These Looks Like a Bunch of Sewer Pipes, But Step inside, and You’ll See They’re Actually Hotel Rooms

Sewer Pipe Hotel Austria

Sewer pipes and hotel rooms usually aren't used in the same sentence, but Das Park Hotel is definitely an exception. Designer Andreas Strauss created an entire hotel using old sewage pipes, called "Das Park Hotel". It's located in Ottensheim, Austria, within each 6.5-foot diameter pipe there are paintings by Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa, along with a small window for natural light to enter. Other amenities include a double-bed, storage space, and even a small charging station for your gadgets. How much does it cost? It's "ay as you wish" system that lets guests pay exactly what they think their stay was worth. Continue reading for a video and more information.


SAN CISCO – Magic by zack spiger

SAN CISCO - Magic by zack spiger




 いやそりゃ種が違うので、根本は違うわけだけど、その表情がありえないくらいにそっくり。これはredditのユーザー ”MeghanAndDerby” が「私の親友。っていうか基本双子。」というタイトルで公開した画像である。



YouTubeに絵コンテを公開した時から1年。制作メンバーは完全素人。慣れない作業の中手詰まりを感じながら、なんとか完成させることが出来た、という手描きアニメーション作品。好きなアニメキャラを思いのまま描き動かした!というその想いと愛がギチギチ伝わる力作。 続きを読む


92-Year-Old Female WWII Pilot Takes to the Skies in Spitfire Plane

92-Year-Old WW2 Female Pilot

For 92-year-old female ex-World War II pilot Joy Lofthouse, there's no better way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE Day than by flying through crystal-clear skies in a Spitfire fighter plane, just like the one she piloted in 1945 as a member of the British Air Transport Auxiliary. Continue reading for a video and more information.


Hotel Chevalier 2007.720p (Wes Anderson Kurzfilm) by Patrick…

Hotel Chevalier 2007.720p (Wes Anderson Kurzfilm) by Patrick Wieland


If R2-D2 was a Volkswagen Bus, This is What the Astromech Droid Would Look Like

R2-D2 Volkswagen Bus

Project credit: mimaki cg60

Instructables users and Star Wars fanatic mimaki cg60 initially wanted to transform his family's old VW bus into a wooden creation of sorts, but then they finally found the droid they were looking for, and decided to go the R2-D2 route. He managed to recreate all of the objects on the astromech, drew them up in Corel Draw, printed the vinyl wrap and spent a total of about 50-hours on the project. Continue reading to read and see the process from start to finish.


衝撃。 毎年この時期に「湖の水」がどこかに消える怪現象、その秘密が明らかに

アメリカのオレゴン州にある湖「ロストレイク」では毎年、神秘的な出来事が繰り広げられる。このシーズンになると、湖の水がどこかに消えて牧草地に変わるという。これまで、この湖の水がどこに消えるのかは謎のままだった。しかし・・・ 続きを読む


(via Arkadin – Valhalla [Clip Officiel] – YouTube)

(via Arkadin - Valhalla [Clip Officiel] - YouTube)


Lily Camera is a Self-Flying Camera Drone That Follows Moving Targets and Records HD Video

Lily Camera

Think of Lily Camera as basically a self-flying camera for people who don't want to pilot a quadcopter while attempting to record video footage. Measuring a svelte 3" high and roughly 10" square, this 2.8 pound gadget can easily be pulled from a backpack and then tossed in the air. Its motors will start working automatically as the drone takes flight. Thanks to a sealed body, rain or snow won't be a problem for this drone. Since there's no radio controller, users just wear a puck-shaped tracking device on their body. It uses a combination of GPS and visual subject tracking to let Lily know your position, distance and speed. Once locked, Lily can be set to maneuver to keep you in frame or be set to follow your every move via a mobile app. Continue reading for a video and more information.