Modern Skeleton Heroes


“Modern Heroes” illustration series by artist MAD.

“Modern Heroes” illustrations here.


O2 Vase – A Collection Of Vases That Are Made By Use Of Graphic And Material


O2 VASE is a collection of vase that expresses the purity of playing between graphic and material. It enables you to shape a beautiful delicate graphic as a piece of decorative object.

Each vase is transformed into simple sphere-like cube shape from a piece of flat surface (paper or transparent film). The collection shows the sophisticated range of patterns while at the same time handing the job over to the user who will feel tempted to be involved making its shape by simply blowing air inside.

O2 Vase is light, beautiful, and different from other vases as its fundamental concept is completely different from them. O2 vase currently comes with 4 designs, 2 in Tyvek and the other 2 in Transparent film. You can choose your favourite and create your own mix & match. Designs can go together well in different arrangements to overlay the patterns.


OUYE is a Knockoff Android Game Console from China That is Part PS4 and Xbox One

OUYE PS4 Xbox One Knockoff

Photo credit: Kotaku

Knockoffs are nothing new, but the OUYE Android game console combines elements from both the PS4 and Xbox One. It runs Android 4.4.2 with a custom, PlayStation-style tile interface, and features an octa-core A80 processor, 2GB of RAM, as well as 16GB of built-in storage. How much will it set you back? Just a mere £45 ($70). Continue reading for more pictures and information.


Pencil Drawings by Leong Hong Yu


Celebrities are always favorite targets for artists to draw. Malaysian artist Leong Hong Yu presented the list of realistic pencil drawings of celebrities’ portraits.

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Asshole Cat Being Shamed For his Crimes (Source:…

Asshole Cat Being Shamed For his Crimes (Source:


【車載映像】 やっちまった! 荷台を下げ忘れて走行するトラック、厳しい結末

8月16日、とあるサウジアラビアのハイウェイにて。荷台を上げたまま走行するトラック、そしてすぐそこに標識が・・・ 続きを読む


(via CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace – YouTube)

(via CHVRCHES - Leave A Trace - YouTube)








Forget Normal Lamps, These Alien-Like Pods are Powered by Microalgae

Microalgae Lamp

Why use normal lamps, when you could use these alien pods powered by photobioreactors? Ethan Frier created this installation, called "Living Things," which uses furniture to cultivate a symbiotic environment between people and these microorganisms. It features three stations - a living room, dining room, and kitchen - that each used the microalgae in a different way. The glass vessels contain photobioreactors inside, which are used to provide heat, light, agitation, air supply, nutrient, and waste control to keep the algae alive inside. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


My dog’s hind legs look like arms coming out of a round…

My dog’s hind legs look like arms coming out of a round torso! (Source: