Futuristic Deserts In Andalucia By Al Mefer

Spanish photographer Al Mefer (previously) returns with a series as striking as ever.

«Deserts of the Future» presents several landscapes captured in Gorafe and Tabernas deserts in Andalusia. This time, he offers us to dive into spectacular and lunar sceneries.

«With it, I aim to muse over the ongoing desertification caused by climate change and overexploitation on Earth», says the artist, deploring in the meantime the urgency of the situation.

Indeed, these new photographs follows different previous series which also included surrealistic panoramas giving us the feeling that the end of the world is near.

«Generally, my work thinks about what the future will be like if the issues we’re currently facing keep growing without humans fighting against them.»

Splendid artworks raising people’s consciences with beauty.

More info: Instagram, Behance

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Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Germany for Sea Shepherd. “You eat what they eat. Plastic trash is flooding our oceans – Help us to clean up!” Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a non-profit marine conservation organization established in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, a world renowned, respected leader in environmental issues and co-founder of Greenpeace.


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Striking Drone Photography By Martin Sanchez

Creative aerial shots by Martin Sanchez a.k.a. zekedrone, gifted photographer, adventurer, drone pilot, and visual artist from the USA. Martin focuses on drone photography. He travels all over the world to capture stunning aerial photographs. More: Martin Sanchez, Instagram h/t:


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