“Of God, Blood And Winds”: Decadence Digital Artwork By Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme was born on the shores of Brittany (France) at the beginning of the eighties. His artwork evolves at the crossroad of modern and ancient myths and legends, forgotten tales and tragedies. Bastien creates dark and symbolic pictures, blending a contrast of beauty and decadence.

Bastien’s traditional and digital work can be seen in publications and exhibitions worldwide, including the cover of the emblematic Spectrum Fantastic Art book, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, ImagineFX, SFXMagazine, etc.

Today, Bastien lives in the USA and works as a freelance artist for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, National Geographic, Adobe, Random House, Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Orbit books, Applibot, Riot Games and many others.

More info: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Facebook, Instagram, Artstation, DeviantArt, Behance

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「窪、谷、沢」がつく地名は本当に危ない? 震災後に注目された「災害地名」が参考にならない理由



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【画像】 田中みな実のレアなガチすっぴん画像が投稿されファン騒然ww 「かわいすぎ」「これだけでご飯食べられます・・」



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Something’s Going On: Mary Lou Fulton’s Newly Rediscovered Photographs Of Punks, Mods, And Rockabillies From The 1980s

The radio blasted fast, easy headline news. Punks go on rampage at Huntington Park…$25,000 worth of damage…Police called to quell disturbance… h/t: flashbak The announcer’s voice wafted out cars gridlocked nose-to-tail on the L.A. freeway. Sweaty, vein-tense drivers, thinking, What the hell’s wrong with kids today? Rioting, burning stuff, tearing shit down. Never woulda happened in my day.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/somethings-going-on-mary-lou-fultons-newly-rediscovered-photographs-of-punks-mods-and-rockabillies-from-the-1980s/

【動画】 丸山穂高議員、佳子さまに「殿下! 殿下!」突然割り込み「ウェ~イ」・・ 目撃者の証言に衝撃走る



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キングコング梶原雄太が22日、カンテレ「快傑 えみちゃんねる」(金曜、後7・00)に出演し、YouTuberとしての年収が約8000万円であることを明かした・・


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 するとサークルに入っていた猫が猫パンチを炸裂。これに驚いた白い猫(おそらくシャム猫)が、刑事ものドラマの殉死シーンのごとく、白熱したリアクションを見せたのである。 続きを読む

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This Woman Made A Cake That Looks Like A Real Raw Turkey, And It’s The Best Prank For Thanksgiving

Some call her the baker from hell, others – a diabolical genius, but one thing is for sure – Sarah Hardy has one hell of a talent. This British baker makes the most unique, goriest, craziest and weirdest cakes and chocolates you’ve ever seen. More: The Edible Museum, Instagram, Recipe h/t: boredpanda Do you want chocolate that looks like a human brain? View this post on Instagram CHOCOLATE BRAINS:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/this-woman-made-a-cake-that-looks-like-a-real-raw-turkey-and-its-the-best-prank-for-thanksgiving/

Vintage Christmas Ads For Avon Cosmetics From The 1960s

These Christmas adverts for Avon cosmetics date from 1963-69. As was common for the time in America, photo shoots were taken using white models and black models separately using the same sets and similar poses. “Gift by Avon… A joy to select… A joy to give… A joy to receive!” h/t: vintag.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/vintage-christmas-ads-for-avon-cosmetics-from-the-1960s/

Fearsome Palm Tree Japanese Folklore Dragon Gives Goosebumps In Okinawa

oogomadara The Shimadakara (“Island Treasure”) Art Festival in Urama, Okinawa celebrates the people, culture, and nature of Japan’s southern islands. One aim of the festival is to showcase the talent of local artisans in handmade crafts, as well an appreciation for utilizing the limited natural resources they must rely on in life through art. h/t:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/11/fearsome-palm-tree-japanese-folklore-dragon-gives-goosebumps-in-okinawa/

【動画】 中洲で修羅場 タクシーが若者をはねフェンスをなぎ倒しながら逃走、投稿動画に衝撃走る



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