30 Everyday Things That Look Normal at First, But Just Can’t Be Unseen

You Can't Unsee

There are many things in everyday life that appear normal at first, but sometimes, when you take a second glance, something else appears. For example, this cleverly designed image of what appears to be one superhero, is in fact, three, depending on how you look at it: one Wolverine or Batman and his clone. Continue reading for more everyday things that look normal at first, but can't be unseen.


8枚切りのパンが関東に根付いた理由は 「GHQの指示で作られたため」

パンの中でも国内消費量が最も多いとされる「食パン」ですが、その枚数に関東と関西で違いがあるのをご存知でしょうか? 関東では普通に売られている「8枚切り」は関西の店舗ではほとんど見かけません。一体なぜ? 続きを読む

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Xhibitionist Superyacht Has Helipad and Massive Supercar Garage, is Perfect for Bruce Wayne

Superyacht Helipad

Gray Design's 75-meter Xhibitionist superyacht is the perfect one for a person like Bruce Wayne, as it has all the finest luxuries a playboy billionaire would expect, including: 8 guest rooms, a rooftop jacuzzi for parties, and last, but most certainly not least, built-in solar panels that also double as a helipad (or concert space). The price you ask? A cool $25-million, with all of them being built-to-order. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.


NASA Says We’ll Discover Alien Life Within 20-Years

NASA Alien Life

Are we alone in the universe? NASA says the answer to that burning question is "almost certainly no." While we could meet our alien neighbors within the next two decades, they may not be of the space-faring or even intelligent type. Ellen Stofan, NASA chief scientist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, says: "I believe we are going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth in the next decade and definitive evidence in the next 10 to 20 years. We know where to look, we know how to look, and in most cases we have the technology." Continue reading for a video and more information.






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Aukey’s 20,000mAh Portable Power Bank Can Recharge an iPhone 6 Seven Times, Priced at $27 Shipped – Today Only

Aukey Power Bank

Aukey's 20,0000mAh Portable Power bank (black or white) can fully recharge an iPhone 6 / Samsung Galaxy S 6 / S 6 Edge at least 7-times, but it's priced at just $26.99 shipped with coupon code: Z56QQZKT, today only. Want to charge two different devices at once? Its AIPower Technology intelligently detects the input current of the connected devices to maximize both compatibility and charging speed (up to 3.1A for 2 Ports). Plus, there's also a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies. Product page - be sure to enter coupon code: Z56QQZKT during checkout for the additional discount. Continue reading for a video review, more pictures and additional information.



ちびっ子が大切な友達を失った!という動画が、既に再生回数310万回オーバーの大ヒット。最愛の友達が死んだ後に、トイレに流して弔うことにしたようです。そしてレバーを引いて水は流れ、その後の少年の表情に、ぐっとくるものがあります・・・ 続きを読む

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(via Христина Соловій – Тримай (official video) – YouTube)…

(via Христина Соловій – Тримай (official video) - YouTube)

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NHKヤラセ疑惑で番組製作のカラクリが露呈、テレビ業界内に衝撃 「NHKにこれを認められると痛い」

話題のNHK「クローズアップ現代」のやらせ疑惑騒動。調査委員会が9日発表した中間報告をめぐり、民放の報道番組関係者が「NHKにコレをやられると痛い!」と真っ青になっているという。衝撃的だったのは、番組制作の“カラクリ”を明かしてしまったことだという・・・ 続きを読む

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