10 Bizarre Gadgets and Random Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist

Random Gadgets Inventions

For a cool $58,000, you too could own a real golf cart hovercraft, which is designed to easily glide over sand traps as well as water hazards on a cushion of air. Powered by a 65-hp twin-cylinder Hirth engine, its nine-blade axial-flow ducted fan propels it up to a top speed of 45mph and 9-inches off the ground without harming the grass. The fan's streamlined design minimizes noise, speeds up an 18-hole game, and transports up to 4 passengers beneath a lift-up roof or 2 golf bags in an open rear compartment. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos of today.


「ヘイトスピーチ、許さない。」 法務省の広告が新聞の一面に登場

17日、法務省は新聞に「ヘイトスピーチ、許さない。」と書かれた広告を新聞に掲載。元々法務省はヘイトスピーチに対しては「ヘイトスピーチ、許さない。」と題された啓発チラシを作成していたが、これを広告にも同文面で採用したという。 続きを読む

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These Siberian Huskies are Not Walking on Water, It’s All Just a Clever Illusion

Siberian Huskies Dogs Walking on Water

Photo credit: Fox Grom

Russia-based photographer Fox Grom has managed to capture what appears to be Siberian Huskies walking on water, but it's all just a clever illusion. You see, this particular lake is completely frozen over, except for a thin layer of melted ice up top. When the dogs realized this, they began playing around on the thawing lake, making it look like a giant mirror of sorts. Grom resides in the ultra chilly Kirovsk regoin in Murmansk Oblast, which is in the northern part of Russia. Nearly the entire area is north of the Arctic circle, which means that this probably isn't the first time the lake has frozen over. Continue reading for more pictures.


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14 Random (Yet Fascinating) Pictures You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Needle Sculpture

Jonty Hurwitz's sculptures are so small that they can fit on a single strand of human hair, or in other words, the size of an ant's head. He spent months working on the piece that you see above, but when the piece was taken to a photographer to have it captured under a microscope, destruction accidentally ensued via the lab technician's finger. He says: "The structure is created using a ground-breaking new 3D printing technology and a technique called Multiphoton Lithography." Continue reading for more.


「放射能濃度を測ります」 コップ尿騒動のニコ生主が弁当屋で迷惑配信、営業妨害行為に非難殺到

先日紹介した、無免許運転の配信で逮捕された生主「しんやっちょ」氏らのコップ尿騒動。その後、その場に居合わせていた「金バエ」氏が当時のやりとりをTwitterで公開、実際に尿だったことをしんやっちょ氏が示唆する発言をしていた事が明らかに。さらに・・・ 続きを読む

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BMW Urban Racer Motorcycle is Sleek and Futuristic, Has Fighter Jet-Inspired Design

BMW Urban Racer

If fighter jet and a motorcycle were combined into one, it'd probably look something like the BMW Urban Racer Concept. Sleek and futuristic, it's powered by a 1200cc twin-cylinder engine that pumps out 115 horsepower, plenty for its ultra lightweight carbon fiber frame. A pair Brembo brakes provide maximum stopping power when going for spirited night runs. Aside from the carbon fiber, you'll find silver accents, a mahogany wood fuel tank and quilted leather seat to match those wood guards. Continue reading for more pictures.





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