Meet the world?s first levitating turntable! Developed by MAG-LEV Audio the unique device is designed for people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design. The gravity-defying record player visually enhances the experience of listening to vinyl records by levitating the platter. The drive system in this turntable is where all the magic is, not only does it have magnetic levitation, but it also maintains the incredibly precise turning of the platter with sensor regulating software. Air is the smoothest medium with least amount of friction, which further elevates this project into a truly unique listening experience. You can switch between 33,3-rpm and 45-rpm with just a turn of a button, and a subtle orange lighting gives the turntable a sleek, futuristic feel, and further enhances the visual effects of levitation even when the lights are off. watch the video below

Learn more from MAG-LEV Audio, or pre-order now from Kickstarter

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【動画】 怪奇・・ 大戦時の腹話術人形、夜中にドアを開け瞬きをする瞬間が激撮され世界に衝撃

それはマイケルさんが今年7月、地元の軍事品コレクターから入手した「ミスター・フリッツ(Mr Fritz)」と呼ばれる首だけの腹話術人形だった・・


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タイの裁判官、無罪を言い渡した直後に拳銃で自分の胸を撃つ 何があったのか?



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【動画】 雷に打たれた木の内部を捉えた衝撃動画が話題に



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「内定辞退率93%」の国家公務員が話題 新人獲得に四苦八苦



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【動画】 「ほぼ天使・・」 ロシアの6歳少女、アリナ・ヤクポヴァの美しさに世界が震撼

ロシア・モスクワ出身の6歳の少女が今、新しい「世界一の美少女」としてネット上で大評判に! 名前はアリナ・ヤクポヴァ・・


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【動画】 吉岡里帆の顔の変化にネットざわつくww 「明らかに太った」「ふっくらした」



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A Deeper Look Into The Life of An Impressionist via…

A Deeper Look Into The Life of An Impressionist via https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE // Actor/impressionist Jim Meskimen (Parks & Recreation, Whose Line?, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) recites “Pity the Poor Impressionist” poem in 20 celebrity voices, with the help of SHAM00K. BTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm3squcz7Aw Please Share, Like and Subscribe. Deep Fake visuals by SHAM00K YouTube: https://bit.ly/2olXCcK Twitter: https://bit.ly/2ohyP9L Contact: lubsey93@gmail.com Contact Jim Meskimen: www.jimmeskimen.com John Malkovich https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=5 Colin Firth https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=13 Robert Deniro https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=18 Tommy Lee Jones https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=25 Nick Offerman https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=31 George Clooney https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=36 Christopher Walken https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=41 Anthony Hopkins https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=49 Dr. Phil https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=56 Nicholas Cage https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:01 Arnold Schwarzenegger https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:08 Morgan Freeman https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:15 Bryan Cranston https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:19 Christoph Waltz https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:26 Joe Pesci https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:34 Jack Nicholson https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:39 George W. Bush https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:46 Ian McKellen https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=1:53 Ron Howard https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=2:00 Robin Williams https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=2:05 Pity The Poor Impressionist By Jim Meskimen ©2016 Is anything more sad and lame contemptible, beneath disdain, In short, provoking of disgust than being an impressionist? A third rate, even fourth rate skill, the definition of “cheap thrill”. Like watching farm equipment rust is watching an impressionist. A relic from a distant day that long since should died away, dishonorably mentioned is the pitiful impressionist. Weird, and somewhat ostentacious tired debris from old Las Vegas, whose former fans have all dismissed allegiance to impressionists. How many opportunities passed up and wasted because he’s Hell-bound to follow what he must? Pity the poor impressionist. Doomed to live an abject failure dogged by his own echolalia. Better to crumble into dust than live as an impressionist. His borrowed voices can’t deflect a life of well-deserved neglect. His name’s on simply no one’s lips; forgotten, vain impressionist. That sound–did anybody moan? That creature at the microphone is last on everybody’s list; forgettable impressionist. When Peter at that shiny gate condemns those souls who imitate he will but shake a heavenly fist and curse condemned impressionists. But ‘til that time we’ll tolerate the good for nothing reprobate, and hide the truth: that we’re just pissed that WE can’t be impressionists!

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【画像】 「知育菓子・駄菓子コーナーは撤去します」 スーパーで目撃された怒りの張り紙に衝撃走る



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 子供たちになにかあったら大変と、それをたしなめる母ハスキー。子だくさんなハスキーファミリーの日常の一コマだ。 続きを読む

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【画像】 奈良のカフェで発見された「古墳スイーツ」が話題w 「勾玉が出土ww」



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