LG G-Flex X Smartphone Has a Fold-Out Keypad for Laptop Mode and Dual Displays

LG G-Flex X

Remember the Danger Sidekick? The phone with a slide-out keypad from the early 2000s? Well, you can think of the LG G-Flex X as an updated version. Featuring dual displays, Snapdragon 855 CPU, 512GB of internal storage space, 8GB of RAM, a slide-out keypad, and dual primary cameras. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


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Photographer Michal Zahornacky Creates Minimalistic Architectural Collages Inspired By The Current Pandemic Situation

Michal Zahornacky is professional fine art photographer from Slovakia. The main role in his photography plays the human. He mainly focuses on fine-art and conceptual portraits. He brings thoughts and moods to his photographs which he always shows in unclear imagination. More: Michal Zahornacky, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda “We all had to face a lot of changes and challenges in 2020.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/09/photographer-michal-zahornacky-creates-minimalistic-architectural-collages-inspired-by-the-current-pandemic-situation/

Cartoonist Illustrated Six Types Of Plant Parents. Which One Are You?

We all know that millennials love plants. Feeling depressed? Get a plant! Home looks dull? How about adding a plant? No money for raising a family? No worries, get a plant! The cartoonist/urban farmer H-P Lehkonen made the most hilarious cartoon for us millennials about the 6 different types of plant moms/dads/parents! Are you the trash goblin? Or maybe you’re more like the sexy succulent lover?


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/09/cartoonist-illustrated-six-types-of-plant-parents-which-one-are-you/

Photographer Forms Landscapes Using Just Human Bodies And The Result Looks Majestic

Carl Warner considers himself a ‘photographic illustrator’, one who creates something from nothing or transforms one thing into another rather than simply capturing it. And if you want to find out what that means, look no further than his series called Bodyscapes. More: Carl Warner, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda Through inventive and precise composition and lighting...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/09/photographer-forms-landscapes-using-just-human-bodies-and-the-result-looks-majestic/

【画像】 雷鳥沢キャンプ場が激混み 「トイレ大行列」「フェス」「1000張ぐらいはありそう」



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10291055.html



南北戦争跡地に幽霊?image credit: youtube



 つい最近、ここを観光に訪れた男性は、奇妙な2つの影が車の前を横切るのを目撃。人影に見えたそれらは、果たして幽霊だったのだろうか。『The Sun』などが伝えている。 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52294829.html

【動画】 渦中の池田エライザさんが「CDTV」生出演でネットざわつく



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10291286.html

Russian Street Artist Shows Off His Amazing Calligraphy Artwork On The Local Tram

Dmitry Chabanov Here’s a Russian tram after the Stenograffia, a festival of calligraphy in Yekaterinburg. The author of the painting was a calligrapher Vasya Bas. The main message, encrypted in the intricacy of the letters was the phrase: “Life is movement”. Also inside the emerald and gold ornament you can find the words: “movement”, “growth”, “art”, etc. Many words used in the painting are...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/09/russian-street-artist-shows-off-his-amazing-calligraphy-artwork-on-the-local-tram/

Makeup Artist Creates Dark Fantasy Costumes From The Lightweight Wearable Porcelain And Stained Glass

According to Joyce Spakman, a Netherlands-based the artist who elevated the make-up art: “I am a professional makeup artist and a self-taught stylist. Whenever I am trying to come up with new creatures, costumes, or sagas for a costume/makeup look, it quite often happens that some of the more beautiful materials I would love to work with are simply not usable because of their sheer weight.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2020/09/makeup-artist-creates-dark-fantasy-costumes-from-the-lightweight-wearable-porcelain-and-stained-glass/

【こたぬきの夢絵】 浦島坂田船うらたぬきさんのファンが18禁nmmnを公開垢でツイートして炎上



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 今回この撮影者さんが、ご自宅を引っ越すことになったそうだ。荷物の搬出が終わって空っぽになったおうちの中で、サンティとインディは何を思うのだろうか。 続きを読む

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