Unusual Jobs for Famous Writers


One could thing that James Joyce was successful instantly, from his first book. And what about Stephen King or F. Scott Fitzgerald? These illustrations depict vividly that every great writer is also a human. Moreover, they describe where all this famous writers started from. Joyce, for instance, was an artist in a wider sense composing melodies, playing the piano and performing. King was a high school Janitor and Fitzgerald was worked in an advertising agency.

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gifsboom: Video: New York Pizza Rat Prank


Video: New York Pizza Rat Prank

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Vimeo Staff Pick: “Bicycle” has been an official…

Vimeo Staff Pick: “Bicycle” has been an official selection and/or screened following film and animation festivals: Tulsa International Animation Festival (Official Selection) Tulsa, OK - 2015 Multivision Festival (Official selection) St. Petersburg, Russia - 2015 FIA Festival International de Animacion (Official Selection) Montevideo, Uraguay - 2015 New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, (International Panorama) Chitose Hokkaido, Japan 2015 Animasyros International Animation Festival, (International Panorama) Syros, Greece - 2015 P'Tit Pain 4 (Official Selection) – Montreal, Canada 2015 Cinefringe (Official Selection) – Traveling UK - 2015 Insomnia festival (Official Selection)—Moscow & Kaluga, Russia – 2015 (Honorable Mention Award)

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gifsboom: (via:  eugeneoreilleysmithers)


(via:  eugeneoreilleysmithers)

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Are you sure you set the timer on the camera? (Source:…

Are you sure you set the timer on the camera? (Source: http://ift.tt/1O0tt5c)

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Products of The Day #467


No more remembering combinations, codes, or keys, Noke U-Lock allows you to lock and unlock your bike with your smartphone. With the app, available for Bluetooth iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Noke U-Lock only unlocks when your unique code has been entered and you’re close to your bike. Also with the app you can share access and limit your friends’ usage with a predetermined schedule. Noke U-Lock effortlessly snaps into place and can be left on your bike during your ride with the conveniently included bike mount.

The Schatzii S1 360° Swivel Mount is a MicroSuction Phone Dock that requires NO Tools, NO Clamps, NO Adhesives, and is easy to install and remove. The patented 360° Swivel Mount is powered by Nanotechnology, and utilizes millions of microscopic suction cups that provide a vacuum like grip for your phone to any flat, smooth, non-porous surface without the need for any tools, adhesives or cumbersome clamps.

Carry all your everyday necessities in style and always have by your side with the Rib 2.0.This bag is a patent pending design which has been upgraded with RFID security protection. The bag uses the power of physical as well as digital technology in order to keep your belongings safe. There is a main pocket with patented RIFD lining having secure zipper and double magnet to hold your wallet and a large pocket with heavy duty magnet clip to store your phone.

The new Xiaomi Mi Band features an optical heart rate sensor and is designed to track your sleep in a better way than before. The heart rate tracker has been located on the bottom of the device while the strap is made of a better material for enhanced durability. The other features of this activity tracker includes a 45mAh battery capacity sports with a Dialog 4.0 bluetooth chip, ADI sensor and IP67 water resistant.

Water For Life Filters are the smallest, most efficient, powerful water filters that clean out 99.9% of bacteria in freshwater lakes, rivers and streams delivering clean, safe drinking water. Proceeds from this campaign go towards providing clean, safe water to developing countries including Cambodia, Kenya and India. Have access to clean water wherever you go and help us get clean water to children and babies in need.

After the Radius Case, the Mod-3 team comes back yet again with a true minimalist iPhone 6 case. It will work as a hands-free solution for your home, work-space and car. Alt is an ultra-light, protective & hands-free/multi-tasking iPhone case for iPhone6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus. The case has been meticulously designed out of glass and aluminum which fits your iPhone perfectly and will provide that ultimate protection you desire.

Pico is a fully automatic craft beer brewing appliance that allows anyone to brew 5L mini-kegs of professional quality craft beer. Pico leverages patented technology from PicoBrew’s award-winning Zymatic product in a more compact and affordable form. Pico uses convenient, ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient kits produced by over 50 of the world’s most interesting craft breweries (with more announced every day). PicoPaks may be purchased from the BrewMarketplace and customized to taste.

Add some wooden pizazz to your accessories with the Ultra Slim Wood Pattern iPhone Case by Satechi. Available for both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the Wood Pattern iPhone Case is low-profile yet sophisticated. The lightweight polyurethane case is smooth and tough, protecting your phone from bumps and scratches. The shell adds no bulk, allowing you to still access all the buttons, ports, and camera of the iPhone.

Always have a charge on you for all of your devices with the cheero Tough, the portable power bank. The cheero Tough reduces time to charge for your USB 3.0 chargeable devices, topping up your battery at an accelerated rate. With an LED battery indicator light and an LED light to easily view the ports, the cheero Tough is also the easiest way to charge your devices. Not only can this power bank handle charging an iPhone up to four times, it’s also dust proof and water and shock resistant.

The search for the perfect cooking knife is over thanks to Misen, the versatile and affordable kitchen knife. Offering no compromises on quality and design, Misen have redesigned one of the world’s oldest tools with a modern and practical take. Taking the best parts of both German and Japanese knives, Misen is an elegant shape that can be used from slicing to chopping. The thermoplastic handle forces you to hold the knife properly, resulting in more intuitive control. More info

Honda Reveals New Urban Mobility Pods
Honda unveiled several concept vehicles during the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. Most were cars, but there were also some very unique devices that stood out. In particular the Wander Stand and the Wander Walker were the two Segway-like gadgets that caught the attention of onlookers at the event. Read More

20+ Holiday Gift Ideas For a Perfect Vacation This Christmas
Sometimes holidays call for a quick vacation to some place where you can rediscover yourself once again. After a year amidst the cacophony of everyday living, there are days when you want to take a break and fly off to your favorite vacation spot. For I strongly believe in what Saint Augustine had said long ago, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” I am sure many of you think the same and must have already started making plans for the upcoming holidays. Just to make sure your trip has everything you need, here’s a special holiday gift guide on vacation must haves. Read More

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Big brother to the rescue. (Source: http://ift.tt/1XZPbuV)

Big brother to the rescue. (Source: http://ift.tt/1XZPbuV)

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you are fish…..

you are fish…..

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Juvenile Lion fish. Photo by Steven Kovacs

Juvenile Lion fish. Photo by Steven Kovacs

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Hello yes pats now (Source: http://ift.tt/1MjWkyP)

Hello yes pats now (Source: http://ift.tt/1MjWkyP)

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