Once again we are here to help you find the best products on Amazon. This month we have found some more cool, beautiful and functional products buried deep in Amazon?s massive catalog. We showcase a list of products that caught our attention, either for their great discount price, for their great customer ratings, or simply because they are pretty goddamn awesome. Product details below.

The Lowepro Whistler series was designed and developed for the outdoor photographer in need of a mid sized, high-performance tech-pack to carry around equipment in safety and comfort, with customizable dividers. This backpack is able to carry a DSLR machine with a mounted lens on it, and up to 3 additional lenses, a flash, a GoPro camera plus some accessories and other outdoor gear that you may need on your adventurous journey.
$349 | BUY

The rugged Folio is a functional case that combines sleek design with sturdy protection. It offers ample storage for your essentials, with 3 card slots and 1 cash slot. Wrapped in supple Horween leather, it develops a patina with time and takes on a look totally unique to your case.
$50 | BUY

Bullet 02 is the Worlds smallest LED flashlight keychain light. Measuring in at an incredible 10mm x 26mm and weighing only 5 grams, Bullet 02 is the perfect sized flashlight for modern day wear. Using Aerospace grade aluminum, this is the most functional, minimal, and refined EDC flashlight on the market.
$9 | BUY

Wondering if an off the grid lifestyle is right for you? Scared that itll be too challenging for you and your family to handle? Author and speaker Gary Collins literally wrote the book on how to transition to a life off the grid. After almost a decade of walking the walk, hes sharing his successes and failures alike so you can live the simple life without missing out on creature comforts.
$13 | BUY

Engineering elegance meets technical excellence in the aptly named Pinnacle Jacket. Premium GORE-TEX four-way stretch fabric, and PrimaLoft Gold insulation make for the warmest and lightest weight ski jacket on the market. Finely crafted details include laser cut lenticular design at shoulders and elbows, waterproof zippers and seams, a full-stretch interior with core ventilation system, adjustable, removable hood and powder skirt, and a Recco Avalanche Rescue System.
$900 | BUY

The UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit includes a plate, bowl, and3-in-1 spork utensil. Ideal for camping, backpacking, scouting, picnics, and meals on-the-go, it also features a bungee tether for securing the kit and its contents.
$15 | BUY

The beautiful Gerber Pocket Square folding knife features a sleek aluminum handle with squared off edges and attractive lines beveled onto it for grip. An ambidextrous thumb lift provides 1-hand opening that allows access to the fine edge stainless steel blade from both sides, and smartly stores flush with the handle when not in use.
$24 | BUY

Whether the LaCie Rugged falls out of your backpack or gets splashed by a mud puddle, you stay confident that your data is still accessible. With IP 54-rated resistance to the elements and blinding-fast speeds through Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, you don?t have to compromise between durability, mobility, and speed.
$159 $229 | BUY

Mighty is the first ever device that plays your Spotify music without a phone, screen, or Internet connection. No cords needed. Use the Mighty Audio app to sync 1,000+ songs from your Spotify Premium account. 5+ hours of offline playback.
$85 | BUY

Roland?s sleek and ultra-portable audio recorder works with iPhone and Apple Watch, allowing wireless listening and remote control. The Roland R-07 gives you the quality of a proper recorder with stereo mics, and the convenience of an iPhone app. But the best feature is that you can control the recorder from your Apple Watch. You can lay the recorder wherever you like, and trigger it from your wrist.
$199 | BUY

The good-looking Fresh Foam Hierro V3 trail running shoes from New Balance are lightweight enough to bring agility and freshness over miles. The Hierro V3 seduces with its pioneering look of adventurer. The black and gray gradient of the sole, and the bright orange of the mesh, make these really stand out in style.
$135 | BUY

Deeply Hydrate and repair your skin with this antioxidant infused, highly nourishing mineral based sunscreen for the face and body. Organic UV absorbers and Zinc Oxide absorb and reflect UVA + UVB rays helping to prevent premature aging and promote healthier, younger looking skin.
$15 | BUY

The Amazfit Verge is the perfect combination of style and technology, and comes with an attractive price tag. But don?t let the price tag fool you, this thing offers several premium features, it comes with the usual fitness tracking sensors, smartphone app notifications, onboard music playback, a heart rate monitor capable of identifying health issues, NFC support and built-in GPS.
$159 | BUY

SOURCE: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/BlessThisStuff/~3/Kx_Z4w7asWc/

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Awkward 1970s Male Fashion

1970s was a weird time. Music album covers were ridiculous, haircuts were weird, and rockstars loved really tight pants. Featured below are the finest examples of male fashion from that era. Warning: you may need some eyebleach after seeing this.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/01/awkward-1970s-male-fashion/

ミナミの半グレ「拳月」リーダー相良正幸容疑者また逮捕 「山に連れて行って埋めるぞ」



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10177799.html

Stunning Interior Views Of The Central Social Institution In Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1937

The Central Social Institution in Prague was home to the world’s largest vertical file cabinet. It consists of 3,000 drawers, 10 feet high, reaching from floor to ceiling and covering approximately 4,000 square feet. The drawers are all equipped with roller bearings. h/t: vintag.es Special desks were built for those working at the files. They are, in essence, electrically operated elevators...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/01/stunning-interior-views-of-the-central-social-institution-in-prague-czechoslovakia-1937/

21 Days In Japan: Artist Recreates Scenes Of Japan Through Pleasing Pastel-Colored Illustrations

From the bright crimson of toriis and temples, to the rainbow of neon lights in Shinjuku and all the way to the distant blue of Mount Fuji—Japan is full of colors that stay with you no matter where you go. So it comes as no surprise that artists from all over the world take inspiration from this to create beautiful artwork of Japan that leaves just as much of an impression as the colors do. More:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/01/21-days-in-japan-artist-recreates-scenes-of-japan-through-pleasing-pastel-colored-illustrations/

【画像】 京急本線・弘明寺駅で人身事故 「見ちゃった」「フロントガラスが大変なことに・・」 緊急車両集結で騒然



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10177807.html

平手友梨奈、欅坂46脱退を発表しファンに激震 織田奈那と鈴本美愉の卒業、佐藤詩織の休業も



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10177804.html



image credit:Reddit



SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52286996.html

【画像】 「水ダウ」 パンサー尾形、一般人の荷物を勝手に・・ クズ行為に「最低な人間」だと批判噴出



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10177656.html

Norwegian Artist Makes ‘Pillows’ From White Marble

Norwegian artist Håkon Anton Fagerås lives and works in Oslo where he creates incredibly realistic white pillows by sculpting blocks of marble. He uses a pneumatic hammer and other tools, and we’re completely blown away by the talent of this man. More: Instagram h/t: playjunkie View this post on Instagram Making some more marble pillows! #marble#sculpture#art#


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/01/norwegian-artist-makes-pillows-from-white-marble/



Juraj Lenhard from Pixabay



 しかし、ある国際グループがついにその撮影に成功したという。『Science Advances』(1月17日付)で発表されたそれは、原子と原子の結合をリアルタイムで捉えた史上初の動画だ。

SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52286951.html