Dreamy Photographs Of Young Women Taken By David Hamilton From The 1970s

David Hamilton (1933–2016) was a British photographer, who grew up in London. His schooling was interrupted by World War II. As an evacuee, he spent some time in the countryside of Dorset, which inspired his work. After the war, Hamilton returned to London and finished school before moving to France where he has lived ever since. h/t: vintag.es His artistic skills began to emerge during a job at...


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【動画】 現在の札幌市の雷ヤバすぎ問題 報告相次ぎ騒然



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【画像】 大阪環状線・森ノ宮駅で男が大声で政権批判し暴れるトラブル、駅員に連行され騒然



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10242311.html

【画像】 ボーガン事件の犯人、野津英滉の顔写真が公開される 大学も判明



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イギリスのコロナ対策が物議をかもす sasint/pixabay



 というのも、「屋内で同居していないパートナーとの性交渉禁止」ともとれる新たなルールが設けられていたのだ。『Mirror』などが伝えている。 続きを読む

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Stunning Early Deadliest Tornado Photographs From The 19th Century

A. A. Adams’s photograph of a tornado in Garnett, Kansas on April 26, 1884 Kansas Historical Society Photography is a major tool of tornado investigators. Detailed examinations of still pictures and careful photogrammetric analyses of motion pictures have provided the scientific community with much valuable information about tornadic structure and airflow. h/t: vintag.es...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/06/stunning-early-deadliest-tornado-photographs-from-the-19th-century/

【画像】 辛島パスートの屋上から少女が飛び降りようとしている・・ 「ちゃんとマスクしてる」 緊急車両駆けつけ騒然



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Kids Make The Best Protest Signs

With all the political problems and protests currently happening, this gallery is here to brighten your day by reminding that kids make the best and funniest protest signs. h/t:


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DCN Video Pick: Researcher: Prologue / Sci-Fi Short Film by…

DCN Video Pick: Researcher: Prologue / Sci-Fi Short Film by Vladislav Solovjov // It’s the first part of my sci-fi short film I’ve been working on since 2015. For more than 4 years I created different ideas and concepts until I found the best technical way to bring my story to life. The most difficult part of this project was the animation. It’s the first time ever when I was animating a character. I’m glad I had this amazing experience. And I’ll try to improve what I’ve done in the next part of this short film. This full CG project is splitted into three logical parts and I will be releasing each of them separately. Direction, Design, CGI, Sound Editing: Vladislav Solovjov Modelling: Evgeny Park (Klickstop), Vladislav Solovjov Thank you for watching and for your support! Follow me on Behance and Instagram: https://www.behance.net/vladislavsolovjov https://www.instagram.com/vladislav.solovjov

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Edible Anus Company Makes Chocolate Buttholes, And People Are Actually Buying Them

The Edible Anus first saw the light of day in 2006 when the London artist, Magnus Irvin, made a range of them in multi-coloured chocolate to present in an exhibition. It was at the ensuing show that he met and formed a partnership with Mr Ritzema, a tall man of Dutch desent. Since then the two of them have worked together to make the range of products available today. More: Edible Anus, Instagram...


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Japanese Artist Amazing JIRO Creates Mesmerizing SFX Illusions And Here Are The Best Ones

Having gained more than 16 years of experience, this special effects make up artist is bound to blow your mind away. Working also as a creative director in films, advertising and other projects, Amazing JIRO is a Tokyo-based make up artist whose talent knows no boundaries. “Currently, there are some differences in expression among Special Effects Makeup, Bodypaint, and Beauty Makeup, however...


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