Look who greeted me this morning, when walking out of my front…

Look who greeted me this morning, when walking out of my front door (Source: http://ift.tt/2tEFn2B)

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《事故当時、学生は左手にスマホ、ハンドルに添えた右手に飲料カップを持ち、左耳にイヤホンをしていた》とある。多くのメディアも同様の報道を行って世論は驚愕した。冒頭の「どうやって運転していたんだ!?」という疑問の後、誰もが女子大生の常識を疑った・・ 続きを読む

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Famous Classic Album Covers Mashed Up With Star Wars Characters

Steve Lear is a London-based, digital artist with a self-proclaimed, “unhealthy obsession for movies, music and Photoshop.” And he’s making the freaking awesomest Star Wars themed album cover mash-ups you’ve ever seen.

Lear told BuzzFeed that the project started naturally: “I was managing a record store, and as a way to promote the shop, I inserted the company logo into images of whatever the new release was for that week. As the ideas dried up with the company logo, I decided to create my own work — but this time mashing up movies and album covers. Star Wars puns were easy for me as far as finding inspiration and thinking of ideas.”

Stephen explained that while most works take a couple of hours, some can take days.

More info: Why The Long Play Face, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: buzzfeed, vintag.es)

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【動画】 韓国アイドルグループ「SHINee」のジョンヒョンが遺体で発見される 練炭で自殺か

SHINee ジョンヒョンが死亡した状態で発見された。 続きを読む

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Three Stones – KalakmulTHREE STONES — a film about a wanderer…

Three Stones – Kalakmul

THREE STONES — a film about a wanderer who’s perspective is constantly shifting through various phases of lucid dreaming. As the film progresses from the calmness of lush greenery in the Japanese countryside to the electrifying night scenes of Tokyo, the wanderer’s extraordinary yet graceful movement synchronises with the airy atmospheric track and its textures and ethnic rhythms

Production by Strategy Set
Director of Photography: Brandon Strack
Producer: Adrian Grey
Editor: Tom Slemmons
Assistant Editor: Alexis Wuillaume
Production Coordinator: Tatsuya Yamada

Art Direction by Marek Okon

Performance by Maika Isogawa

Music by Kalakmul

Color Grading by Toshiki Kamei

Public Relations by Saya Oshima

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「地元のTSUTAYAが閉店してしまった事を漫画にしました・・」 投稿ツイートが反響ww

その前に貸しレコード屋も。 続きを読む

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First encounter. (Source: http://ift.tt/2B90n6E)

First encounter. (Source: http://ift.tt/2B90n6E)

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 2018年12月18日、今日は新月だ。朔(さく)とも呼ばれる新月は、 月と太陽との黄経が等しくなる。月は太陽と同じ方向にあり、地球に暗い半面を向けるので見えづらいのだが、新月は人間のメンタルに影響すると言われている。。




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Frank has grown into a fine young gentleman. (Source:…

Frank has grown into a fine young gentleman. (Source: http://ift.tt/2ByO4jH)

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ウーマンラッシュアワーの時事ネタ漫才に賛否両論! 村本「ずっと全国放送でやるのを待っていた」

17日にフジテレビ系で放送された「Cygames THE MANZAI」でウーマンラッシュアワーが披露した漫才がネット上で反響を呼んでいる・・ 続きを読む

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