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国立科学博物館などの研究チームが、台湾沖で新種の可能性がある原人の化石が見つかったと発表。大きな歯と下あごが特徴、インドネシアのジャワ原人や、フローレス原人、中国の北京原人などと比べ、同じグループと考えることは難しいとしている。 続きを読む

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Do you like German built stuff? Check out the new Gymwatch, a successfully crowdfunded project. The name reveals what it does, it?s a fitness tracker that measures your physical activity, in a real precise way. Analyzing such things as initial strength, explosive strength or speed strength, it retrieves info on your free weight training, measuring repetitions and detecting incorrect postures to ensure optimal performance. It?s also a cardio tracker making sure you?re always on your aimed cardio frequency. Gymwatch also gives you the optimum weight for your exercise, thus avoiding under loading or overloading. It also features different training modes. Pair it up with your smartphone (IOS or Android), and it becomes your personal  trainer, showing you all of your training data, allowing you to use the scientific algorithms to help achieve your personal goals. watch the video

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Founded in 2013, Monsieur Bojangles offers a wide range of unique outdoor-inspired goods, including these stylish bracelets. Every bracelet is handcrafted with love and care in the Netherlands, to order, and is made with high quality, immensely durable American made type III commercial grade 550 paracord. All bracelets are finished with an engraved stainless steel D-shackle, and come with a custom designed recyclable matchbox inspired package. Check out the full collection at their Etsy online store.

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Kredo is a free iPad portfolio app for creative professionals. This is sort of the LinkedIn for photographers, models, designers, illustrators, and artists. It?s a professional social network that allows you to upload your portfolio, share your work  and look for professionals in these areas. Being a social media it allows you to connect with other people, your peers, colleagues or others. The beautifully designed interface is easy to use, has a very professional look, allows high definition photos to be uploaded, retina-quality viewing, and is secure online, because it?s backed up by a cloud system. You can protect your portfolio and only share it with who you want. So if you?re an illustrator, designer or a model this is the place to be! watch the video

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Remember the awesome Coolest Cooler? (one of kickstarter?s most popular funding campaigns, with over $13Million pledged!) well, it seems some guys have taken the same concept an applied it to a toolbox. The Coolbox comes equipped with some unique features, functions, and technology. Besides all of the classic storage and compartments you would expect, notable features include a built-in whiteboard, a LED flood light, an internal battery, USB ports, an integrated power bar, Bluetooth speakers, a clock, a bottle opener, and a retractable power cord. Basically everything you?d ever need at the job site. watch the video

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「アギーレ解任」内定済み? 後任に急浮上する大物ブラジル人とは・・・

八百長問題で揺れるアギーレジャパン。南米サッカー事情に詳しい某マスコミ関係者 「実は、昨年末から水面下で次期監督選びが進んでおり、W杯優勝経験を持つ大物指揮官に白羽の矢を立てたようです」 続きを読む

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Most Toolboxes are Boring, the Coolbox Packs an Integrated Power Bar, Speakers and More


Most toolboxes are designed purely for function, the $179 Coolbox is not only functional, but packs an internal rechargeable battery, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, wheels, bottle opener, and lots more. There's also a magnetic lid for keeping track of loose screws, bolts and the other magnetic pieces, a whiteboard under the lid and dual tablet stands both on the top of the box and inside. On the lower left side, there's a built-in power strip that operate when you have the Coolbox (Indiegogo page) plugged into an outlet via a retractable cord, which doubles as an extension cord of sorts. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading to watch the top five viral videos for today.