Leo and Diane Dillon – One Million Tomorrows, 1970.

Leo and Diane Dillon - One Million Tomorrows, 1970.

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 的に見つからないよう、木陰で身を隠しながら仲間たちが来るのを待ち続けていたメスライオン。3日後、ようやく仲間が探し当ててくれたようだ。 続きを読む

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80-Year-Old Man Masters Excel To Create Amazing Paintings

80-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi from Japan is known all around the world for his incredible drawing skills. However, he doesn’t use pencils, pens, or paint for his art. Instead, he creates masterpieces in Microsoft Excel! More: Tatsuo Horiuchi h/t: boredpanda Around 20 years ago, before retiring, Horiuchi thought that he needed a new challenge in his life. So he settled on painting. However, he didn’t...


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「不正選挙だ!」 都知事選終了で香ばしいツイートが大量投稿され爆笑ww 「太郎が当選確実だった!」「選挙結果をねじ曲げたアベ一味を許すな!」



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Zombies In Tokyo Amid Coronavirus Fears

Issei Kato/Reuters An actor dressed as a zombie is seen before their performance at a drive-in haunted house show by Kowagarasetai, for people inside a car in order to maintain social distancing amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a garage in Tokyo, Japan. Issei Kato/Reuters A Japanese performance group is starting a run of drive-in horror shows for people who are scared of...


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【動画】 フジ上中勇樹アナのプロ野球実況がひどすぎたと炎上 「ダブルアウトww」「スクイズも知らない」「素人以下」



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Amazing Photographs Of Carrie Fisher On A Fire Escape In New York City, 1977

Here are some rare moments of Carrie Fisher at her home in New York City in 1977. The actress, best known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, called the Big Apple home in the late 1970s and early 1980s while she was coupled with musician Paul Simon. h/t: vintag.es For people who grew up with the Star Wars franchise, as well as for younger folk who have found their way to the films...


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This House Is Currently Listed for $828K In Queens, NY Right Now

You might be thinking, “that looks quite nice!”. I thought that too, but then I ventured into the photo gallery to get a look at the interior and oh noooooooooo. Currently listed for $828,888 USD, this single family home in Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY features 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms spread over 2,640 square feet of living space… h/t:


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Russian Couple Build Pyramid Of Giza Replica In Their Rural Backyard

nekolesnik A couple from Istinka, a small village located 12 kilometres outside St Petersburg, Russia, have built a concrete replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza right in their own backyard. h/t: odditycentral nekolesnik Measuring 9 meters above ground and 9 meters deep, and consisting of about 400 tonnes of concrete blocks, the pyramid of Istinka is 19 times smaller than the structure that...


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薬局「この2つの薬、パッケージを変えただけで中身はまったく同じなんですよ~」 ⇒ 本当だった・・



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