Hey buddy, can you help me grab my frisbee? (Source:…

Hey buddy, can you help me grab my frisbee? (Source: http://ift.tt/2joic7f)

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The Ryan Lug Hiker from American boot manufacturer Frye, offers both a rugged sportiness and a sophisticated look. The lug bottom hiker boot has a casual cold-weather look, and expresses the attitude of a seasoned thrill-seeker, yet its lower rise feels appropriate for everyday wear as well. Other details include a cushioned leather footbed for all-day comfort, a back heel loop for easier entry, a thick toe bumper for added protection, and a durable rubber outsole with lugged pattern for excellent traction and stability. Available in several colors.

Learn more from Frye, or grab a pair now from Amazon

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The Turtlebacker flatbed camping trailer not only lets you sleep well, but also play hard. This is the perfect trailer for the camper with all the toys, letting you transport your gear and your off-road vehicles with 45 cubic feet of storage. The ultra-rugged trailer features an aluminum deck atop a steel chassis with 3 rows of tie-down track for securing all those wheeled toys in place. There is also a large tongue box that houses camping equipment and storage solutions, plus a slide-out Baltic birch kitchen with stainless steel dual-burner stove, sink and fridge/freezer, a 42-gal water tank, a 6-gal water heater, and an exterior shower. Buyers can also choose from a variety of available tent models, and a wide range of customizable options and add-ons to further enhance the amenities and capabilities of any adventurer?s needs.

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The power of Free Hugs! (Source: http://ift.tt/2zbIO0R)

The power of Free Hugs! (Source: http://ift.tt/2zbIO0R)

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吉木りさが電撃結婚発表でネット騒然ww そのお相手は・・

俳優の和田正人(38)と女優の吉木りさ(30)が、“いい夫婦の日”のきょう11月22日に結婚した。同日、双方の所属事務所が連名で発表した・・ 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/9705780.html

This ticklish boy (Source: http://ift.tt/2A1p7KE)

This ticklish boy (Source: http://ift.tt/2A1p7KE)

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The Day to Day Life of a Doggo and Ninja Cat (Source:…

The Day to Day Life of a Doggo and Ninja Cat (Source: http://ift.tt/2hITYTN)

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日馬富士、年内に引退へ・・ 貴ノ岩も引退濃厚、貴乃花親方に理事引責辞任の要求も

暴行事件を受け、大相撲の横綱・日馬富士が年内にも書類送検されると21日、報じられた。「日本相撲協会は年内にも日馬富士の引退を発表する。また、被害者である貴ノ岩も力士を廃業するしかないとみられている」・・ 続きを読む

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【動画】 高校生のマスオがサザエに公開告白w カップヌードル新CMが公開されネットざわつくww

国民的アニメ『サザエさん』の主人公サザエと夫マスオの結婚秘話を現代風の設定に置き換えた日清食品カップヌードルCMシリーズ第3弾『HUNGRY DAYS サザエさん篇』が、11月22日の「いい夫婦の日」から全国で放送開始される・・ 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/9705699.html

DCN Pick: A Drink with James Episode 76 – A Conversation with Jamie Beck (@annstreetstudio)

In Episode 76 of A Drink with James, Fohr Card CEO James Nord speaks with Jamie Beck of Ann Street...

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