District Vision are mostly known in the running world for their Eyewear. They tastefully design some handsome sunglasses specifically for running, and bring some cool to the over stylized and futuristic designs of most performance sunglasses. Now the brand have teamed up with Salomon to create a good-looking technical running shoe. Available in two colorways, the Mountain Racer features a Salomon Contragrip (an advanced grippy rubber material for traction in wet conditions), a woven, water-resistant upper, an LT Muscle shock absorbing midsole, and a kevlar-covered toe cap for enhanced protection.

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Russian Craftsmen Built This Steampunk Trike Inspired By “Joseph Stalin” Locomotive

Steampunk is an art inspired by steam energy of the XIX century. It’s always about metal. Creators of this trike found inspiration in the locomotive “Joseph Stalin”. Unfortunately it’s more an art object than a functional motorcycle. It was made in Saint-Petersburg in a custom shop Asook Customs. More: Drive2 (ru) h/t: englishrussia The front part of the trike repeats the contours of the...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/09/russian-craftsmen-built-this-steampunk-trike-inspired-by-joseph-stalin-locomotive/

池江璃花子選手に取り憑いた怪人・なべおさみ 「吉本で復帰」の陰に安倍首相の人脈



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What Do You Know About The RIGHT Phone Cases?

Modern market offers a variety of different phone cases: thin or powerful, transparent or stylish, with a unique pattern or its own engraving. But the owner of this case decided to go his own way. A Russian customer has applied to the communication salon to replace the SIM card. When it came to work, the employees faced a problem, environmental accessory in the office could not be dismantled.


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People Are Doodling On Snake Pics And The New Scenarios Are Hilarious

Tell Me More Some time ago a wise person decided to doodle hands on a cute pic of a snake he found. The result was so satisfying, he shared it on the internet. And then the doodle war began. Some time ago Bored Panda asked their readers to take part in this war, and they are so glad we did. Snakes don’t always have the best reputation and are certainly not the cutest, but it turns out that...


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Beautiful Postcards Capture Everyday Life Of American Indians In The Early 20th Century

Old Carreta, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico, circa 1901 The collection is comprised of postcard views of Navaho, Hopi and Pueblo Indians; pueblos; interiors of Hopi houses; ceremonials; and blanket weaving. Views of American Indians, Blackfoot, Apache, Hopi and Pueblo are prints of paintings, some by Winold Reiss for the Great Northern Railway, W.E. Rollins and Fred Harvey. h/t: vintag.es An Up-stairs...


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【画像】 なんだこれww スマホを振ると女子が揺れる衝撃錯視画像にネット興奮



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 女性はそれ以降、指輪を外して眠っていると話している。 続きを読む

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The Best Signs From The Climate Change Rallies Around The World

Millions of people in over 150 countries across the globe marched for lawmakers and corporations to take action to help stop climate change on Friday, September 20. Some activists got their messages across with brilliantly funny, angry and wittily worded signs. Scroll down to see the best examples! h/t:


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Voices In The Ocean: Spectacular Underwater Photos Of Whales By Jasmine Carey

Fantastic underwater shots by Jasmine Carey, a talented photographer, diver, ocean lover, and adventurer from Australia. Jasmone focuses mainly on the ocean, whales, and underwater photography. More: Instagram h/t:


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【動画】 安達祐実(38)のすっぴんセルフメイク動画、ただひたすらにかわいく美肌で参考にならないと話題にww



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