Eye Makeup Looks Inspired By Famous Paintings Will Blow Your Mind

Makeup artist Stefania Atupe is a master of eyelid art. In fact, she channels the masters of art, like Van Gogh and Monet by recreating their famous paintings in miniature on eyelids!

More info: Instagram (h/t: neatorama)

“When I posted the peacock design onto twitter, a girl actually messaged me and said that it reminded her of a Van Gogh piece, and since I absolutely love Van Gogh I decided I would try out Starry Night,” she continued,” she said.

“I then just sat down and spent a good hour and a half just recreating the look, slowly outlining it and developing the colours! It took really long as there’s so many different colours, and I really wanted to try get all the same colours and patterns as in the original painting,” Atupe continued.

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【動画】 札幌市の公園に居座るキツネの群れ怖すぎ! うなり声を上げ住民を威嚇

歯をむき出しにして、うなり声を上げて人を威嚇するキツネ。札幌市清田区の公園にキツネが頻繁に姿を見せ始めたのは、2017年6月。住民が追い払おうとしても逃げようとはせず、公園にはキツネのフンが、あちらこちらに・・ 続きを読む

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Here is my 5 month old Main Coon kitten Odin. (Source:…

Here is my 5 month old Main Coon kitten Odin. (Source: http://ift.tt/2w0cM9F)

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パパがずっと着続けている「ボロボロな服」の意外な秘密が判明・・ 投稿ツイートに感動の声あふれる

想い出がいっぱい。 続きを読む

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These Weird Clocks Use Human Faces To Display The Time

Patience is a clock which uses a human face to represent the passage of time. The eyes work in the same way as an analog clock’s hands, with the right eye indicating hours and the left eye indicating minutes. The mouth opens and closes to represent seconds. The Patience clocks were created by the Japanese designers of the WE+ studio.

More info: WE+ (h/t: ufunk)

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Artist Jacqueline Mak Takes On Consumerism, Body Politics, Humor, And Eroticism In Raunchy NSWF Collages

A collage artist’s browser history reveals a lot about the subjects that obsess them. For Jacqueline Mak, whose collages engage themes such as consumerism, objectification, and body politics, this translates to an NSFW treasure trove.

“I have a very sleazy retro archive,” she admits to Creators, “and when I’m not looking at porn or pin-up illustrations, thrift stores, Value Village, and Kijiji are my friends.”

Mak’s hyperactive imagination has gravitated towards this type of creative expression from a very young age.

“I drew nipples on Berenstain Bears when I was five,” she says. “In high school, the vice principal had to ask my art teacher to get rid of stenciled neon cocks I printed on the walls.” Mak says that the world of NSFW is “an area I feel most comfortable with because it’s cheeky, visceral, raw, unforgiving and it is what it is.”

More info: Jacqueline Mak, Instagram (h/t: creators)

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【動画】 インドで謎の「青い犬」が何頭も発見され世界に衝撃! その原因が・・

インド・ムンバイで最近、野良犬の群れの中に、数頭青いからだのわんこが発見された。その青さはインドで信仰されているシヴァ神などの色に似ていることから「神の化身では」といった反応もあったが・・ 続きを読む

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I’ll just walk right through here (Source:…

I’ll just walk right through here (Source: http://ift.tt/2wddm3x)

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