Here is a chance to own something truly special, the first Maserati 200 S ever built! This stunning piece of machinery has significant historic importance and occupies a place of distinction in the history of Maserati sports racing cars, winning many races back in the 50?s and driven by the likes of Stirling Moss and Giuseppe Farina. The one of a kind sports car features an impeccable 2.0 litre 187hp engine sourced from a Formula 2 car, and a unique aluminium body that was hand-beaten into shape and welded together, giving it a particular look, thanks to its raw, unpainted finish. Available soon for auction, the Maserati 200SI is in pristine condition and comes complete with an impressive file of documentation that includes a thoroughly researched racing record, period photos, magazine articles, and copies of the original Maserati build sheets. via

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「行かないで!行くなら一緒に連れてって!」 飼い主が自分を置いて出かけるのを拒む犬と猫たちの姿


 旅行、出張、急な用事など、やむにやまれぬ事情でペットと離れ離れにならなければならない時もある。ペットの方もそんなムードを察してか、「いかないで!」 オーラを全身から発している。普段より甘えてきたり、荷物の中に紛れ込んでみたり、行く手を阻んでみたり。


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漫画家が大手出版社の編集者にブチ切れ 「許せない!編集長お前なんなの!? 漫画家を奴隷だと思ってる」

漫画家のピョコタン先生が大手出版社の編集者にブチギレ。ニコニコ生放送やYouTubeで詳細を暴露し物議をかもしているという。編集者から漫画とイラストの執筆依頼があったが、あまりにも適当な仕事をしてきたのが原因だという・・・ 続きを読む

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Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft is Powered Entirely by the Sun, Sets Off on First Solar Trip Around the World

Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2 is attempting to fly around the world powered entirely by solar energy. It successfully took off yesterday from Abu Dhabi, and is piloted by the project co-founders Andre Borschberg, along with Bertrand Piccard. This ultra-lightweight aircraft (5,070-pounds) will cover 12 stops across the globe to illustrate the power of renewable energy and green technology, over the next five months. On the technical side, the plane boasts 17,000 solar cells that, when paired with the on-board batteries, allow it to fly day and night. If all goes as planned, Solar Impulse 2 will land in India, Myanmar, and China, before crossing the Pacific Ocean to make appearances in three US cities. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading to see the five most popular viral videos of today including "Superhero Soccer".


Vimeo Staff Pick: Find out more about the music at…

Vimeo Staff Pick: Find out more about the music at http://ift.tt/1aYkdjs // To measure up to the electro-acoustic sound and the diversity of Alban Endlos’ first album “Goldene Welt / Golden World” we let our camera travel into another world. During a six week journey from the highest north into the deepest south of India over ten hours of video-footage were generated and combined through an ambitious editing-concept allowing only to use match-cuts. To adapt the analogue nature of the music and the images, the final effects and colortunings were done with a magnet on an old VHS Tape and were composited in an extensive post-production to achieve the effect of a VHS Image in Full-HD Resolution. _______________________________________________________________________ Music composed and produced by ALBAN ENDLOS featuring A. Lévar (guitar) & Balthasar Beat (drums) Video directed, shot, edited by DAVID AUFDEMBRINKE aka DAVI.IN 6-track UMDA EP incl. remixes by Powel, Jan Hertz and Dolph is out now in most online stores! To support the artists and people involved, best buy at http://ift.tt/1aYkdjs Released on heiter bis wolkig, Berlin. Mastering by Thomas von Pescatore www.alban-endlos.de www.davi.in www.heiterwolkig.com

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山口県の洞春寺という寺に、ものすごく危険な住職様がいるという・・  続きを読む

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 今、アメリカで徐々に広まりつつある優しい世界。それは「Randome Act of Kindness(ランダムアクトオブカインドネス)」。と呼ばれるものだ。直訳すると「ランダムな親切の行い」となるが、これが意味するのは「見ず知らずの他人や対象人物を限定せずに、名乗ることなく、思いがけない時、場所で、親切な行いをすること」、なる。日本でいうところの「恩送り」に近い。


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Crazy Video Shows a 57-Story Skyscraper Being Built in Just 19-Days

Skyscraper Time-lapse

No, this isn't some miniature building, or a facade, but a real 57-story skyscraper that was built in just 19-days. Despite measuring in at 2-million-square-foot (180,000-square-meter), energy-efficient, factory-produced LEGO-style blocks enabled the company to accomplish this feat - they can now build three-floors a day. Continue reading for the video and more information.



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video: 3-Month-Old Police Puppy Practices Taking Down a…

video: 3-Month-Old Police Puppy Practices Taking Down a Criminal

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