Flint and Tinder only partners with the best garment makers in the US to bring you meticulously-crafted, great-fitting clothing made with soul. Their new 365 Pant combines tailored chinos with the stretch of a performance pant, and they are so comfortable, you?ll want to wear them every day of the year (hence the name). With extra mobility thanks to the mix of cotton with reinforced Lycra, these five pocket pants are perfectly suited for both work and play.

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有吉弘行、 漫画で「冷めちゃう展開」を告白し反響ww 「死んだ人が生き返る」

19日放送のラジオ番組「有吉弘行のSUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER」(JFN)で、有吉弘行が、漫画で冷めてしまう展開を明かした・・


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兄弟喧嘩を起こさずケーキを切り分けられる画期的な方法ww 投稿ツイートが反響

ママ、策士。 続きを読む

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About a year ago I shared a picture of some kittens I found…

About a year ago I shared a picture of some kittens I found under my house. Here’s an update! (Source: http://ift.tt/2zXayri)

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【動画】 「8年越しの花嫁」 意識を失った彼女を待ち続けた男性が8年越しに結婚、奇跡の実話に涙

2カ月後に花嫁になるはずだった女性が突然の病に襲われ、数年間意識がはっきりしない状態となった。生死をさまようこともあったが、婚約者の男性は彼女の快復を信じて待った。そして、奇跡は起きた。女性は目を覚まし、2人は8年越しの結婚式を挙げた。 続きを読む

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ダイソンの掃除機が通販では激安販売されている裏事情 家電のプロが暴露

TVCMやチラシなどの通販で、ダイソンのクリーナーが驚きの安さで売られていることがあります。電器店などと比べると、価格の差は数万円になることも。なぜこのような現象が生じるのでしょうか。 続きを読む

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【動画】 サッカーの試合で16歳が30歳にブチ切れた瞬間ww 投稿動画が反響

久保建英選手、熱くなる。 続きを読む

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Will you pick me up.. pretty please (Source:…

Will you pick me up.. pretty please (Source: http://ift.tt/2zQ738B)

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「若者が会社の飲み会を嫌う理由」が反響! 今の上司に問題があることが判明ww



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Newborn calf getting the standard lab tests (Source:…

Newborn calf getting the standard lab tests (Source: http://ift.tt/2z5FzZ2)

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This Creative Duo Pays Tribute To Afro Hairstyles For Little Girls

With their series entitled Afro Art, the couple of photographers Regis and Kahran, aka CreativeSoul Photo and based in Atlanta, decided to pay tribute to the art of afro hairstyle.

With beautiful portraits of little girls, mixing baroque and steampunk inspirations, this series of photographs wants to bring to children of color a positive image that looks like them, too often absent in the media. A great invitation to love their unique differences and to assume their beauty.

More info: CreativeSoul Photo, Instagram (h/t: ufunk, mymodernmet)

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2017/11/this-creative-duo-pays-tribute-to-afro-hairstyles-for-little-girls/