Swedish brand Houdini are pushing the boundaries of how outdoor clothing is made. They only use 100% traceable, mulesing-free organic wool, a renewable material that is both recyclable and biodegradable. They have recently introduced Lana, a four season shell layer made in light, densely woven 100% merino wool. Both the Lana Jacket & Pants have a natural breathability as well as wind and water resistance that brings an entirely new level of comfort for a shell layer. The minimalistic design is perfect for skiing, hiking or just about any adventure all year around.

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グラブル人気絵師が突然BANされファン騒然 まさかの理由に「そんなことってある??」



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映画評論家の町山氏、高須院長に「反省というものを知らないまま死んでいく」とツイート 外道すぎると物議



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Trying to Understand the Mysterious Russian Soul with Amazing Photographs of Sergey Kolyaskin

Daily moments of life on photographs of Sergey Kolyaskin – master who has his own school of photography, who had fifteen personal exhibitions and published two photo albums, participated in numerous contests, being a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Russian Geographical Society.

More: Sergey Kolyaskin, Instagram, Facebook, VK

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/01/trying-to-understand-the-mysterious-russian-soul-with-amazing-photographs-of-sergey-kolyaskin/

【動画】 45歳バイト芸人TAIGAの生き様に視聴者涙 世界トレンド入り



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河北麻友子、結婚相手の正体が判明 「実は芸能活動をしていて・・」



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女性店員の機転が虐待されていた少年を救う /iStock



 その両親は自分たちの料理は注文しても、息子の分は注文しなかったのだ。店員は少年にこっそりメモを見せることで、両親から虐待を受けていた11歳の少年を窮地から救った。『WFTV9 abc』などが伝えている。 続きを読む

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今泉佑唯と結婚報告のマホト、UUUMから契約を解除される コレコレの告発受け「概ね内容を認めました」



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Artist Pays Homage to Possibly the Biggest Icon of The 21st Century with His ‘Tribute’ Project

Max Siedentopf is a London based multi-disciplinary conceptual artist working across video, photography, sculpture, creative direction and everything in-between and is the founder of the of the art publication ORDINARY.

According to an artist: ““TRIBUTE” pays homage to possible the biggest icon of the 21st century. Easily comparable to famous icons from the past such as Marilyn Monroe or the Mona Lisa, no one else has had more influence on contemporary visual culture such as Kim Kardashian. Described by The New York Times as “the queen of selfies”, Kim Kardashian has shaped and reinvented over the past decade what self-portraiture is today. Her images are omni-present and have become an integral part of today’s pop culture.

As the ultimate homage to this 21st century icon, I have decided to pay the biggest tribute I physically could. Over several weeks I have dug a tunnel which spans over many meters into the earth. It’s almost impossible to find the end of it, seemingly going all the way to the center of the earth. The inside of the tunnel is built as a hall of fame, plastered with some of Kardashian’s most iconic portraits, forever celebrating her image.”

More: Max Siedentopf, Instagram

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/01/artist-pays-homage-to-possibly-the-biggest-icon-of-the-21st-century-with-his-tribute-project/

Elephant Hotel: The Prime Example of Novelty Architecture in 1880s

Novelty architecture, also called programmatic or mimetic architecture, is a type of architecture in which buildings and other structures are given unusual shapes for purposes such as advertising or to copy other famous buildings without any intention of being authentic.

h/t: vintag.es

Their size and novelty means that they often serve as landmarks. They are distinct from architectural follies, in that novelty architecture is essentially usable buildings in eccentric form whereas follies are non-usable, ornamental buildings often in eccentric form.

Utility buildings and “novelty structures” are the red headed step-children of architecture – Like the Elephant Hotel, a 10 room hotel built in 1885. Intended to be one of a menagerie of buildings in the Margate City project in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/01/elephant-hotel-the-prime-example-of-novelty-architecture-in-1880s/