Homeless Couple Get A Makeover And A Surprise Charity Wedding After Being Together For 24 Years

Wedding ceremonies serve several purposes, and they are often a cherished moment in a couple’s lives. A wedding ceremony is often utilized as a public display of marriage vows and the couple entering into the marital contract.

For most couples, the focus of the wedding ceremony is on their commitment and love for each other. Aside from complying with the law, there are several reasons why a wedding is essential to the bride and the groom. In addition to the usual justifications of love and commitment, people of all walks of life have differing views on why a wedding is so essential to them.

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Rosalyn Ferrer and Rommel Basco are a couple from the Philippines in their 50s

It didn’t take long to organize everything and the couple had an incredible makeover and a surprise charity wedding that included a photoshoot just a day before this year’s Valentine’s day. Of course, as of now, the marriage isn’t really official, but Richard and his friends who own a wedding supply business are willing to take a step further and help the couple again by paying for their official wedding at the church after their marriage paperwork will be processed. The official wedding is supposed to happen sometime later this year.

hey have been together for over 24 years now, but unfortunately were subjected to a rough life on the streets of Pampanga province. The couple has 6 children, and for the last few years, they have been living in a small shack that was part of a wasteland

Given their life conditions, a wedding was simply something the couple could not afford or even prioritize at any point as they barely had enough money for food

The couple in their 50s usually makes money by collecting discarded plastic to sell as scrap, but it’s mainly just enough to cover the cost of food for that day

However, as of recently, the couple was noticed by a man named Richard Strandz who owned a hair salon near the place Rosalyn and Rommel lived

Upon hearing the couple’s story and finding out that the both of them couldn’t afford a wedding despite being together for over 20 years, the man found himself wanting to do something for them

Richard didn’t hesitate and reached out to a couple of his friends

He asked them if they could help him prepare a surprise wedding and a photo shoot for Rosalyn and Rommel

Upon finding out about the surprise wedding the couple was absolutely delighted

Here are some of the pictures from Rosalyn’s and Rommel’s surprise wedding photoshoot

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