In our a new monthly installment, we showcase the gear we are lusting after. This is a collection of various, handpicked items to satisfy our gear crave needs. From wear items with a considerable amount of style, to items that are worthy of making it into your pockets every single day of the week, and a bevy of technologies designed to distract and entertain. We are happy to help with a slew of the best gear to keep every guy drooling.

The Cache River is a sleek, precision crafted aluminum capsule with three essential bits, allowing you to deal with challenges that the day may bring. It includes the most common Phillips #2, Torx T6 and Wiha Slotted 4.5 bits, that when not in use can be stored inside the capsule itself for easy carry.
BUY | $60

The UltraRange EXO HI MTE is one of Vans most versatile shoe design combinations, blending the comfort and get-you-there features of the UltraRange family with the protection from the elements that only the MTE franchise can provide.
BUY | $170

Protect your prized AirPods Pro from rain, snow or dust. The Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods Pro is 3.3ft (1m) waterproof and will protect your investment against falls up to 4.0ft (1.2m). Clip it onto your backpack or favorite pair of jeans thanks to the included carabiner.

The Multi-Climate 3-in-1 Jacket was designed to be the perfect outerwear for your outdoor trips. Outfitted with 13 pockets on the outside and the inside, the jacket comes with ample, insulated space to store all your gadgets. It also comes with an optional Stormfleece inner garment that you can either wear under the jacket, or independently out in the cold.
BUY | $238+

Lightweight and easy to pack, our Backpack Harmonica brings friends and family together around a campfire. Perfect for both beginners and experts featuring a Key of C, the 10 hole Octave harmonica comes with brass reeds for clean sounds and long-lasting performance.
BUY | $20

These wind and waterproof freeride gloves offer a great combination between warmth, dexterity and protection. They feature durable goat leather (color 100701 is made of cowhide), a waterproof CZone membrane and warming G-loft insulation. Shock absorbing foam on backhand and fingers guards against impacts, and outseams offer better grip and increased comfort.

Designed to be taken with you on your daily adventures, the Dango Capsule is small enough to not get in the way and large enough to keep your small EDC essentials protected from the elements.
BUY | $20

The Trayvax Cinch is a minimalistic, tough web belt which uses friction for instant tensioning and hassle-free locking. It is made with heavy-duty nylon webbing, secured with a double tension-point aluminum buckle.
BUY | $30

Your ultra portable pocket notebook. The Pocket Journal by Lochby consists of a rugged waxed canvas case and a 3.5" x 5.5" Dot Grid Refill. The refill features fountain pen friendly Tomoe River 68 gsm white paper.
BUY | $39

This super convenient, remarkably packable water bottle saves precious space in your bag. A full-length straw provides structure and enables upright drinking while the collapsable design lets you stash it away when not in use.
BUY | $30

Made in Italy, this field watch draws on military heritage with a brushed black DLC coated case. The U2-FN is powered by the always dependable Seiko NH35A movement with 41 hours of power reserve and adds an impressive 300 meters of water resistance.
BUY | $575

In 2016, the Tactica Talon became the highest funded multitool in crowdfunding history. Using the feedback from thousands of backers, its since been improved and rechristened the Tactica M.100, in a sinister all black configuration.
BUY | $39

The new Gerber Key Note is a compact fine edge knife designed to help you deal with cutting and scrapping tasks in your daily life. The ultra compact design makes it an ideal EDC tool that you can throw in your pocket or on your keys and forget it.
BUY | $26

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