Cool Brick is 3D-Printed, Cools a Room Using Only Water

3D Light Sculptures

Photo credit: Inhabitat

Emerging Objects, one of the leaders in the 3D printing industry, unveils "Cool Brick", a 3D-printed ceramic that uses nothing but water to cool homes in hot, arid climates. These 3D-printed bricks are designed to be porous for water absorption, and they fit together like LEGO bricks would to build a screen. They're held together with mortar and the brick lattice forms a cool, protective layer against a wall, keeping it insulated from the heat. What's next for Emerging Objects? 3D printing entire buildings of course, a self-cooling 3D home to be exact. Click here to view the first image in today's viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular videos of today - including


絶対にくっつかない!? 話題のフライパン「セラフィット」を使ってみたら・・・

「セラフィット」なるフライパンが話題なのだそうです。油などを使わなくても焦げつかず、目玉焼きなんかがくっつくことなくスルリと滑り、調理の後は軽く拭くだけで綺麗になり、その効果が長期間持続するそう。本当なのかどうなのか、実際に買って試してくれた人がいたようです。 続きを読む


「幸せになれる犬」 おどけた仕草、愛くるしい動き。海外で柴犬が空前の大人気!





Interactive Museum Lets Visitors Become a Part of the Art

Interactive Museum

Many museums do not want visitors taking pictures near the exhibits either for preservation reasons, or just so people don't start blocking the walkways. Art In Island museum in Manila, Philippines, encourages visitors to take pictures and even interact with the artwork. The museum's secretary, Blyth Cambaya, says: "Art paintings are not complete if you are not with them, if you don't take pictures with them." Continue reading for a video and more pictures.


If You Thought Grocery Delivery was Weird, Check Out These 18 Bizarre Services

Last Meal Delivery Service

If you thought getting your groceries delivered was weird, then the "Last Meal Delivery Service" (now defunct) by Paul Kneale just might shock you. Simply put, this delivery service, for a fee of $20, the state allotted maximum for an inmate's last meal you can consume a replica of the final meal requested by a death row inmate. Orders had to be placed a few days in advance to add to the authenticity. Continue reading for more.


社会人が「うさんくさいなぁ」と思う職業 トップ10 1位になったのは・・

世の中にはさまざまな職業があるが、中には「それってどんな職業なの?」とうさんくさく感じるものも。社会人500人に「うさんくさいなあ」と感じる職業は何か聞いてみた。 続きを読む


It Looks Like Normal Furniture, But Fold Them Up? You’ll See They’re Just Like Books

Pop Up Furniture

Remember those pop-up storybooks you loved as a child? Well, artists Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner have turned that concept into functional furniture. Simply take one of these large pieces of reinforced cardboard, unfold it, and you have a table and chair(s). Unfortunately, there's no word yet on when these pieces will hit stores. Continue reading to see the folding and unfolding process.







This Man Needed to Get Back to Australia, You Won’t Believe How He Did It

Reg Spiers Crate

Photo credit: The Mirror

In 1964, Aussie javelin thrower Reg Spiers visited Great Britain to recover from an injury that interrupted his athletics career. When he realized he would not make the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, he decided to work at a local airport to earn some money to fly home. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there...Click here to view the first image in this week's WINS gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of baby otters reacting to the return of their favorite trainer.



ドライバーが降りて操作をすることなく、また電気を使うこともなく、自らの車の重さでゲートを開けてしまうというナイスなアイデア。なるほどーーと思わず唸ってしまいます・・ 続きを読む