If Disney Characters Played In Popular Movies And TV Series By Alex Pick

Alex Pick brings Disney back in the most unexpected ways. Last time, the German artist, known to his 123k followers on Instagram as apicollodraws, ‘humanimalized’ Disney’s universe by turning our favorite animal characters into humans and the other way around in his spot-on illustrations.

This time, Pick took his creative ideas around Disney fanart in another direction and drew mashups of Disney and Hollywood. He replaced stars in the posters of iconic movies and a few TV series with Disney characters. Have you ever wondered which princesses would play Mean Girls, who would be able to replace Jack and Rose in Titanic, or who would be able to pull off the emotional Brokeback Mountain? Pick has you covered and reimagined them all.

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SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/02/if-disney-characters-played-in-popular-movies-and-tv-series-by-alex-pick/

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【動画】 早大に合格したツイ民「掃除してたら高一の時のえぐいノートでてきた・・」 ⇒ 本当にえぐいと衝撃走る



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【動画】 タイタニックでカットされた「もう一つのラストシーン」にネット騒然



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手越祐也のYouTubeが悲惨・・ 有名人とのコラボネタ頼りでジリ貧 「1人では再生数を稼げない」

YouTubeデビュー当初の手越は、モーニングルーティンやジャニーズ時代の暴露トーク、自宅公開といった〝ありがち〟な企画を連発。それでも、元々の知名度や人気の高さ、物珍しさにより、数百万回の再生をコンスタントに記録していた。 続きを読む

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日テレ特番で体調不良を訴える視聴者続出 謎のヤバイ音が繰り返され「頭痛い」「耳痛い」

特番『近未来創世記 日本を救うヤバイ偉人』(日本テレビ系)の視聴者から、異常や不快感、体調不良を訴える声がネット上に続出した。


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【画像】 浅草地下街のコインロッカーが汚すぎると衝撃走る 「サイレントヒルのマップかと・・」



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10362718.html

【動画】 家のすきま風が気になった女性、鏡の裏に「謎の穴」を発見 入ってみたら衝撃の展開に・・

米ニューヨークに住むサマンサ・ハートソーさん(Samantha Hartsoe)が今月3日、動画共有アプリ「TikTok」に投稿した動画が注目を集めている。4つに構成された動画は、サマンサさんが窓のない洗面所から冷たい風が吹いて来ることに気付くところから始まる。

SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10362924.html

【画像】 顔がかわいいだけのキャバ嬢、彼氏に利用され絶望の展開に・・



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 水を飲んでいるウサギたちのくしゃみが連鎖をしている様子を見てみよう。 続きを読む

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 水を飲んでいるウサギたちのくしゃみが連鎖をしている様子を見てみよう。 続きを読む

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Explorer Visits Abandoned and World’s Largest Ekranoplan, Here Are Some Great Pictures of The Inside and Outside

Many people have seen the ekranoplan from outside but few have had a chance to get inside. This vehicle is something in between an aircraft and a ship. “Lun” is the world biggest ground effect vehicle designed in the USSR in late 70s. Now the ekranoplan as big as a five-storey building is in Derbent, it has been preserved as a museum exhibit.

Yuri Urykov, who shared these photos, says he had a real technical ecstasy when he got inside the vehicle. “It has not been used for 20 years, but the filling is almost like new. It smells oil and kerosene, many devices and motors are still there. Just like bed sheets and documents”.

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The Lun-class ekranoplan is a ground effect vehicle designed by Rostislav Alexeyev in 1975 and used by the Soviet and Russian navies from 1987 until sometime in the late 1990s.

It flew using the lift generated by the ground effect of its large wings when within about four metres (13 ft) above the surface of the water. Although they might look similar to regular aircraft, and have related technical characteristics, ekranoplans like the Lun are not aircraft, seaplanes, hovercraft, nor hydrofoils. Rather, “ground effect” is a distinct technology. The International Maritime Organization classifies these vehicles as maritime ships.

The name Lun comes from the Russian word for harrier.

On 31 July 2020, the only completed MD-160 Lun class ekranoplan was towed from Kaspiysk naval base to Derbent, Dagestan. It will be put on display at the planned Patriot Park. The journey was approximately 100 km (62 miles) across the Caspian Sea; moving the ekranoplan required the use of rubber pontoons, three tugboats and two escort vessels. However, while towing the vessel to its destination, the vehicle got stuck in the sandy beach on the shore of the Caspian Sea just south of the town of Derbent. The vehicle was too heavy to be pulled off the sand and the managing team was not properly equipped, so the ekranoplan was secured and stayed on the beach for next 5 months, becoming a local attraction. Ground works and a new attempt in December 2020, finally resulted in the plane being moved some 20-30m from the sea.

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2021/03/explorer-visits-abandoned-and-worlds-largest-ekranoplan-here-are-some-great-pictures-of-the-inside-and-outside/