“Last Rides”: Photographer Takes Pictures Of The Roads Where Stars Died In Car Crashes

James Dean, Grace Kelly, Marc Bolan, Albert Camus… Christophe Rihet photographs the roads where famous people died, shooting at dawn or dusk to bring a sense of calm. Captions by Camille Riquier.

James Dean, Route 46 in California, 30 September 1955

Christoph Rihet

When James Dean, at the wheel of his Porsche, notices a car in the distance, he reassures his passenger: ‘He has seen us, he will stop.’ But the driver of the Ford Tudor hasn’t seen anything, because his vehicle is very high. Dean cannot avoid the collision. His passenger survives, but Dean’s feet are stuck under the pedals and his neck is broken upon impact.

More info: https://www.rencontres-arles.com/fr/actualites/view/113/christophe-rihet-road-to-deathChristophe Rihet (h/t: theguardian)

Grace Kelly, Route de la Turbie in Monaco, 13 September 1982

Christoph Rihet

Grace Kelly is on her way to Paris with her daughter Stéphanie in a Rover P6 3500. Suddenly, the car leaves the road at a bend and crashes into the parking space of a house 40 metres below. While Stéphanie escapes almost unscathed, Kelly dies the next day of a cerebral haemorrhage.

Marc Bolan, Queen Ride, London, 16 September 1977

Christoph Rihet

The lead singer of T-Rex climbs into a purple Mini 1275 GT with his friend Gloria Jones at the wheel. She loses control of the car and it hits the fence on the opposite side of the street before striking a sycamore tree. Bolan is killed on impact, two weeks before his 30th birthday. Jones, suffering from fractures to her arm and jaw, is taken to hospital. She does not learn of Bolan’s death until four days later, on the day of his burial.

Helmut Newton, Marmont Lane, Los Angeles, 23 January 2004

Christoph Rihet

The famous photographer’s silver Cadillac SRX leaves the Chateau Marmont hotel at 11.40pm. His car first knocks over an Associated Press photographer, who is walking past, then crashes into a wall in front of the hotel. Newton dies a few hours later.

Paul Walker, Hercules Street, Valencia, California, 30 November 2013

Christoph Rihet

The Fast and Furious actor is in the passenger seat of his friend Roger Rodas’s Porsche. The car hits a lamp-post at 100mph and ends up between two trees and catches fire. Rodas is killed on impact, Walker dies from trauma and burns.

Mary Jo Kopechne, Dike Bridge, Massachusetts, 18 July 1969

Christoph Rihet

Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy is driving across Dike Bridge with Mary Jo Kopechne. The car ends up in the water. Kennedy manages to get out but Kopechne does not. Kennedy, does not alert the authorities, then goes home. The next day, he calls the police, but by that time fishermen have found the car and a diver has retrieved the body of Kopechne.

Albert Camus, Route Nationale 5, Villeblevin, France, 4 January 1960

Christoph Rihet

On a whim, the French writer and his friend Michel Gallimard go for a drive in a Facel Vega HK500. Their car strikes one of the plane trees lining the road, then a second. Camus dies on the spot, Gallimard six days later. The cause of the accident is never ascertained.

Eddie Cochran, Chippenham, Wiltshire, 16 April 1960

Christoph Rihet

The American singer leaves a concert in a taxi with his fiancee, Sharon Sheeley, and Gene Vincent. A tyre bursts and the vehicle strikes one lamppost then another. Cochran tries to protect Sheeley but is thrown out of the car. He dies in a Bath hospital the following day. Vincent wears a black glove for a long time in memory of his friend.

Jayne Mansfield, Highway 90, Slidell, Louisiana, 29 June 1967

Christoph Rihet

After performing in a cabaret in Biloxi, Mansfield is driven by Ronnie Harrison, with his friend Sam Brody, to New Orleans. In the back, three children sleep soundly. At around 2am, insecticide sprayed from a tractor severely hampers visibility and Harrison drives the Buick at speed into the back of a lorry. The three adults die on the spot. The children are virtually unharmed. After her death, it is recommended that trucks in the US are fitted with a bumper. It is called a Mansfield Bar.

Jackson Pollock, Springs, New York, 11 August 1956

Christoph Rihet

The alcoholic painter’s car begin drifting, as if he has stopped steering. His drunkenness is probably the cause of the accident, which also kills one of his passengers, Edith Metzger. Pollock’s mistress, Ruth Kligman, survives.

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 最近子猫要素が足りない、そう思っていた匿名処理犯の仲間たちも少なくないだろう。今回は、飼い主のお兄さんから離れると「離すんじゃニャイ!」と一猫前に主張する子猫のデイジーさんの愛くるキュートな動画をお届けするよ。デイジーさん、飼い主兼下僕のお兄さんが大好きなようだ。 続きを読む

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White walker eyes ❤️ (Source: http://ift.tt/2mJ4sWc)

White walker eyes ❤️ (Source: http://ift.tt/2mJ4sWc)

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歯科大学からの「退学騒動」で注目を集めたモデルの入澤優さん(24)が、「ももいろクローバーZ」の有安杏果さん(22)の卒業に関するツイートでファンの誤解を招いたとして謝罪した・・ 続きを読む

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 1886年8月、 フランス・パリで発行されている新聞に 「4歳の少女の遺体発見。手にたったひとつの謎めいた傷」という記事が掲載された。

 好奇心旺盛なパリ市民が、次にとった行動はなにか? 少女の遺体を一目見ようと、パリの死体安置所(モルグ)に駆けつけることだった。


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「重ねて入れろよ!」 Amazonの過剰包装ヤバすぎ事件、投稿ツイートに驚きの声ww



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IT立国エストニアが日本の行政手続きシステムに驚き! ネットでは「日本は技術後進国」との声

「ワールドビジネスサテライト」(テレビ東京系)では、「IT立国」「電子国家」として注目を集めるエストニアの試みを特集。なんでも、同国政府のサイト「エスティー」では、「住所変更」「納税」「投票」といったあらゆる手続きが行えるというという。しかし・・ 続きを読む

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 カナダのクリエイティブ集団、アウトライン・モントリオールが開発した「サウンド・リアクティブ・LEDマスク(The Sound Reactive LED Mask)」が大注目を集めている。



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How Dare You Hooman!

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木村拓哉が「帰れま10」出演も「食べ方が汚い」「マナー悪い」と批判の声・・ 出演陣はご機嫌取り

木村が出演した効果もあって視聴率が上がり、それを受けてくら寿司のホームページへのアクセスも急増。一時的につながらなくなるほどで、「キムタク効果が尋常じゃない」と話題になった。しかし・・ 続きを読む

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【動画】 小室哲哉に文春砲! KEIKO介護の陰で看護師と裏切り不倫か、一緒に寝たことを認める

昨年末から今月にかけ、小誌は小室の“背信”現場を目撃した・・ 続きを読む

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