The London Garment Bag is a versatile travel bag by Lexdray, that eliminates the hassle of fully unpacking. Essentially just unzip it, hang it up and you?re unpacked! Made from ballistic nylon and neoprene, this unique piece of luggage ensures military-inspired durability, it features four adjustable shelves that automatically unfold for storing your shirts, pants, socks, and underwear separated and easily accessible, plus a removable suit bag, a padded compartment that fits most 17? laptops, exterior pockets, and a removable fleece-lined pouch for storing valuables. watch the video

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人気グラドル「X」がもうすぐ逮捕か MDMAとコカイン受け渡しの噂、彼氏は関東連合の有名OBで重大事件の黒幕



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木下優樹菜、不倫相手よりもヤバイ「第二の男」の影・・!? 「木下と親密な関係にある男性を、警察はずっと内偵している・・」

様々な男性問題が急浮上しているが、事務所が問題視したのはそれだけではない。木下の交友関係にはかなり危険なスジが おり、そこのリスクを考えて事実上の解雇にしたというのだ・・


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【動画】 中国の湖で「伝説の龍」が激撮されたと国内衝撃 正真正銘のUMAか



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DCN Video Pick: Moses Boyd | Stranger Than Fiction…

DCN Video Pick: Moses Boyd | Stranger Than Fiction (Director’s Cut) by in/out // Warning: video contains flashing images. The brief spoke of ‘hyper-musicality’. Outside of the obvious, this got us thinking about how might a sound ‘look’? What are our instruments, as filmmakers? First though, we had to set the mood and feel of the piece. Moses wanted something ‘sinister and mystic’ and in line with the album’s themes we anonymised the performers in a shroud of light. The use of a reflective spray and a singular spotlight achieved this look; haloing the band in this intense glow. All captured in-camera. Playing off this visual hook we then set about composing our own rhythm. The looping trajectories, the projected shapes and the strobing light source were all used to achieve that desired ‘musicality’. Plus, by tethering all the action to the track and dolly, we established a perpetual motion; mapping out the music as much as the space. Under the guidance of DP Spike Morris we pushed the in-camera capabilities of film to visually sculpt the music, etching out the track’s propulsive production wherever possible. The materiality of film meant we could really hack the medium to bend and manipulate the images around the music. Having the necessary ingredients in the edit was important to build an arc that does justice to the track, whilst also being true to the in-camera imagery captured on the day. We’d like to thank all our crew and a special mention to our producer Louisa Plumstead who did so much with so little. Director/Editor: in/out Producer: Louisa Plumstead DOP: Spike Morris Focus Puller: Rob Hawkin Loader: Bulman Arshehit Grip: Alex Kelleher Gaffer: Helio Riberio 1st AD: Tom Fraser-Ivens Runner: Anna Argiros Art Director: Charlotte Stuart-Gumbar Costume Designer: Amy Thompson Wardrobe Assistant: Patrick Lee Hair & Make-Up Artist: Natasha Livesy Film Developing: Cinelab Design Assistant: Emily Derrick Colourist: Thomas Mangham at The Mill Post Producer: Bruce Langfield at The Mill Cast: Joshua Craigie, Esop Evard Commissioner: Michael Lewin Directors Rep: Joceline Gabriel at Hands Head Of Music: Kate Brady Executive Producer: Natalie Arnett Production Company: Riff Raff Films Thanks: Albedo 100 Cinelab Aarti Mahtani Label: The Orchard

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【画像】 契約駐車場に停めていたらとんでないイタズラをされた・・ 告発画像に衝撃走る



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ゆきぽよ、松岡昌宏に「なんでガラケーから離れないんですか?」とツッコミ その答えがww



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 ところが...マラミュートは同じように鳴こうとするも声が出ない。もしかしてキバタンに声を奪われてしまった? 続きを読む

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20 People Whose Parents Could Easily Be On The Cover Of Fashion Magazines

My gorgeous mom at 23 years old in 1983” megcore / Reddit Some people on the internet have dusted off their old photo albums and discovered pictures of their parents back in the day. These moms and dads naturally looked like fashion models, even while posing for just a high school glamour shot, a yearbook picture, or a candid photo. h/t: brightside “Looking through some random boxes and found...


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井上公造氏、木下優樹菜がタピオカ店と和解しかけるも交渉決裂した裏事情を暴露 「相場よりかなり高い和解金を提示され・・」



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