Oh My Gourd – A Halloween Stop Motion Pumpkin Carving Experiment…

Oh My Gourd - A Halloween Stop Motion Pumpkin Carving Experiment via https://youtu.be/lraRQ2l9TVg // Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of pumpkins were cut, gutted, rotated, scraped, poked, slapped, and banged to make this stop-motion animation and the music that bring it to life. It took a few years - pumpkins rot, schedules get busy - but we loved discovering the methods that worked and the many that didn’t. Many pumpkins were photographed twice. First as a nicely lit, carving-free plate. Then again after carving our designs and removing the top or back so we could insert a light. The two were then composited together to remove the lighting equipment. We re-used pumpkins where we could (fronts and backs and sometimes sides) but that wasn’t always possible. We often projected images onto the pumpkins to improve our carvings’ consistency between frames, but due to each pumpkin’s unique curves, it often took just putting it in front of the camera to check alignment. There were many animations that didn’t make it into the final piece which seemed like good ideas at the time but ended up being too complicated and did not work (a carved heart that emerged and beat with the pulsing of the light, a complex halloween themed pumpkin zoetrope, and an animation of a tree that grows as the pumpkins sizes do among others). The music was created by through what we’ve deemed “Pumpkin Orchestration.” Grayson Matthews’ Igor Correia created this catchy rhythmically-driven underscore with the help of Tom Westin and the team of sound designers at Grayson including Ben Swarbrick, Laura Titchner, Chris Masson, Sebastian Biega and Aaron Verdonk. Special cameos by Brian Bernard and Asha Dillion. Most of these sounds were smashed, tapped, kicked, clapped or scooped out of actual pumpkins and carving tools, with some enhancement and sound manipulation courtesy of Logic and Protools. We hope this inspires others and can’t wait to see what you create! Created by: Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin Photography: Rob Popkin (http://www.robertpopkin.com/) Music: Grayson Matthews (http://graysonmatthews.com/)

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/166979754703

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【動画】 コロンビア人の男、日本人女性に「私は良い売春婦です」などと言わせる 動画が拡散され大騒動に

19日のロシア・ワールドカップのグループH第1節コロンビア対日本(1-2)が行われたサランスクで、コロンビア人男性グループが日本人女性に侮辱的な言葉を口にさせたとして、コロンビア国内で深刻な問題として扱われている・・ 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/9857027.html

【動画】 サッカー日本代表、コロンビア戦の視聴率ww 前回ブラジル大会をも上回る驚愕の結果に

サッカー日本代表のワールドカップ(W杯)初戦、コロンビア戦を生中継したNHK総合(後9・53~同11・00)の平均視聴率は48・7%(ビデオリサーチ調べ、関東地区)だったことが20日、分かった。 続きを読む

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This dog has the best Halloween costume ive ever seen (Source:…

This dog has the best Halloween costume ive ever seen (Source: https://ift.tt/2K0Elnh)

SOURCE: http://awwww-cute.tumblr.com/post/175060544228

【動画】 「水曜日のダウンタウン」 予告内容が突然変更で騒然、クレームが原因かと憶測流れる

5月30日夜放送の番組では、お笑い芸人を横浜市内の倉庫に閉じ込め、別に身代わりの芸人を呼び出せれば脱出できるという企画を流した。 そして、6月13日の番組では、山奥の廃墟に舞台を変えて、第2弾を20日の次回に放送すると予告していた。ところが・・ 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/9856981.html

The happy runner (Source: https://ift.tt/2I4kuSi)

The happy runner (Source: https://ift.tt/2I4kuSi)

SOURCE: http://awwww-cute.tumblr.com/post/175059517873


発言が常にオウンゴール。 続きを読む

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When your parents come home unexpectedly and bust you (Source:…

When your parents come home unexpectedly and bust you (Source: https://ift.tt/2lkx5Id)

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My neighbors dog whenever we BBQ. Such a good boy. (Source:…

My neighbors dog whenever we BBQ. Such a good boy. (Source: https://ift.tt/2K2bdz1)

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