“Human Obsessed”: The Visual Storytelling of Rafael Avcioglu

Welcome to the strange world of Rafael Avcioglu. “Human obsessed”, the photographer creates hypnotic and sometimes nightmarish pictures. At the heart of his creations? Bodies, and the stories they weave – narratives as intimate as they are violent.

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SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/02/human-obsessed-the-visual-storytelling-of-rafael-avcioglu/

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慶應義塾大学で去年起きた1番有名な事件が、こちら・・ 「新入生は気をつけて!」



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Babushka Cats That Look Like Old Russian Ladies

Did you know that there is a Reddit community BabushkaCats where cat owners take photos of their pets dressed as elderly Russian ladies? Well, now you know. Featured below are the funniest examples.

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SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/03/babushka-cats-that-look-like-old-russian-ladies/

“The Shadows”: Superb Video Game and Film Posters by Felix Tindall

Felix Tindall‘s shadow playfulness allows him to create illustrations that will fall to the ground. Playing mainly with silhouettes, and taking his inspiration from video games and movies, this artist manages to create wonderful posters. They represent the essence of these works, often with their main characters, but also striking details, reminding me what makes us love these works.

More: Felix Tindall, Instagram, Behance h/t: geek-art

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/03/the-shadows-superb-video-game-and-film-posters-by-felix-tindall/

【動画】 中田敦彦が島田紳助氏を激怒させた事件、藤森が激白 怒りのあまり収録中断、以降共演は一切なし


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 赤ちゃん時代に保護されたエリックというカンガルーは人間を抱きしめるのが大好きだそうで、大きくなってからも覆いかぶさるように人間に抱きついてくる。 続きを読む

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東急東横線で人身事故、昨日に続き運転見合わせで騒然 「また東横線」「該当者発見できず再度捜索中」「呪われてる・・」



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COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Details

nychealth:Two COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) have been approved for emergency use...

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【動画】 関大前のゲーセンで太鼓の達人を蹴る男の動画が流出 ⇒ 店員に特定され出禁処分に



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Japanese Painter Uses Blackened Eyes and Expressions to Create Social Commentary

As I’ve covered before, there are many great artists on Instagram. Many try to be as aesthetic and chic as possible, while others occassionally take an alternative approach to catch a viewer’s eye. Artist MADSAKI is well-known for colorful portraits interrupted by black tears and bloody noses.

Also, he’s created graffiti-inspired pieces around bold statements like “SPIRITUALLY F—ING BANKRUPT.” Sure enough, his street art style is gathering attention from people all over the world. His style of drawing Bush is interesting. Everything about those turbulent times seems to be summed up in this one painting.

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Born in Osaka in 1974 and relocated to New Jersey at a young age, MADSAKI graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York (BFA, 1996) and was a member of international artist group Barnstormers before starting his solo career. Both satirical and sentimental, aggressive yet vulnerable, MADSAKI has used graffiti influences as a way to express the frustration and alienation of his bicultural identity and to critique the value of art.

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/03/japanese-painter-uses-blackened-eyes-and-expressions-to-create-social-commentary/

【動画】 会社員が釘で作った「まきびし」がヤバいと話題に パンク事件が十数件、パトカーも被害に



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