It?s that time of the month that we update our custom, curated BTS Shop on Huckberry, a shop that hooks you up with the coolest apparel and travel gear for an active lifestyle. This month we bring you a curated list of the best gear for your outdoor adventures. Check out the Huckberry/Blessthisstuff Shop for some exclusive products at great prices. More details below.

The pro skater behind Ridgemont wanted, in his own words, "great looking, well made, simply styled shoes.? And when he couldn?t find them, he made them. The Outback Oiled Leather boot is designed to stand up to all but the most extreme environments, though it still avoids the standard boot "bulk? that makes you look like you just finished hiking the Muir Trail whenever you?ve got ?em on.
$79 $135 | BUY

The National Park Service turns 100 in 2016, so Huckberry teamed up with Ohio-based illustrator, Joshua Minnich, to put together an exclusive line of products featuring some of their favorite parks. Show your love for the outdoors and American heritage while you?re out there on the trail with a Yellowstone Trail Cap.
$28 | BUY

The Handgrey H3 is part of a newly developed patent-pending quick release system, that allows you to place and remove keyring bundles easily, while keeping them all locked in the bottom portion of the keychain. Opening the gate will give you access to both the top portion and bottom portion of the clip at the same time.
$84 | BUY

The ideal haul bag. With a padded base and sides the Mountain Duffel keeps you protected from the gear you are carrying. The multiple internal and external pockets keep smaller items organized while the large main compartment can handle anything from ski boots to your trad rack.
$229 | BUY

A bright utility light that fits in your pocket. MecArmy designs practical everyday items with a tactical bent made from quality materials. The Pocket Flashlight has a solidly constructed housing and bright LED light that will continue to shine no matter what paces you put it through.
$39 $49 | BUY

The Roo is the camping hammock built for life changing adventure. Inspired by the kangaroo, this camping hammock will get you off the ground in a hurry, give you a comfortable, secure place to rest, and then pack up quick so you can continue on your way. Roomy enough for 2 people.
$129 | BUY

Reigning Champ is all about the details, building custom fabrics in their Vancouver headquarters to assure that each of their garments is comfortable and super tough. The Trail Jacket is a modern athletic staple built to withstand a wide variety of landscapes and weather.
$260 | BUY

Zero Tolerance have built something rugged, practical while keeping it quite elegant. Its main features reside in its high grade stainless steel blade, and the brushed Titanium handle keeps it light while giving it a more space-like luxury feel. Its quick open-lock system is also something that?s been well thought and developed, plus the orange colored lanyard gives it a distinctive and recognizable design. 
$229 $285 | BUY

Machine Era has been hard at work refining their products and processes and it really shows in their carefully crafted writing instruments. The Original Machine Era pen is a finely tuned writing instrument with a beautiful brass finish, smooth-writing ink cartridge and a lifespan that just might best your own.
$32 $38 | BUY           

Two screwdrivers, a mini pry bar and more on your keyring ? for less than the space of a standard house key. Big Idea Design have successfully pulled off their fair share of rad EDC projects in the past, and the Titanium Pocket Bit is no exception. It barely takes up the space of a standard key on your keyring, but it?s at least 10 times as useful.
$14 | BUY

A miniature, rechargeable light that can charge your phone in a pinch! Powerlight Mini is an ultraslim, portable lantern that can be recharged again and again which can charge your phone in a pinch as well. Equally useful around the campsite or around the house.
$38 $44 | BUY

Originally developed to protect early mountain climbers from the snow and sun?s blinding glare, the Mountaineering sunglasses featured removable side shields, and moderate to dark tinted lenses. The Northern Lights Optic interpretation is a stylish, unisex model available in several styles, outfitted with genuine leather sides, and fitted with Aurora CR39 high quality lenses.
$199 $279 | BUY

Meet the new backbone of your EDC. The Spine Wallet is a slick, sleek beauty of American titanium manufacturing that will keep your pockets slim and your carry weight minimal. Beautiful minimalist wallet for everyday carry.
$29 | BUY

First introduced in 1994, the Original Navy SEAL watch is the timepiece that put Luminox on the map. Chief Nick North, officer in charge of procurement for the Navy SEALs, worked with Luminox to develop a watch specifically designed for use under the most demanding conditions imaginable. 
$319 $395 | BUY

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【画像】 福岡、値段設定がおかしいラーメン屋が多過ぎるwwと話題に



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DCN Video Pick: Shameless and more by Lobster Studio // The…

DCN Video Pick: Shameless and more by Lobster Studio // The structure of this film is built around a series of daily life episodes where the concept of absence is the main protagonist of the scene. The irreverence of throwing out shitty ideas in a context where people cannot avoid considering them, the lack of support, of personal care, or of psychological depth are the elements that are ironically and metaphorically represented in this sequence of episodes, where the title of each one creates a fil rouge with the next. Produced by Lobster Character design and illustration: Miguel Ángel Camprubí Lettering: Davide Pagliardini Animation: Henrique Barone, Teodor Hristov, Nikolay Ivanov Clean up: Salvador Padilla Music: Fabrizio Martini Editing: Nikolay Ivanov

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【画像】 新品未開封の「スーパーマリオブラザーズ」 とんでもない価格で落札される

ヘリテージ・オークションズに出品されたNintendo Entertainment System(NES)向けの『スーパーマリオブラザーズ』が・・


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 トラが起きたらその太い前脚でビキュン!鋭い牙でガキュっと噛まれることは間違いないのだが、それでもカエルはこの死亡遊戯に果敢にチャレンジしたようだ。 続きを読む

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石原さとみ、不運続くドラマ現場でピリピリ・・ 共演者のアドリブに言い放った言葉



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元国民的「アイドルグループメンバーX」に薬物疑惑が浮上・・ 脱退後に激太り…関東連合OBの店で違法カジノか



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