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米ニューヨークのラガーディア空港で5日、着陸したデルタ航空の旅客機が大雪でスリップし滑走路をはみ出し、脇の土手に乗り上げフェンスを壊して停止した。すぐ横を流れる川までわずか数メートルというところだった。 続きを読む

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No Matter How Bumpy the Ride, the Self-Leveling Maksimatic Bullet Will Keep Your Drinks Safe

Maksimatic Spill-Proof Cup Holder

Photo credit: Kickstarter via Gizmodo

Don't you just hate coming across an unexpected turn or bumpy road while driving, especially with drinks in tow? This usually means disaster, or at least some spillage, but thanks to the Maksimatic Bullet, your drinks will remain safe. This accessory not only works with just about any car, but it's gyroscopic (auto-leveling) and centrifugal, which means it will tilt during rapid changes in velocity such as braking, sharp turns, etc. Best of all, this patented device will set you back only $25 when released. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading to watch the five most popular viral videos of today - including a clip of a lion opening a car door.



米ロサンゼルスで5日午後2時20分ごろ、ハリソン・フォードさんが操縦する小型機が離陸直後に近くのゴルフ場に墜落したと伝えられています。フォードさんは病院に運ばれ手当てを受けているが意識はあるそうです。過去にも何度か墜落経験があるそうです。 続きを読む

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Harrison Ford Crash Lands WW2 Vintage Plane on Golf Course, Survives

Harrison Ford Crash

Harrison Ford's characters have battled Darth Vader, Nazis and other evil-doers in movies, but in the real world, he's a licensed pilot who has the freedom to take to the skies at will. But with adventure comes some risk, just as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and other daring movie characters brought to life by Ford realized. Yesterday, Ford's plane crash-landed on a golf course near the airport where he houses the craft. Fortunately, there were no life-threatening injuries, as he was then taken by ambulance to a hospital in a condition described as fair-to-moderate. Continue reading for two more videos - including the air traffic control audio - and more information.


Vimeo Staff Pick: Jan. 2015 Channel 101 Written, Directed &…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Jan. 2015 Channel 101 Written, Directed & Produced by Alex Kavutskiy & Ariel Gardner DP Nate Cornett Edited by Ariel Gardner Starring David Geis as Isaac Erin McGathy as Julie Danielle Billeaux as Maria Nancy Kronig as Mom Flip McManus as The Baby and the voice of Demorge Brown Original Music by Jason Martin Castillo Music mixed by Melinda Garcia Score produced by Jason Martin Castillo and Melinda Garcia with Sounds of the Sun Productions

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Photographers Capture 24 Cats Who Might Be Secretly Plotting to Kill You

Cats Secretly Plotting

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You is a real book by the internet sensation known as "TheOatmeal", but these photographers managed to catch a few of these pets secretly plotting an evil scheme, or so we think. On a related note, here are some interesting cat facts: on average, cats spend 2/3 of every day sleeping. That means a nine-year-old cat has been awake for only three years of its life; A cat can't climb head first down a tree because every claw on a cat's paw points the same way. To get down from a tree, a cat must back down; Approximately 40,000 people are bitten by cats in the U.S. annually. Continue reading for more.



選挙権が与えられる年齢が18歳へと引き下げられることを受け、政府与党が教職員による「偏向教育」への対策に乗り出すことに。そんな中、政治思想に基づいた教育が行われていると話題を集めているのが兵庫県・尼崎市にある「塚本幼稚園幼児教育学園」。 続きを読む

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34 Outlandish and Random (Yet True) Facts That Might Surprise You

X-Ray Proposal

Believe it or not, there was someone who actually proposed to an x-ray technician at a chiropractor clinic by taping soldering wire to their stomach with the words "Marry Me", along with a ring. Fortunately, the person said yes, and a friend (or co-worker) has already been chosen to be their best man. Continue reading for more outlandish and random, yet true, facts that might surprise you.