Okay, if I must. (Source: http://ift.tt/2uWPBgg)

Okay, if I must. (Source: http://ift.tt/2uWPBgg)

SOURCE: http://awwww-cute.tumblr.com/post/163460003430

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DCN Pick: Infiniti – Temporal by PeterClark // “All media are…

DCN Pick: Infiniti - Temporal by PeterClark // “All media are extensions of some human faculty - psychic or physical.” - Marshall McLuhan Our experience of memory and time has been progressively extended by technology. Our thoughts travel the world and transmit between devices like synapses firing in the brain. Our memories of sound, light and texture can all be stored indefinitely and immediately in the digital network. Infiniti Temporal seeks to illuminate moments in the mind using high powered light and textural soundscapes. These scenes fit into a larger film directed by GMUNK for the NFINITI QX50, which focuses on the growing intersection between human minds and our mechanical creations. Infiniti QX50 Credits List: Director: GMUNK    Managing Partner: Oliver Fuselier   Executive Producer: Brad Johns   Head of Production: Amy DeLossa   Line Producer: Lee Trask   Prod. Supervisor: Melissa Jacobs   Asst. Prod. Supervisor: Manar Humidan   Asst. Prod. Supervisor: Stacy Bergstein   1st AD: Ryan Lippert   2nd AD: Erik Marshall   Director of Photography: Chris Probst   1st AC: Niranjan Martin   1st AC B Unit: Bradley Rochlitzer   2nd AC: Jeremy Cannon   Practical Wizardry: Peter Clark Production Designer: Philip Messina   Asst. Art Director: Paul Richards   Propmaster: Chris Wright   Asst. Propmaster: Curtis Harrison DIT: Jesse Tyler    Crane Tech: Nazariy Hatak   Crane Tech/Driver: Brian love   Head Tech: Jay Sheveck    Gaffer:  Spencer Scranton   Best Boy Electric: Anthony Najem   Electric: Armen Gurdzhyan   Electric: Brandon Alperin   Electric: Mike Mauceri   Fisher Light Tech: Vincent O’Carroll   Fisher Light Tech: Fernando Espiritusanto   Key Grip: Eric Budlong   Best Boy Grip: Brian Deutsch   Grip: Kaiyoti Pesente   Grip: Jim Wickman   Grip / Driver: Mike Mull   Hyphenate: Alfonso ‘Ponch’ Arellano   Scenic: Max King   Key Costumer: Julie Block    2nd Costumer: Dana Peterson   Key Make-Up: Keiko Wedding    2nd Make-Up: Haruyo Sawada   Gang Boss: Rob Harper   Craft Service: Paloma Aguirre   Stage Manager: Richard Gray   VTR: Adrian Delgado   Script Supervisor: Debbie Wright   Manicurest: Thao Nguyen   Projector Project Manager: Adam Sivertsen   Projectionist: Christian Shen   Projectionist: Kenny Miller   AV Tech: Asa Borquist   Laser Tech: Adam LaBay    Turntable Tech: Andrew McCown   Turntable Tech: Juan Sylvestre   Editor: Graham Chisholm   Sr.Producer: Rebecca Jameson     VFX Supervisor: Kevin Lau   Client      Head of Global Marketing: Melissa Bell   Head of GLBL. Mktg. Campaigns: Sophia Formosa   Manager, Global Marketing: Stewart Sze To   Senior Analyst: Shanshan Li        Agency –– 72andSunny     Producer: Elizabeth Corsini   Creative Director: Sean Matthews   Creative Director: JC Abbruzzi   Designer: Gideon Gillard   Writer: Cory Conrad   Creative Director: Nate Virnig   Group Production Director: Angelo Mazzamuto   Group Creative Director: Gui Borchert Music By Enternull Mastered by Brian Hazard - Resonance Mastering

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フィナーレなのにショボすぎる・・ 「みなおか」最終回まさかの1時間放送、その内容に落胆の声

最終回では、番組第1回目のゲストであった松田聖子や、野猿のメンバーらとともに、「ほんとのうたばん」の名場面を振り返る。ラストにはとんねるずの熱唱が披露されるという。この内容にネットでは・・ 続きを読む

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【動画】 あぶない! 有名リゾートに向かう観光バスが後ろから煽り、投稿動画に衝撃走る

観光バス、恐怖のあおり運転。 続きを読む

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From /aww to /awwshit (Source: http://ift.tt/2pvxgSm)

From /aww to /awwshit (Source: http://ift.tt/2pvxgSm)

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Onward my trusty steed! (Source: http://ift.tt/2DGPoOw)

Onward my trusty steed! (Source: http://ift.tt/2DGPoOw)

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いきものがかり、予定を超える放牧1年3か月・・ 吉岡聖恵に「不仲説と解散」の真相を直撃した結果

彼らの状況を知るあるレコード会社関係者に話を聞くと、表情はどことなく暗い。「当初、休止期間は1年くらいという予定だったのです・・ 続きを読む

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Monkey getting its mind blown (Source: http://ift.tt/2FUuyNj)

Monkey getting its mind blown (Source: http://ift.tt/2FUuyNj)

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DCN Pick: Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano 2018 Main Titles by…

DCN Pick: Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano 2018 Main Titles by zaoeyo // more info: https://www.behance.net/gallery/56537199/OFFF-Milano-2018-Main-Titles  Event: Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano 2018 Tool: Cinema 4D / Octane Render / AfterEffects Title Designer / 3D Artist: zaoeyo (Xiaolin Zeng) Sound Design & Score : CypherAudio | John Black & Tobias Norberg Special Thanks: RenderBus, Filippo Spiezia

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This child after being freed from ISIS by Iraqi soldiers….

This child after being freed from ISIS by Iraqi soldiers. (Source: http://ift.tt/2DG9VTl)

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