans had left the country, of which 1.6 million were in Colombia. Others had moved through Colombia before going on to surrounding countries.

Even though Venezuela officially closed its land border with Colombia in February, around 300 clandestine crossing points remained active. More than half of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia lacked regular status, and so had no access to health, education, or legal employment. Charity organizations and NGOs helped supply people with medical attention and food, but many ended up in informal settlements or living on the streets. Early in 2020, the Colombian government announced two new Special Stay Permits that would allow more than 100,000 Venezuelans to stay and work in the country and ruled that children born in the country to Venezuelan parents could acquire Colombian nationality, but vast numbers of people remain dispossessed.”

Editorial / Press Photographer Of the Year: “Pro Democracy Demonstrations, Hong Kong: The Revolution of Our Time” by Kiran Ridley

“On June 9th 2019, an estimated one million people took to the streets of Hong Kong to march in protest to the government’s proposed Extradition Bill, allowing citizens to be extradited to mainland China for prosecution. Since that day, Hong Kong has been plunged into a political crisis, with waves of demonstrations and violent clashes between Police and protestors with an alarming rise in the number of police brutality and misconduct allegations, as protests morphed into a wider call for democratic rights and freedom in the semi-autonomous city.”

Event Photographer Of the Year: “Elements” by Katja Ogrin

“Exploring the elements of live music performance such as water, fire, smoke and other pyro effects that enhance the visual impact for the viewing audience.”

Fine Art Photographer Of the Year: “Looking out from Within, 2020” by Julia Fullerton-Batten

“Looking Out from Within, 2020 Covid-19 came. Life changed. Probably irrevocably. I felt numb. Couldn’t stand around helpless. I decided to document the new daily existence of millions. I advertised my idea on social media and through my local paper in West London. The response was enormous. Imprisoned in their home, they gaze forlornly out of their window onto a different desolate world outside.”

Nature Photographer Of the Year: “Black Mountain” by Ari Rex

On January 2019 Canberra had one of the most spectacular lightning storms ever. It passed the city from West to East over the black mountains and continued towards Brindabella mountains.

People Photographer Of the Year: “Odilo Lawiny – Handmade soccer balls” by Brian Hodges

“Miles from the main roads in rural Uganda, soccer balls bounce unevenly. Playing fields are arid, lush, weedy, sandy—any flattish space will do. Some feet are bare, others shod in fraying sneakers, boots, or rubber sandals. Yet children kick and chase handmade, lopsided balls with skill and abandon, competing for pride and joy—for the sheer pleasure of playing. The balls are spun into being with whatever’s at hand: rag or sock, tire or bark, plastic bag or banana leaves. Made entirely of recuperated materials, they give another life to something that would otherwise just be thrown away.”

Special Photographer Of the Year: “The Silent Menace” by Sawyer Russel

“An eerily quiet downtown Calgary during what normally is rush hour. The only inhabitant, a silent menace. Unseen and invisible.”

Sports Photographer Of the Year: “THE SHAPE OF THE NFL” by Howard Schatz

“The body type informs what position a player plays. The position necessitates the body type All NFL players.”

Still in Motion / Video Photographer Of the Year: “The journey to the land of dreams” by Iwona Podlasinska

“The video is a series of moving pictures that tell the story of an imaginary journey to the wintry land of dreams. Children shown in the photos travel by horses, trains or on foot to finally reach the land of imagination. The video was created by Zaman Dizini with photos taken by Iwona Podlasińska.”

2nd Place / Advertising/Automotive: “BMW 1 Series Front” by Daniele Micheli Gigotti

“The photo is composed of several shots taken while moving the flash light around the car in order to point the light at specific areas. Then the photos have been mixed in photoshop to create the final image. 6000 x 4000 pixels.”

1st Place / Advertising/Beauty: “Phoenix” by Marie Simonova

“Often it’s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self.” — Karen Salmansohn Like the Phoenix bird, she is born again by arising from the ashes. Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. Photo and producer: Marie Simonova @simonova_photo Model: Nadia Llorens at Wilhelmina Model Management MUAH: Angel Gabriel using MAC Cosmetics Style: Guvanch Agajumayev Designer: Alessandro Trincone Location: New York.

3rd Place / Advertising / Beauty: “Vigor after recovering” by Lei Zhao

2nd Place / Advertising / Beauty: “Red Candy” by Gwenny Eeckels

3rd Place / Advertising / Brands campaign: “Dunkin Coffee” by Alberto Novoa

1st Place / Advertising / Conceptual: “Service Now” by Neil Kremer

“Proprietary software solutions from Service Now have made the IT department the celebrated heroes of the company.”

3rd Place / Advertising / Conceptual: “Landor & Fitch” by Geert De Taeye

“A series of images for Landor and Fitch to launch their new platform. I was asked to come up with a creative idea about collaboration in business. These are three different stories about kids collaborating at the very beginning of their careers. The founders of BEN&JERRY’S, painting all animals as cows to make more ice cream. NIKE, melting toys in a waffle iron to make the first shoe soles and PROCTER AND GAMBLE having fun while experimenting and pouring washing powder into a fountain. I had the pleasure and liberty to create both, concept and images, from start to finish.”

2nd Place / Advertising / Fashion: “Crossing The Line” by Elena Paraskeva

“Image captured as part of a local fashion designer’s campaign.”

1st Place / Advertising / Food & Beverage: “Singapore Iconic Cuisine” by Bene Tan

“I was invited to conceptualised, art direct and photographed a series of Singapore iconic dishes that were made by relevant sauce or paste produced by Thai Sing Foodstuffs Industry, a culinary solutions provider specializing in sauces and pastes. Concept, Art Direct & Photographed by Bene Tan Food Styling by Jazreel Chan & Abigail Moi Prop Master: Ada Wong.”

3rd Place / Advertising / Food & Beverage: “Plastic Series” by Lori Eanes

“This series is about food, plastic and our throw away culture. I was attracted to the translucent beauty of the food and plastic packaging but troubled by the inherent wastefulness of our overconsumption. I hope the photos will help create awareness of the environmental impact of all the plastic we use and throw away.”

2nd Place / Advertising / Product: “David Morris” by Jonathan Knowles

“David Morris padparadscha sapphire ring photographed in a fishbowl for the cover of Luxure Magazine.”

3rd Place / Advertising / Self-Promotion: “All together now” by Neil Kremer

“Random people doing their part by wearing masks in public. Shot in Los Angeles during the Covid19 crisis.”

2nd Place / Analog / Film / Landscape: “White sands” by Aaron Dickson

“This work focuses on the shapes and curves formed by the ever-shifting sand dunes of New Mexico. With few points of reference, scale and perspective becomes lost, creating a more captivating interpretation of the landscape.”

1st Place / Analog / Film / Portrait: “Time” by Titus Poplawski

3rd Place / Architecture / Abstract: “DesertRose” by Oscar Rialubin

“Designed by architect Jean Nouvel who got his inspiration from the desert rose crystal.Time Magazine named it one of the World’s Greatest Places to Visit in 2019.”

1st Place / Architecture / Cityscapes: “Concrete Forest” by Yuhan Ma

3rd Place / Architecture / Historic: “Multiverse of space and time” by Cheric Kwong

“Do you ever wonder if our space & time is real or is just an illusion? Kolmanskop was a diamond mining town over 100 years. Since the diamond run out, Kolmanskop was completely abandoned, and time stops. The town remains the same as 100 years ago, but not the nature. As time goes by, sands swallowed the entire town, and makes it a surreal reality on earth. Each space behind the doorway is another new space. Maybe this is a mirrorworld that doesn’t exist. Different space & time after each threshold draws my attention. Facing the surreal reality, we can choose to move forward, stay or leave.”

1st Place / Architecture / Industrial: “LED Greenhouses” by Tom Hegen

“Food engineers in the Netherlands are experimenting with a way to feed more people using less land, by growing crops indoors. LED-lit greenhouses provide growing conditions for plants like around the clock and in every kind of weather. The Dutch have created the most advanced area in the world for controlled environment agriculture and have become world leaders in agricultural innovation. However, there are also consequences this growing method brings with it, like light pollution or growing crops out of season and ship them around the world, so people can eat strawberries year-round.”

3rd Place / Book / Fine Art: “Pit Bull Flower Power” by Sophie Gamand

“Hard Cover, 252 pages, 286 color photographs, 9″x12″. Pit Bull Flower Power is a retrospective of Sophie Gamand’s acclaimed body of work, featuring shelter pit bulls in flower crowns. Gamand travels to animal shelters to photograph and tell the stories of dogs who have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Gamand’s flower portraits have not only successfully rebranded pit bulls worldwide, they have also led to the adoption of many of these misunderstood and vilified dogs. In addition to the portraits, the book features 37 touching stories of these dogs and their journey home.”

3rd Place / Deeper Perspective: “Covid-19, in the corridors of the medical distress” by Jorge Iván Macías Mejía

“At 8:30 p.m. a group of doctors arrives on the last shift of the emergency area. This public hospital adapted four rooms to serve patients with covid-19. “Every patient who arrives should be considered as covid-19 until proven otherwise, so we must bring protective equipment at all time,” says Dr. Katia. Putting on overalls, boots, surgical gown, mask, filters, goggles, face shield, gloves and hat. You can hear the beep of the monitors that give vital signs, the music from the doctors ‘cell phones, the nurses’ talk, but mainly, the moans of patients in pain who cannot breathe well because their lungs are too weak. Bed by bed, doctors analyze each patient’s symptoms to see if there is recovery or not. Some of the patients will walk out of the hospital, while others will leave in a black bag.

When the patient is barely able to breathe a ventilator is placed, which becomes an extension of his lungs to keep them running, but only 3 of 10 intubated patients will survive, affirms Dr. Héctor. Dr. Quetzalli remembers a case that was really hard. On May 12, two patients were unable to breathe at the same time, a 72-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man, and they had only one ventilator available. ” I had to make a decision that does not correspond to me”, she confesses. A disinfection area was adapted in one of the hospital corridors. Everything that leaves the emergency area must be sanitized.

The shape of the goggles is marked around their eyes, while others already have burns on their faces from the use of protective equipment for long hours. In this hospital a doctor died from Covid-19 and there have been dozens of infected. “More than anything, you create empathy and stand with other patients, to think that perhaps I could have been the person lying there isolated, far from my family without knowing what will happen to me, ignoring if I will die alone”, reflects María, one of the doctors who tested positive for covid-19, but who recovered and returned to work.”

2nd Place / Editorial / Press / Other: “Brotherhood Social Club, ‘Behave like a gentleman'” by Isabel Corthier

“In an original -and highly fashionable- way the Brotherhood Social Club fights against crime in their community. Dressed up in exquisite outfits, they parade around their townships to beat back the attitude of crime and to reintroduce good manners.
 They approach their brothers and sisters demonstrating empathy and fellowship to tackle the problems from within. Together with the use of social media, their physical presence in the community makes them for me the real influencers in today’s South Africa. (In 2019 the high number of gender-based violence was declared a national crisis in SA.)”

2nd Place / Editorial / Press / Sports: “Divers” by Andrea Staccioli

“Months of training, tests, gym sessions and refinement of technique comes to a head at the FINA World Aquatics Championships in Gwangju, South Korea in 2019. Eight days of competitions, 13 disciplines and 267 women and men from 47 nations compete in the most important competition of the year. Of the 13 gold medals available, only one, taken by Australia, will escape the Chinese team.”

2nd Place / Event / Other: “Summer 2020” by Hugh Kretschmer

“Created in response to COVID-19 during lockdown.”

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/02/incredible-winning-photographs-from-the-2020-international-photography-awards/




 そこには誰もいないはずなのに、視線を感じたことはないだろうか? 夜遅くまで起きていると不可解な物音が聞こえてくることはないだろうか?






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呪術廻戦「五条悟に乱暴された方繋がりませんか」というタグが拡散されファン怒り ⇒ 拡散した本人が必死で火消し中



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高木紗友希と交際報道の優里、元カノA子さんが怒りの告発 同時進行で「第3の女性」の存在



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