Hero Vision AR Lets You Become Iron Man and Fight Thanos When Paired with a Smartphone

Hero Vision AR

When paired with a special mobile app, Hasbro's Hero Vision AR offers an experience that begins when you scatter circular markers over the floor of your superhero hideout of choice. Once the app opened and your gauntlet is strapped on, the markers spring your adversaries, who threaten your own safety while Thanos taunts you from an inter-dimensional portal high above. Continue reading for hands-on pictures and more information.


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Sad And Depressive Black-White Conceptual Artworks By The Russian Photographer Victoria Ivanova

Russian Victoria Ivanova is a senior lecturer in university (Candidate in Economics) and a PR manager, and she is also interested in fine art photography. She is so talented at expressing an imaginary story through a single photo using a particular object as a star. “Pear project” is her awarded artwork (the Grand Prix, 2012) and was exhibited in Slavic Art Weeks in Berlin. “Chess project” and the...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/01/sad-and-depressive-black-white-conceptual-artworks-by-the-russian-photographer-victoria-ivanova/

Soviet Hooligans: Goths, Punks And Metalheads Of The USSR

Moscow, 1988 Rapid development of youth subculture 1970s and 1980s generated lots of different trends which still exist in one form or another. The Soviet Union was not the exception; goths, punks, rockers and metalheads of the late USSR are remembered by their radical self-expression and the extravagant style. Here, we have found some cool old photos of this saucy youth from the USSR in the...


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鳩山由紀夫氏「日本人が韓国人を上から目線で見ていることが問題 植民地時代で行ったことを未だに謝っていない」



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 まあ何にせよ愛するパートナーとロマンチックな一日を過ごせたら最高じゃない?というわけで、イギリスではバレンタインデー向けにこんな限定商品が登場したよ。 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52269977.html

「ぷよぷよ」の生体に衝撃事実が判明ww 投稿ツイートに驚きの声



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Sushi Chef Crafts Awesome Star Wars Veggie Sculptures

Twitter You never want to rely too much on validity of stereotypes, but many Japanese people like to think of themselves as being skilled or crafty with their hands. While you obviously can’t say that about everyone, it’s definitely a required trait of sushi chefs, who must rely on trained and steady hands to make perfectly crafted and cared for sushi. That ability apparently transfers...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/01/sushi-chef-crafts-awesome-star-wars-veggie-sculptures/

Japan’s Tiny Instagram Models, These Hedgehogs’s High Concept Photoshoots Give Us Life

Shota Tsukamoto, a Japanese salary man through the week, but at the weekend he plays personal photographer to his hedgehog. Not just relying on pure cuteness, he uses interesting themes, props and dynamic compositions in his work, to elevate his already photogenic model to something almost ethereal. More: Instagram h/t:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/01/japans-tiny-instagram-models-these-hedgehogss-high-concept-photoshoots-give-us-life/

Artist Turns Real Seashells Into Decorative Jewelry Dishes That Look Like Long Lost Treasure

Nowadays, many contemporary artists are looking for new ways to express their art in a different manner to others. They are abandoning the traditional canvas and instead using sometimes smaller but unexpected things. One artist who is actually famous for this is crafter Mary Kenyon from California. She uses real seashells and transforms them into beautiful decorative jewelry dishes.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/01/artist-turns-real-seashells-into-decorative-jewelry-dishes-that-look-like-long-lost-treasure/

羽賀研二事件の被害者が真相を激白! 突然届いた告発の手紙 「僕の借金はアンナも返していると・・」



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 軽く頭を振ったり、見る角度を変えることで、何が見えてくるぞ!さあ、何が潜んでいたのか、わかったかな? 続きを読む

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