Again, this month we have rounded up some more practical and functional accessories to turn your commute more pleasant. Some cool stuff that will make the time you spend on the bike even more enjoyable whether you?re riding into the office or not. Check out some of our favorite, bike-centric gadgets below, whether you?re a hardcore cyclist or just getting off training wheels, we have listed some awesome products to help make your journey to work that bit easier. 

Small but nimble and great at fighting crime in inclement weather. The Robin is the perfect pack for those that need a versatile every day bag. The coated nylon flap top keeps your stuff dry, and magnetic closures make getting in and out a stylish breeze. Caught in a downpour? Pop out the removable, reflective rainfly for even more protection.
$179 | BUY 

The Koga Pace is a beautiful hybrid e-bike that can be used almost anywhere. Whether it is on forest trails, or on the asphalt, with the Pace it is possible. The bicycle features a robust aluminum frame with a suspension Suntour front fork. Furthermore, the bike not only has a very reliable engine, it also has a very high-quality finish.
$4500 | BUY

The Zoku Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle makes sure cold beverages stay that way for up to 30-70 hours. And hot beverages do not lose steam, maintaining heat for up to 10-15 hours. 
$32 | BUY

These attractive earbuds are powered by Sennheiser?s audiophile driver technology, and feature Transparent Hearing, a technology that allows you to always be aware of your surroundings, with or without your music on. 
$299 | BUY

Stay safe at night with this handy flashlight and power bank. Features bright LED light with SOS mode. 3350 mAh USB portable charger that will keep your phone charged whenever, wherever.
$10 | BUY

This ruggedly Compact GPS cycling computer has everything you need to navigate your ride, monitor stats, stay connected with loved ones and much more. And it?s all in a Compact device that goes where you go and won?t weigh you down.
$199 | BUY

Water Resistant and Windproof: Winter thermal gloves are sewn in high quality waterproof TPU which can keep hands warm and dry even in snow or light rain when you are cycling, running or daily wear. Winter cycling gloves with elastic wrist cuff feature Keep warm gloves close properly against freezing wind and cold water.
$15 | BUY

The rugged Cascade Power Bank has an ultra-rugged shell that shields it from shock, bumps, scrapes, and the elements. It keeps your devices powered up on road trips, plane rides, and out in the wild keeping the adventure going. Featuring Lander?s signature coining design inspired by reinforced steel containers, these power banks are built to last while maintaining a sleek profile. Available in three sizes.
$34+ | BUY

The New York Lock has a 16mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle that resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks, a disc-style cylinder and a double deadbolt mechanism for extensive holding power. 
$70 $109 | BUY

The Birzman Apogee Pump is the perfect companion on road rides. Its easily stashed in a jersey pocket or under a bottle cage and can deliver pressure up to 160psi. The snap it Apogee connector minimises air loss when disconnecting the stash-able and flexible hose from the valve. 
$39 | BUY

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR is a beautifully designed GPS watch with optimal fit, ready to train how you want ? whether you swim, cycle, hit the gym or run trails. Featuring convenient wrist heart rate measurement, the Trainer tracks your activity, calories, and steps 24/7.
$279 | BUY

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